Hot colours for a spacious bedroom

If you have a spacious bedroom, then you have a rainbow of colours to choose from. When it comes to walls, people often stick to neutral colours, fearing that hot colours will make the room look cramped. But when you are blessed with a spacious bedroom, you don’t have to fear anything. All you need to do is pick your favourite hot colour, let it add a deep, moody, and dramatic feel to the room.

Here are a few hot colours that you can use to give your bedroom a sophisticated and luxurious feel:

  1. Empress Rose (1D0324): There’s no better colour than Empress Rose to give your bedroom a romantic glow and dramatic effect. The colour of passion gives a lively feel to this bedroom. The golden side table and the golden decor accents look all the more elegant and eye-catching in the backdrop of the Empress Rose wall. To not go too overboard, you can restrict the use of the colour to the accent wall. To let the wall do all the talking, keep furnishing not too bright.

  2. Summer Sun (3A0386): Yellow is one colour that is contemporary yet timeless, it heightens senses and brings a cheery feel to the room. Summer Sun walls present a strong base for brighter coloured accessories, light furniture, and metallic accents. Use Summer Sun as the main colour and scatter light-coloured accents around the room to balance out the colour.

  3. Field of Flowers (2A0378): Traditional Field of Flowers on the walls add warmth and vibrancy to this bedroom. Field of Flowers is an unconventional colour that gives the room a bold and beautiful look. The white accessories and white furnishings deliver a certain elegance to the room and give the room a causal vibe.

  4. Out At Sea (4D2174): Green is a neutral colour neither too cool nor too hot. But with its different hues you can achieve different goals. For a vintage feel, go for a lighter shade of green. However, to create a dramatic effect, go for a darker shade of green like Out At Sea. The dark green wall makes the room feel more welcoming and draws attention to light-coloured furniture, white furnishings, and accents. The colour lends the room a feel of a lush green island. To nail this look at your home, keep the floor and the ceiling light-coloured.

  5. Golden Tower (3A0244): After a hectic day at work, you would want to come back to a warm bedroom and Golden Tower exactly does that. It makes your bedroom inviting. This happy hue lends depth to the room without overpowering the space. To play up the snug dimensions of the bedroom, go for wooden furniture and furnishing that will stand out. The lamps on both the sides of the bed add softness and privacy to the space.

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