Berger Silk Breathe Easy - Best Paint for Living Room

Silk Breathe Easy for Interior Wall Paint

Slik Breathe Easy with Oxy rich formula is a 100% acrylic water base wall coating which emits up to 90% less VOC than regular paints. It is the only green paint with international accreditation available. It is formulated with special type of tough emulsion and finest pigments available. It is formulated in a balanced mannerflow, dispersion sheen level, antifungal with the addition of several state of the art additives. It is high stain resistant and is easy to maintain. It is useful for place like hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, airports, children rooms, for elderly person's room and for those having breathing problems.

USP: Low voc, high sheen, high scrub resistant, longer life, silky feel on touch. It is free from any heavy metal like lead mercury and chromium.

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