The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors you Need to Know

Painting the exterior of your home is an entirely different ball game than coloring the interior. Unlike in the latter case where you choose paint colors to suit your personal tastes, you have to consider durability apart from style when working on the exterior. After all, you’d want to take the best steps to protect your highest prized possession, your home.

To ensure the best look and protection for the exterior of your home, choose our Weathercoat All Guard. The Unique Silicon Technology of the luxury emulsion protects your home’s exterior walls from the adverse effects of water and dust.

1. Silky scarf (3P0055) and Southwest Sand (2T0605): Orange is one of the most common exterior color options. The reason homeowners often choose orange as one of the exterior wall colors for their home is the balanced undertone of the hue. Like other primary colors, orange has a rich saturation and looks fulfilling to the eyes. If you want to use orange as one of the exterior colors and make your home stand out in terms of looks, we say pair it with muted yellow. Our light yellow shade, Silky Scarf (3P0055) best complements the vibrant aesthetic of our rich orange shade, Southwest Sand (2T0605). To highlight the architectural design of your house, paint the exterior walls with Silky Scarf while coloring the roof hip, window trims, and roof rakes with Southwest Sand.

2.Rosemare(1T0453) and Tender Love Note (1T0555): Pink often falls under the category of ‘less-opted colors’ when it comes to painting the exterior walls. Although uncommon, pink can add an unmatched vibrancy to the exterior of your home. The trick is to pair the color with the right shade. Our off beige shade, Tender Love Note (1T0555) creates a striking color combination with our deep pink shade Rosemare (1T0453). Paint the fascia and window trims with Tender Love Note and color the rest of the walls with Rosemare.

3. YELLOW CHINTZ 3P0072: If you want to opt for one no-fail way to make your home look the best in the neighborhood, you cannot go wrong in painting the exterior walls yellow. Yellow doesn’t fail to grab attention with its alluring look. Our light yellow shade, Yellow Chintz (3P0072) radiates the effervescence of the bright outdoors and makes your home look stunning. Also, if your home is surrounded by greenery, yellow can stand out from the green backdrop. Cream, red, and grey are the perfect pick for creating an intriguing color scheme for the exterior of your home.

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