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DampShield Elasto

Damp Shield Elasto is a PU-modified elastomeric liquid applied membrane applied as an exterior barrier coat for extended durability of Paint. It is a fibre-reinforced liquid-applied waterproofing membrane which is impregnated with synthetic fibre. It is blended with PU-modified binders and special PP fibres which take care of minor cracks, and dampness, and acts as a barrier coat exterior painting system. 


6 yrs Waterproofing Warranty

Acts as an excellent barrier coat that offers 6 years of waterproofing warranty. T&C applicable.

High Build Coating

It gives a DFT up to 130 microns as a barrier coat which helps to resist water ingression.


Reduces carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion which gives protection from corrosion of rebars.


Elongates up to 160% which takes care of minor crack formation on plastered walls.

Horizontal Application

It can also be applied on a Horizontal surface as a waterproofing coat with a proper ratio (available in PDS).

Green Pro Certified

Validates our effort in striving towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.