Modern colour schemes for your living room

The real beauty of a house lies in its walls. The right colour schemes dictate how well the furniture and furnishing look. With right colour schemes, you can let your walls do the talking while keeping decor to the minimum. Instead of shying away from colours, it’s time to unleash your creativity and use different colour schemes to give your house a unique personality.

Here are a few modern colour schemes that are contemporary and yet timeless:

  1. Blue Balance (5D1063) and Fabulous White (7P0185): The Blue and white combination is truly a classic but at the same it is chic. Blue Balance and Fabulous White bring out the best in each other. Blue Balance wall brings out the crispness of the adjoining wall that is painted Fabulous White. The two colours together ooze relaxation making it an ideal colour of your bedroom. Blue Balance wall provides a perfect background for light-coloured furnishing and furniture. To nail this look, scatter some pink cushions or a pink throw blanket to create a sugary-sweet aesthetics.

  2. Park Party (8T2653) and Castel Ford (8D1695): Sophisticated and classy, gray and black are one of the underestimated colour schemes. When used rightly, the two colours can make your house look modern and futuristic. Here the Castel Ford accent wall features contrast with the Park Party wall, creating a complete look. The Castel Ford wall creates a dramatic setting for wall art, furniture and accent items. The light-coloured furniture and patterned rug make the room intriguing to look at.

  3. Peach Smoothie (1T0539) and Gleaming Shells (1T0531): One thing that millennials have taught the world is that you should never underestimate the power of pink. That’s why in this beautiful room, we see not one shade of pink but two. For a minimalist look, pastel touches of Peach Smoothie and Gleaming Shells add a sombre and pretty touch to the room. To bring out the crispness of the two shades of pink, introduce a darker shade of pink in the form of a chair or sofa. To break the monotony, bring into the scene plants and a rose gold standing lamp shade. To introduce pink into your home, paint all the walls in shades of pink, keep the flooring and ceiling light-coloured. To prevent an over-the-top look, keep the wall trimmings and windows white.

  4. Summer Sun (3A0386): There’s no other colour which is as uplifting as yellow. However, not many warm up to the idea of painting their walls yellow. To introduce the cherry vibe, paint the part of the walls Summer Sun and let rest of it remain white. To create a dramatic effect, choose a couple of furniture pieces in yellow. Ensure there’s enough natural daylight to bring a breezy, airy feel to the room. Break the dominance of yellow with a white coffee table, gray cushions, and plants.

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