Interior Bedroom Colors for This Spring and Summer

We’re sure you must have made tons of resolutions this year, and that you want to stick to them. To further motivate yourself, we’d recommend sprucing up your personal space, your bedroom.

And what better way to ready your bedroom for a fresh start than by giving it a spring/summer makeover? These stunning-looking and inspiring wall colors are the right choices for giving your bedroom a seasonal facelift:

1. BRISK BREEZE (5P0151)

Usher in the seasonal joy of spring and summer by painting your bedroom walls light blue. Our washed light blue shade, Brisk Breeze (5P0151) evokes the feeling of calmness.

The subtle blueish tinge of this shade works great in creating an easy-going and airy ambience in your bedroom.

हल्का निलो रंग, जसले तपाईंको कोठालाई हरेक समय शितलताको अनुभव गराउँछ ।

2. ION SKY (8P2777)

Welcome spring in your bedroom the minimalist way by painting the walls white. Painting your bedroom walls with this color is a great way to make the space look and feel cool and composed during the summer months.

Our aged white shade, Ion Sky (8P2777), amalgamates beige with the refreshing appeal of white. Add a naturistic vibe to your bedroom by bringing in potted plants and accessorizing the walls with nature-centric artwork.

3. MISTY MORN (4P2128)

Nothing is as perfect as green when it comes to drawing visual cues from nature. The colour not only helps you bring the outdoorsy vibe indoors but also create a balanced look in your bedroom.

Our mint green shade, Misty Morn (4P2128), is a sophisticated take on the classic green color. The minty hue of this shade works wonders in creating a breathable ambience in your bedroom. Darker shades of green best complement this shade; use decor elements such as potted plants and throws of dark green color to create a nature-centric color scheme.


If you want your bedroom’s spring/summer decor to look out of the ordinary, choosing red as the wall color is the right option. A dark shade of red, like our shade Cranberry Craze (1A0472) brings positive and exciting energy to any given room.

The rich overtone of our dark red shade also creates a classy look and feel. Pair the shade with other luxurious-looking colors, such as golden, emerald green, silver, and pearl white to elevate the sophistication quotient in your bedroom.

5. DEEP VALLEY (4A2178)

Spring and summer months are best enjoyed outdoors. But due to a busy lifestyle, you may not get ample time to find yourself with nature. But hey, you can bring the outdoors in by taking visual cues from the lush forests and gardens.

Paint your bedroom walls with our dark green shade, Deep Valley (4A2178) to inspire a naturalistic feel in your personal space. This shade has a dark hue and is the right choice for creating a woody forest-like look.

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