Berger Colours & Paints For Exterior Walls

Berger WeatherCoat Long Life - Best Exterior House Paint

WeatherCoat Long Life for Exterior Wall Paint

Our Weather Coat Long Life is a luxury exterior emulsion that is designed to protect your home and offices from extreme rain, fungus and algae growth on exterior walls. We are the first in the paint industry to use PU & Silicon Technology that provides excellent film strength and unmatched sheen to the paint film. Moreover, it comes with a 10 year performance warranty.

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Berger WeatherCoat All Guard - Best Paint for Walls

WeatherCoat All Guard for Exterior Wall Paint

Our Weather Coat All Guard offers unique chemical composition that supports your wall with all round protection from all external challenges from the environment like rain, fungus and algae. It has a Unique Silicon Technology that imparts visible water repellency to the paint film and its Polymer composition not allowing dust to settle on the exterior walls. It comes with a 7 Years warranty protecting your walls and retaining a newly painted look for years.

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Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dust - Best Exterior House Paint

WeatherCoat Anti Dustt for Exterior Wall Paint

Our Weather Coat Anti-Dust exterior wall paint offers the latest Dust Guard technology that doesn’t allow dust to settle on your exterior walls. It is one of the most innovative offerings from the Berger Paints. Our paint is capable of resisting dusts that comes from dusty environment like on-going constructions, avenues, flyover or a residential apartment nearby. Dust Along with water is an ideal breeding ground for fungus and algae to grow on your walls giving it black patches. Its unique Dust Guard technology doesn’t allow dust to settle on your exterior walls and keeps your house looking new and shining for years.

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WeatherCoat Champ for Interior and Exterior Emulsion

Weathercoat Champ is a specially engineered 2 in 1 emulsion reinforced with Recron* fibres. The fibre provides superior tensile strength and durability to the paint film. It is a 100% acrylic water based paint ideal for application on both Exterior & Interior plastered surfaces. *Recron is the registered trade mark of Reliance Industries Limited.

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Berger WeatherCoat - Best Eaxterior Wall Paint

WeatherCoat Smooth for Exterior Wall Paint

Weather Coat Smooth is a 100% acrylic Exterior emulsion which can resist extreme weather conditions. Weather Coat Exterior Emulsion has been a trusted name build over years of unmatched product performance in the premium range of Paints. It can provide a smooth finishing to your exterior walls and withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Berger Walmasta - Best External Wall Paint

Walmasta - Exterior Wall & House Paint

Our Walmasta Exterior Wall Paint is a 100% water-based paint suitable for dry climates that resists wall cracking and offers matt finish. A best paint solution to exterior walls that face extreme dry weather and stands best alternatie against regular cement paints.

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This is a new product from Berger Paints Nepal. Details will be added soon. Please come back soon for more information.

Luxol Xtra for Interior and Exterior Wall Paint

Our Luxol XTRA Super Gloss Enamel offers a superior mirror-like gloss that can be used both for exterior and interior surfaces mainly on mild steel, wooden, and suitably prepared masonry surfaces. Formulated with alkyd and select colourants & it gives a long-lasting glossy finish with superior coverage.

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Berger Luxol Satin Enamel - Best for Interior & Exterior Paint

Luxol Satin Enamel for Exterior Wall Paint

Our Luxol Stain Enamel paints are best for outdoor and areas like kitchens or balcony. A completely washable paint that offers an excellent sheen with a silken smooth, glowing finish and excellent washable properties. Made out of exclusive micro fine pigments and extenders, it provides silky smooth finish gives the surface a glowing look.

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Berger Brolac Enamel - Best Exterior House Paint

Brolac Enamel for Exterior Wall Paint

Our Brolac Enamel is a Polyurethane Enamel paint which guarantees the best Glossy finish and dries quickly. Our exhaustive research and field testing proved Brolac as resistant to abrasion and the painted surface stays smooth & glossy for longer time.

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Woodkeeper 1K PU for Wood Surface

Woodkeeper 1K PU comes in variants of Matt & Gloss. Same product can be used for both interior as well as Exterior purpose. A very easy-to-apply wood coating to keep the beauty of your woodwork remains intact for years to come. Even for your exterior woodwork as well.

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