Here’s a List of 5 Painting Hacks that You Need to Know

Painting your home is a challenging task, especially if it’s your first time. Right from prepping up the rooms to using the right tools and techniques, there’s a lot that goes into ensuring the best results.

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Here are a few painting hacks that can come handy during your home painting journey:

1. Clean your rooms’ walls the easy way
Cleaning the walls is one of the important stages when preparing your rooms for painting them new. Considering the fact that walls cover a larger portion of every room, cleaning them using a brush or a cloth piece can be time-consuming.One simple hack to clean the walls in lesser time is to use a floor cleaning brush. By using a floor brush, you can cover more wall area at one go and easily reach the upper wall corners.


2. Remove paint tapes the safe way
When removing the pain tapes, you’d certainly not want the current paint to chip off. To safely remove paint tapes, gently heat them using a hair dryer prior to removing them. Doing this will loosen the adhesive and make the paint tapes easy to peel off.


3. No more paint drips
Drips of paints are what make your rooms messy. One way to avoid paint drips on the floor is to tie a rubber band on the paint can vertically. You can use the rubber band to wipe off excess paint. Another way to avoid paint drips is to spread a plastic sheet on the floor.


4. Reuse paint brushes that have hardened
Paint brushes become a hard mess after first use and, therefore, become unusable for a second use. However, there is a way how you can reuse hardened paint brushes, and that is to soak them overnight in a mixture of fabric softener and warm water. The next morning, scrub the paint brushes to further remove hardened paint and they will work as good as new.

5. Avoid paint streaks the easy way
Many people rush the drying time after applying the first paint coat. As such, the second coat re-wets the first coat and causes streaks to form. To avoid this, one easy way is to allow more drying time for the second coat. Allow a day or two to make sure the first paint coat dries completely and that the second coat sets in properly.

6. Don’t clean the paint trays ever again
Cleaning paint trays is undoubtedly one of the biggest post-painting hassles you come across. To avoid this hassle, use a plastic tray liner. Take plastic dustbin bags and line the paint trays with it. When you’re done painting, simply remove the liners and discard them.

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