Stylish environment-friendly decor ideas for your living room

Right decor ideas can give soul to a soulless room and add magic to a dull space. With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform the look and feel of your living space with environment-friendly decor ideas. Over here, we discuss 4 eco-friendly decor tips to help you nail the right look for your living room:

1) Choose low VOC paint

There’s immense power in design, and wall color is at the core of it. However, many wall paints contain chemical additives known as volatile organic compounds (VOC). Because the chemical additives are volatile, they vaporize and emit gases even after they have dried. The emissions are bad for the environment as well as your family’s health.

As a first step to decorating your living room in an eco-friendly way, choose wall paints that have low VOC content. Our flagship product Silk Glamor, one of our best interior paints, has low VOC content. Also, Silk Glamor gives your living room walls a rich and long-lasting finish. Learn more about Silk Glamor at

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2) Use indoor plants as decor elements

Another simple way to give a stylish makeover to your living room in an eco-friendly way is to use indoor plants as decor elements. You can take various approaches when decorating your living room with indoor plants. One simple way is to use small-sized potted plants such as peace lily, peterio fern plant, and parlour palm to complement the current decor of the room.

Another approach is to use large-sized indoor plants such as monstera plant, bamboo palm plant, and elephant ear plant as the room’s decor highlight. Also, indoor plants act as a natural air purifier and help you keep your living room looking and feeling fresh.

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3) Use natural lighting during daytime

How attractive your living room looks largely depends on the illumination of the space. The brighter the lighting, the more vibrant the ambiance of the room. While it’s important to use bright lighting, you can use natural lighting during the daytime to lower your electricity usage.

Welcome more sunlight in your living room by installing large-sized windows. If you have a balcony facing the living room, install a patio door that has a large-sized glass frame. Use semi-sheer see-through curtains as they allow more sunlight. Also, you can use decorative mirrors as wall accessories. Mirrors reflect light and help you ensure bright illumination with natural light. You can also choose soothing neutrals such as our light beige shade Wanderer (1P1909), light coral shade Le Bisque (1P2005), and muted white shade Walking on the Clouds (8T1707) to create a vibrant look.

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4) Choose the right candles

 Candles create a relaxing ambiance and fill your home with delightful scents. However, you need to be careful when choosing candles because a lot of cheap candles contain the same harmful VOCs as standard paints. Choose candles made from natural materials to uplift the vibe of your living space.

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5 Exterior Paint Color Mistakes to Avoid

Painting the exterior of your home involves more than just buying a couple of buckets of paint colors. The exterior of your house when done perfectly can make your house stand out in the neighbourhood. However, when planning to give a stylish makeover to your home’s exterior, make sure to avoid these mistakes that many homeowners make:

1. Not choosing a color scheme: Whether you are too excited to paint your home’s exterior or too late for refreshing your home’s exterior for a special occasion/festival, you may forget to consider the importance of a color scheme. As such, you may start the painting work and choose paint colors as and when required.

This is a bad practice as doing so will not impart a tasteful look in the exterior. You can change the feel of the exteriors by choosing the right color scheme. A good combination of warm and cool colors can give your house a classy look. Moreover, when it comes to exteriors, it is important that you keep durability in mind when choosing the color palette.

If you want a bright color scheme, include our bright shades, Coralyn 1 (T0321), Autumn Bloom (2D0687), The Gold Coast (2D0710), Aqua Chill (5P0136), Blue Daydream (5T0294), and Green Paradise (4T0925) in your color palette. On the other hand, if you prefer a lighter and composed exterior, choose our sophisticated neutral shades, Starting Spring (3P0082), Grand Facade (1P1922), Fresh Outlook (5T1155), Glacier Wall (4P0102), and Dark Hills (4A2804).

2. Not sampling the paint colors before using them: Trial and error method is the best way to get the color scheme of your home’s exterior right. Many homeowners neglect the importance of sampling the paint colors they choose prior to buying them in bulk and using them. Doing this often turns out to be an expensive painting mistake.

