Last Minute Tihar Decorations to Add a Magical Touch to Your Living Space

You’re quite done with decorating your home for Tihar with lights, diyas and rangoli. However, you may feel there’s more you can do to make your home ready to embrace the festivity.

Rightfully so, you’re never too late to make last-minute improvements. You can use these easy decor tips to ready your home for Tihar:

1) Repurpose mason jars

There’s more to do than just limiting light decoration in your home to diyas. Add an element of uniqueness to the overall festive decor by placing flat round candles inside mason jars. Hang the mason jars with strings on your balcony or entryway to add a dash of wowness to the space.

2) Flowers and candles for a treat to the eyes

Tihar is all about welcoming happiness and prosperity. Flowers and decorative candles can work great for creating a positive ambience and welcoming good luck and positive vibes.
Choose a combination of flowers of different colours and place them in a small decorative basket along with a decorative candle. Create several of these accessories and place them across the house.

3) An unmistakable table centerpiece

Don’t leave table tops blank and looking cold; create personalised centerpieces by placing decorative pebbles inside a round glass bowl. Pebbles have a soothing effect; amalgamate it with the calming effect of aromatic candles.

4) Go quirky with rice bulbs

Break out of convention this Tihar; apart from using rice bulbs to decorate the exterior of your home, place them inside glass bottles of different shapes to add magical elements to your rooms.

5) Colourful hanging lanterns

Add more colours and vibrancy to your Tihar decoration with colourful hanging paper lanterns. Hang decorative paper lanterns on your home’s entryway and balcony to welcome bhailo and deusi.

Hope these tips will help you zero in on the right decor for this Tihar.

Happy Tihar!

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