Paint Shades that Really go Well with Each Other

When giving a stylish makeover to your rooms with a new paint, the no-fail way to achieve great results is to get the right color combination. Many homeowners overlook the importance of creating attractive colors.

The right color schemes can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your rooms and leave a lasting impression.

आफूले चाहे जसरी कोठा रंगाउँन आफ्नो कोठा अनुसार रंगको सम्मिश्रण गर्नु पर्छ । अब तपाईंले पनि तल दिइएका रंगको सम्मिश्रण गरी आफ्नो कोठालाई आकर्षक बनाउन सक्नुहुन्छ ।

1) LIVE JAZZ (6D1198) and SIERRA SNOW (8P1698): If you are someone who loves to keep things low-key, a darkish color scheme will be the right pick for you. Dark colors create an air of mystique which, in turn, works wonders in intriguing the beholders. Our two dark colors, Live Jazz (6D1198) and Sierra Snow (8P1698) create a sophisticated amalgamation. Use this color scheme in your living room to take your guests by fascination. Sophisticated decor elements such as wooden furniture, wooden flooring, and metal showpieces further elevate the classy look of this color combination.

2) LIBBY’S LAVENDER (8T1788) and WHITE SPHERE (8P2679): The bedroom is where you unwind and spend most of your ‘me time.’ Most importantly, it’s where you sleep and re-energize yourself for staying productive the next day. A bedroom that looks unfailingly soothing becomes a cosy space to rejuvenate in. And what better way to up the comfort quotient of your bedroom than by painting the space with lighter colors? Our light blue shade, Libby’s Lavender (8T1788) beautifully matches with White Sphere (8P2679) and creates a relaxed ambience. Complement the cosy look of this color scheme by accessorizing your bedroom with a plush area rug, a couple of feather pillows, soft-to-touch curtains, and wooden furniture essentials.

3) COTTON CANDY (1P0458) and FABULOUS WHITE (7P0185): If you like all-things pretty and chic, you’d certainly want your rooms to look attractive. To cherish your love for stunning-looking decor, elevate the visual intrigue of your rooms by painting them with the combination of Light bubblegum pink shade, Cotton Candy (1P0458) and Fabulous White (7P0185). The pastel-like hue of the shade Cotton Candy goes easy on the eyes and calms the senses of the beholders. Allow in more sunlight to highlight the easy-going character of the amalgamation of these two light colors.

4) THE GOLD COAST (2D0710) and COUNCIL BLUFFS (2D0591): Did you know that bright wall colors work great in uplifting mood and inspiring positivity? The thought-out combination of our two orange shades, The Gold Coast (2D0710) and Council Bluffs (2D0591) creates a striking look. Use this color scheme to impart a cheerful look in your rooms. To radiate the alluring charm of these wall colors, welcome more sunlight with large-sized windows. Natural light accentuates the bright and balanced tone of these two colors.

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