Give Spa-like Feel to your Bathroom with These Colors

There’s nothing as satisfying as a hot shower after a long day. Whether big or small, your bathroom is undoubtedly one of your personal spaces which you prefer to unwind and spend your me time in.

So, why not make your relaxation space more enriching by giving it a stylish makeover and treating yourself with a spa-like experience? Here are a few of the no-fail coloring tips to help you transform your bathroom into a personal spa:

1. Quiet Elegance (1P1905): One of the most important elements to tap in order to create a spa-like ambience in your bathroom is calmness. If you visit spas regularly, you’d know how peaceful and calm their relaxation spaces are. To introduce a calm vibe, paint your bathroom walls with a light colour like our off white shade, Quiet Elegance (1P1905). Contribute more to the calm and cool ambience in your bathroom by installing a glass shower enclosure. Bare metal taps, handles, mirror frames are other decor additions you cannot go wrong with.

2. Hazel Cream (7P0178): Grey is easily a top pick when it comes to choosing walls colours for your bathroom. Our light grey shade, Hazel Cream (7P0178) lends a soothing sentiment to your bathroom which, in turn, helps you create serene ambience.

Borrow design inspiration from professional spas and install a freestanding tub. To further elevate the comforting vibe, embellish the hot tub space with high-quality panels. Pendant lights are the right addition to improve the overall aesthetics of the space. And do not forget to install a sleek floating shelf where you can keep all your rejuvenating essentials.

3. ALLIGATOR ALLEY (4T0917): If there’s one color that mimics the tranquillity of lush green forest it is green. Our Alligator Alley helps create a dynamic bathroom that looks full of energy. The colour lends the bathroom a clean and refreshing yet luxurious feel. To elevate the relaxation vibe, decorate it with scented candles, potpourri and other decorative items. Install a floating sink and a large-sized mirror to introduce a hint of modernness in the space.

4. AQUA ICE 5P0125): Warming up your bathroom’s ambience in a subtle way is a crucial part of creating a relaxing zone. Style your bathroom walls with our light blue shade, Aqua Ice (5P0125) to bring in a cool vibe. A granite/marble sink, bevelled mirrors, glass doors, and floating shelves will up the comfort quotient of your bathroom. Accessorise the hot tub with a cluster of essential oils and aromatic candles.

From peaceful blues and tranquil greens, there an array of colors that can take the look of your bathroom to the next level. To give your bathroom a serene look, browse our catalogue

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