Berger Paint For Metal And Wood Finishes

This is a new product from Berger Paints Nepal. Details will be added soon. Please come back soon for more information.

Luxol Xtra for metal and wood finishes

Luxol XTRA Super Gloss Enamel offers a superior mirror-like gloss that can be used for exterior and interior surfaces, mainly on mild steel, wooden, and suitably prepared masonry surfaces. Formulated with alkyd and selected colorants, it gives a lasting glossy finish with superior coverage.

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Berger Luxol Satin Enamel - Best for Interior & Exterior Paint

Luxol Satin Enamel for metal and wood finishes

Smooth, soft satin finish for interiors & exteriors Berger Luxol Satin Enamel is a solvent-based paint that is washable and long-lasting. It can be used in areas like kitchens, balconies, etc. It offers an excellent sheen with a silken smooth, glowing finish and excellent washable properties. Made out of exclusive micro-fine pigments and extenders, its silky-smooth finish gives a glowing look on the surface.

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Berger Brolac Enamel - Best Exterior House Paint

Brolac Enamel for metal and wood finishes

Brolac Enamel is a Polyurethane Enamel paint that guarantees the best Glossy finish and also dries quickly. Berger’s exhaustive research and field testing proved Brolac as abrasion resistant, and the painted surface stays smooth & glossy for a longer time.

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Woodkeeper 1K PU for Wood Surface

Woodkeeper 1K PU comes in variants of Matt & Gloss. Same Product can be used for both interior as well as Exterior purpose. A very easy to apply wood coating to keep the beauty of your woodwork remain intact for years to come. Even for your exterior woodwork as well.

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