Hacks to Color Wash a Wall

If you are someone who likes escaping the ordinary when working on the look of your home, color washed walls are your tickets to defying the convention. With color-washed walls, your room will stand out from the crowd with their artistic and free-spirited look.

To create a color washed effect on your walls, follow these steps:

1. Pick the right color combination: The secret to creating a visually-intriguing color washed effect lies in choosing the right color combination. The general rule of thumb is to pick two colors, one as base and other as top; make sure that the colors you choose are just two shades lighter or darker from each other.

Here are a few of our color shades that you can combine to create an aesthetically pleasing palette:

For a neutral color scheme: Combine our light beige shade Touchstone (7P0192) with a stronger shade of Fabulous White (7P0185).


For a brighter color scheme

Combine our light peach shade Buff Apricot (1P0222) and Maxi Pink (1P0013).


For a darker color scheme


Combine our gray shade Touchstone (7P0192) with a hint of a lighter shade of Fabulous White (7P0185).


Want more visually-intriguing color schemes? Explore our color catalogue at http://www.bergernepal.com/colorcatelogue/.

2. The two no-fail color washing techniques

If you are new to color washing, you may get confused as to what approach to take. To simplify things and achieve the best results, you can take these two paint connoisseur-approved approaches:

Dark over light: If you want a natural vintage charm in your rooms’ walls, choose this approach. This color washing technique involves painting the base with the lighter shade and accenting it with the darker shade.

Light over dark: If you prefer creating a striking color contrast with subtle hints of modernness, paint the darker shade first and then top it with the lighter shade.

3. Important tips to consider

Color washing is a different ball game as compared to painting your rooms’ wall the conventional way. Consider some of these important factors to make sure you do not make any mistake:

Apply two base coats: Regardless of whether you choose to paint dark over light or light over dark, make sure to apply the base coat two times. Allow a minimum of 6 hours of time for the first coat to dry. Give the second coat 24 hours to dry.

Cool environment is the best: Unlike standard wall painting techniques, color washing takes time. Color washing walls in a cool environment is the best way to go. This is because the paints take longer time to dry and develop a naturally-washed look.

Moisten the base coat: Prior to applying the top coat, make sure to moisten the base coat in order to achieve better results. Dip a piece of soft cloth in water and rub it gently over the base coat; follow the process by applying the top coat.

Practice your technique: Unless it’s a beginner’s luck, the odds of perfecting the color washed effect on the first go are very low. Make sure to practice your technique on a piece of drywall or wood before you start painting your walls.

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