Tips to Maintain the Shininess of Exterior Walls

The exteriors of a house are as much a reflection of a homeowner’s personality as the interiors are. When guests pull into your driveway, the first thing that they notice is the exteriors walls. The color of the walls and the design of the house offers your guests a friendly feel whenever they visit. Picking the right exterior colors is the best way to enhance the appearance of the exteriors. However, it is equally important that you maintain the shininess of exterior walls.

Here are few tips to keep your exterior walls look gorgeous and feel inviting to all who see it:

1. Choose the right colors: Choosing the right color palette for your exterior walls can be a tricky decision. It’s important to choose colors that make your home look inviting and are easy to maintain in the long run. Sunlight and painted walls are not the best friends. Constant sunlight exposure lead to fading colors. Rainfall too can be a major detrimental to the exterior paints. If your house is located at a warm place, then light-colored walls like Fabulous White (7P0185), Organic Ivory (7P0189), Fawn Taupe (7T0342) and Gray Felt (8P0349) are ideal. Darker exterior walls are perfect for either colder months or colder places.

2. Invest in quality paints: Unlike interiors, the exteriors of the house are continually exposed to different weather conditions. Therefore, it is important that you invest on high-quality decorative paints that are weather resistant. These colors should also be resistant to the growth of algae and fungi that often form due to change in humidity levels.

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3. Get rid of chalking: As the outdoor surface ages, there’s a formation of chalky powder on the surface of the paint. This is due to the exposure to sunshine and moisture. The best way to avoid a chalky surface is to go for a water-based primer which will give your walls a tougher film. A high-quality primer increases adhesion and seals the porous surface, reducing oxidation.

4. Don’t let mould and mildew be the eyesores: If there’s something that you don’t want to see on the exterior walls, they are mould and mildew. Not only are they eyesores, but also cause a variety of health problems. The best way to prevent the spread of mould and mildew spots is to scrub them the moment you spot them. Wash them with liquid soap, liquid bleach, and water. Use a soft hand brush. Rinse it with water using a hose. Mould and mildew usually grow around the damp areas that get little or no sunlight. Keep an eye for mould and mildew spots on the backyard walls or walls that don’t get direct sunlight.

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