Soothing greens — that help you relax

Green is the colour of vibrant plants and trees. It is the colour of growth and progress. Decorating your house in different hues of green will just bring in a touch of earthy nature and refreshing feel. There are endless hues of green that you can use to give your walls a fresh lease of life.

Here are a few shades of green that you can use to give your house a minty fresh look:

  1. Leafy Splendor (4T0893): Pale green wall gives this living room an airy and relaxed feel. The Leafy Splendor wall and the Fabulous White wall that are juxtaposed give the house a lively contrast. It makes the house look feminine, minimalistic, and one-of-a-kind. The wooden furniture and the brown rug bring out the earthiness in green. The vertical plants, cushions, and throw blanket introduce different shades of green. To nail this look at your house, use Leafy Splendor on the accent wall and let other walls remain white.

  2. Water lilies (4T2119): Green is usually not the first colour that comes to one’s mind when it comes to decorating the bathroom. A fresh coat of Water lilies can give your bathroom a splash of personality. The wooden bathroom counter and white wall-mounted lamps add an intriguing visual interest to the bathroom. The plant in the corner is making Water lilies wall all the more vibrant. Add mirrors to your bathroom to give an illusion of more space if you have a small bathroom to paint.

  3. Jade Jewel (4D0959): The Jade Jewel accent wall gives the bedroom a serene feel and creates a cocoon that is as quiet as a forest. The gentle green walls act as a vibrant backdrop for artwork and other wall accents. The light-coloured bed and the white furnishings create elements of interest, without being too overwhelming. The area rug adds texture without grabbing too much attention. The plants give the room a natural feel. The potted plants act as natural accents that infuse life into this bedroom.

  4. Flash Of Green (4A0405): If you think that green is not your colour but you still want to experiment, then let Flash of Green give your all-white living entrance a vibrant feel. The Flash of Green door and the wall trimmings are just enough to lend your house an eclectic look. The matching green vase makes the space welcoming and inviting.

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