Berger Paint Undercoats For Interior & Exterior Walls

Berger BP Cement Primer (WT) for Interior Masonry & Asbestos Surfaces

BP Cement Primer (WT) for Interior & Asbestos Surface

100% Acrylic based primer with superior whiteness and opacity for interior masonry & asbestos surfaces BP Cement Primer (WT) is prepared with 100% acrylic binder and micro-fined pigments along with extenders and different additives. It is an air-drying low smell primer that provides hard, tough film. It is suitable for masonry and asbestos surfaces and is free from any heavy metals. It is a high whiteness primer with high chalk resistance and opacity.

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Berger Bison Wall Putty for External & Internal Wall

Bison Wall Putty

Is cost-effective, provides smooth surfaces & can be used on both Interior and Exterior surfaces Bison Wall Putty is powder-based, a unique mixture of superfine cement blended with flexible powder polymer, cellulose, pigments, and many other additives. It is used in both exterior and interior walls to give smooth, undulation-free surfaces.

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Berger Weather Coat Exterior Primer for Exterior Wall

WeatherCoat Exterior Primer for Exterior Wall

Extra whiteness, excellent opacity & reduces porosity Berger WeatherCoat Exterior Primer is formulated with special grade pigment that provides extra whiteness with excellent opacity. It is a water-based primer for exterior walls and a suitable undercoat for exterior emulsions. It gives a tough film, and as a result, it helps to provide longer life of the total paint system. No curing is required for this primer. It penetrates the porous surface, seals the porosity of the surface & reduces the absorption of the surface

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Berger Jensolin Superior Red Oxide Primer - Best for Mild Steel Surface

Jensolin Superior Red Oxide for Mild Steel Surface

Jensolin Superior Red Oxide Primer is an oil-modified alkyd-based primer suitably pigmented with micro fine red oxide and extenders. It is ideal for ferrous metal surfaces and is economical. It is free from heavy metals like lead, mercury, and chromium.

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