Top 4 Trending Paint Colors This Year

The home decor realm is very similar to the fashion world as new paint colors come into vogue every year.

के तपाईं आफ्नो घर रङ्गाउने सोचमा हुनुहुन्छ ? यदि हो भने तल दिएका रङ्गहरु लोकप्रीय रङ्गहरु मध्ये आफूलाई मनपर्ने रंग रोजेर आफ्नो घरलाई रंगाउनुस् ।

Here are a few colors that creating a buzz this year:

1. CORAL SEA (1T0223)

There are certain things on which you cannot go wrong, and one of them is choosing coral wall paint. Coral has a trendy and attractive appeal to it and, therefore, giving a makeover to your walls with this color is a no-fail approach. Our balanced coral shade, Coral Sea (1T0223), works great for adding a positive and lively look to your house. The golden undertone of this shade doesn’t fail to intrigue the tasteful eyes with an unmistakable hint of sophistication.

2. BELLA MINT (4P0096)

Green has made a comeback this year but in a different avatar. This time, the emphasis with the green paint color is more inclined towards a muted tinge. Our off green shade, Bella Mint (4P0096), has a washed-like hue which works great for subtly introducing a rustic charm to your house. Bring the best out of this color by complementing it with dark green, white, and grey. Nature-inspired decor elements such as potted plants, nature-centric art, and wooden furniture best matches this green shade.

3. BLUE BUBBLE (5D0295)

If there’s one paint color that never goes out of trend, it’s blue. There’s something intriguing about the color that makes it work for every season. One of the main reasons why blue is everybody’s all-time favourite is it evokes a feeling of balance and harmony, just like the way clear blue skies do. Our deep blue shade, Blue Bubble (5D0295), has a rich tone.

शान्तिको प्रतिक निलो रंगले तपाईंको घरलाई पनि शान्त र आकर्षक बनाउँछ ।

4. ORANGE CHARM (3D0236)

Orange is an instant mesmeriser; it works wonders in introducing an element of excitement in your rooms. Rich orange shade, like our vivid Orange Charm (3D0236), has a balanced hue. The charming appeal of this orange shade will lend any room a positive and an attractive look. Match colors such as off white, charcoal grey, and deep black with this orange shade to create a striking color scheme in your rooms.

घरको भित्तामा रंग रगाउँदा आफ्नो घरको पार्केटिङ्ग अनुसारको रंग चयन गर्नुहोस् ।

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