Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Monsoon Makeover

Celebrate the respite monsoon brings from the scorching heat of the summers by revamping the look of your home. Garnu hos Asaar ko swagat tapai ko ghar lai naya banayera.

If you are short on decor ideas, then look no further as these simple tips will help you give your home that much needed monsoon style oomph!

1) Enjoy the monsoon views from your balcony or terrace
In the summers, you hardly open your balcony or terrace. However, during the monsoons you can deck up the space to enjoy the fresh after-the-rains view of the outdoors. You can keep a rustic drop-leaf table, a pair of chairs, and use a canopy or patio umbrella to create a small makeshift tea area to enjoy the season with loved ones, snacks and a cup of warm tea!


2) Use waterproof exterior paint
Preserve the exteriors of your home by painting the area with waterproof paint. Weather Coat All Guard by Berger Paints Nepal is the perfect solution to prepare your home for the season.
The unique paint repels water molecules as it forms an impermeable layer over the painted surface. It also prevents microbial growth, keeping the rich new look of your home intact.

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3) Reinterpret
Why not dress up a wall again for the season? Colourful objects on a wall that complement the mood of the season is the best way to create a personality-driven focal point. From decorative straw plates, retro pots, quirky birdcages, dramatic antique mirrors, and small vases filled with shells to botanical artwork (you can press leaves into picture frames) – the options to create a wall that catches one’s attention are unlimited.
Here’s an innovative way to deck up a blank wall with straw plates


4) A different kind of a shoe rack
Rainy monsoon days can mean dirt and water in and around your home. To avoid this, place an open shoe rack near the entrance area. You can add a touch of tropical whimsy to it by keeping a potted plant and colourful vases. Ghar ko mukhya dokha ma khulla design bhako jutta rakhne daraj raakhera khulla rooprang banau nu hos.

5) Brighten your rooms
Gloomy, before-the-rains monsoon days can make you feel dull and boring. To combat this, paint your rooms with bright wall colours such as mint, turquoise, red, ocean blue, and lime yellow. You can take help from our expert colour consultants to choose the wall colours that best suit your rooms. Get in touch at 16600123432 or email us at

Another simple way to make your rooms look more vibrant is to switch to sheer curtains as they usher in natural light. Plus, these give a fresh look to your rooms.

We hope these tips will help you drive away the monsoon blues! Stay tuned to this space for more interesting write-ups.


Note – Make your home bug and fungus free
Although monsoon brings relief from the scorching summer heat, the season also brings with it the problem of fungus and termite infestation.
One good way to get started with readying your home for monsoon is to scatter cloves, camphor balls, and even Neem leaves around the house and under the mattresses to lower moisture and avoid termite infestation and fungus/mould growth.

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