Tips to Prepare Your House for a Painting Job

There’s more to do than just choosing the colours when planning to paint your home. Whether you want to hire a professional or are planning to paint on your own, it’s important to do some pre-painting prep work in order make the painting journey a smooth-sailing one and achieve the best results.

Here are a few steps that are essential to preparing your home for a style upgrade with a new paint job.

1. Get all the painting tools ready: The painting tools you use largely determines the quality of paint finish you’ll achieve and how good will be the longevity of the new paint. High-quality painting tools ensure a professional paint finish that lasts long. The only hiccup is they aren’t cheap.

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2. Eliminate obstructions: The last thing you want when your house is being painted is obstructions in the rooms. Eliminating obstructions such as carpets, flower pots/stands, floor cables, furniture items, and wall installations will make it easier for the painting team you’ve hired to get the job done without any hassle.

Also, getting rid of obstructions will help you get the painting job done in a shorter time. When prepping the rooms in your home for the painting job, make sure to empty them and open up a spacious walking room for ensuring unhindered traffic flow.

3) Move heavy furniture in the middle and cover them: If it isn’t feasible for you to take out heavy furniture and appliances from the rooms, move them to the middle of the room so as to clear the wall spaces. Cover them with plastic sheets so to make sure paint doesn’t get on them. After the painting job is done, you can remove the wrappers and place the furniture and appliances the way they were before.

4) Clean the room: Lastly, it is a good idea to clean your room prior starting the painting job. Doing this will help you make sure that dust and dirt don’t settle on the new paint when you clean your rooms later. This, in turn, will help you achieve a flawless finish with the new paint.

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