Paint Colors to Make a Small Room Appear Spacious

If you have small rooms in your home, your focus naturally gravitates towards decorating the spaces in such a way that they do not look crowded. And doing this can be tricky as you have to carefully choose the furniture and other respective decor elements.

One approach that definitely works is painting the walls with light colors. Unlike dark colors, light shades reflect light and create an illusion of more space.

1. White Sphere (8P2679)

White is one light color that doesn’t fail to make your small rooms look spacious. White recedes the walls by reflecting light and bestows a spacious look to any given room. The white color lends an airy character and serves as a good wall color option for small rooms.

Choose our pure white shade, White Sphere (8P2679) to let your small rooms breathe space. Apart from walls, use this white shade on trims and doors to create uniformity in design and set the impression of more space.

2. Fossil Beige (7P0179)

If pure white is too plain & boring for you, light beige is the right pick. Belonging to the family of neutrals, beige has a breezy look and creates the illusion of more space in rooms that bathe in natural light.

Our light beige shade, Fossil Beige (7P0179) works wonders in creating an open look in your rooms. Complement the airy look of this shade by welcoming more natural light into the room.


3. Sky Lift (5P0135)

Light blue evokes the feeling of tranquility that we get when looking at clear blue skies. As such, the color works great in lending an air of openness to your small rooms. The best part about this color is it never goes out of style. A balanced light blue shade like our Sky Lift (5P0135) helps you create a relaxed look in your rooms. To make the most out of the spacious look of this shade, keep the tabletops clutter-free. Use accents like yellow potted plants to introduce a pop of color.

4. Apricot Blush (2P0634)

Light pink walls paired with bright lights is the perfect recipe to brighten up any room and create a cheery look. This combo also works for adding a spacious look to your rooms. Our light pink shade, Apricot Blush (2P0634) has a subtle whitish undertone. The color creates a softly stylish ambience, making a statement but in a subtle way. Use decorative vases to jazz up the decor. Go for an artwork that’s bold in color so that it gently stands out against the pink wall.

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