Depending on the exterior materials of your home, the undertones of the paint colors you’ve chosen may change to some extent. By sampling the paint colors, you will be able to determine whether to go for a lighter or stronger hue.

3. Not choosing the right paint for different materials: Not all paints work the same way when applied to different types of materials. One of the common mistakes homeowners make is randomly choosing paint type for different types of materials.

When working on a bare wooden surface, choose a high-quality oil-based or latex paint. On the other hand, high-quality acrylic latex paint works wonders over concrete surfaces. Choose semi-gloss acrylic interior paint for ceramic tile and porcelain. Lastly, a high-quality latex paint goes well over a brick surface.

4. Not taking appropriate measures to protect the paint: Many homeowners heavily focus on the aesthetic front when choosing paint and color for a new painting project. However, it’s equally important to consider longevity so as to make sure that your newly-painted exterior lasts for a long time.

Give your exterior walls the protection of Weathercoat Anti Dustt exterior emulsion

To ensure a long life of the new exterior look, choose Berger Weathercoat Anti Dustt exterior emulsion. The innovative Dust Guard technology of the exterior emulsion prevents dust from settling onto the walls. As such, your newly-painted exterior walls look pristine for a long period of time. Learn more about Berger Weathercoat Anti Dustt at

Tips to Maintain the Shininess of Exterior Walls

The exteriors of a house are as much a reflection of a homeowner’s personality as the interiors are. When guests pull into your driveway, the first thing that they notice is the exteriors walls. The color of the walls and the design of the house offers your guests a friendly feel whenever they visit. Picking the right exterior colors is the best way to enhance the appearance of the exteriors. However, it is equally important that you maintain the shininess of exterior walls.

Here are few tips to keep your exterior walls look gorgeous and feel inviting to all who see it:

1. Choose the right colors: Choosing the right color palette for your exterior walls can be a tricky decision. It’s important to choose colors that make your home look inviting and are easy to maintain in the long run. Sunlight and painted walls are not the best friends. Constant sunlight exposure lead to fading colors. Rainfall too can be a major detrimental to the exterior paints. If your house is located at a warm place, then light-colored walls like Fabulous White (7P0185), Organic Ivory (7P0189), Fawn Taupe (7T0342) and Gray Felt (8P0349) are ideal. Darker exterior walls are perfect for either colder months or colder places.

2. Invest in quality paints: Unlike interiors, the exteriors of the house are continually exposed to different weather conditions. Therefore, it is important that you invest on high-quality decorative paints that are weather resistant. These colors should also be resistant to the growth of algae and fungi that often form due to change in humidity levels.

Choose Berger Paints Nepal’s WeatherCoat Anti Dustt’s unique and innovative Dust Guard technology to give your house a shining look. With Dust Guard technology, you will get a beautiful house all around the year without worrying about fading paint. The innovative technology prevents the formation of black streaks that are caused due to dust accumulation. To know about WeatherCoat Anti Dustt technology, visit

3. Get rid of chalking: As the outdoor surface ages, there’s a formation of chalky powder on the surface of the paint. This is due to the exposure to sunshine and moisture. The best way to avoid a chalky surface is to go for a water-based primer which will give your walls a tougher film. A high-quality primer increases adhesion and seals the porous surface, reducing oxidation.

4. Don’t let mould and mildew be the eyesores: If there’s something that you don’t want to see on the exterior walls, they are mould and mildew. Not only are they eyesores, but also cause a variety of health problems. The best way to prevent the spread of mould and mildew spots is to scrub them the moment you spot them. Wash them with liquid soap, liquid bleach, and water. Use a soft hand brush. Rinse it with water using a hose. Mould and mildew usually grow around the damp areas that get little or no sunlight. Keep an eye for mould and mildew spots on the backyard walls or walls that don’t get direct sunlight.

Create a first good impression with Berger Paints Nepal

Give the exteriors of your house a high-quality finish with Berger Paints Nepal. Our color consultants can suggest you the right shades and paints, depending upon weather and other factors. Our exterior paints are technologically advanced. To know more about us, visit