Easy Clean Fresh for Interior Wall Paint

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Easy Clean Fresh for Interior Wall Paint

Easy Clean Fresh gives a rich, luxurious finish backed up by Cross-Linking Polymers, which ensures that even stubborn stains can be cleaned easily from the wall, keeping your home look spotless & beautiful day after day. In addition to its unparalleled washability, it abates unpleasant smell/odor from within the house and imparts a fresh fragrance to the interior environment.


Elegant Appearance

It gives soft sheen and velvety appearance to your walls.

High Durability

It contains cross-linking polymers that makes the film tough and non-porous.

High Washability

The stains on the walls can be entirely cleaned thereby giving the wall fresh and beautiful loo for long.

Reduces Odour

Abates unpleasant odour coming from within the house from the kitchen, dustbins, electronic appliances, etc.

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