Decorating Tips for Long Walls

Large, blank walls are plain-looking empty spaces for many people. But for the creative eyes, they are canvases of expression. When you look at large walls from a creative perspective, you can come up with a number of ways to style them.

Here, we have shared a few simple wall decor ideas to spark creativity in you.

तपाईंको आफ्नो घरको भित्ता कसरी सजाउन चाहनुहुन्छ ?

1) Artwork for artsy walls

What better way to style the vast expanses of plain walls in your rooms than by transforming them into artsy galleries. If you have a sizeable collection of artwork and/or framed photos, you can create galleries in the walls of multiple rooms.

One great way to best highlight the artwork and photos you put on display is to paint the gallery wall with a neutral color. Our sophisticated shade of beige, Fossil Beige (7P0179) makes a great pick for creating a supporting backdrop. By painting your wall galleries with this shade, you can let the artwork do the talking.

2) Chalkboard paint for a utilitarian design

Chalkboard walls make a big impact. Style up a section of the plain walls in your kitchen in a unique way with chalkboard paint. You can use the wall section painted with chalkboard paint to write down recipes, to-do lists, or pantry-management list.

Create a stunning-looking and easy-to-clean chalkboard section in your kitchen wall by using our Easy Clean emulsion. The Cross-Linking Polymers of the emulsion allows easy cleaning; you can clean even the most stubborn stains. Learn more about the emulsion at

3) Add texture with wall hangings

If you love the bohemian style, the unused walls in your rooms present a perfect opportunity to introduce a boho chic look. To effortlessly pull off a bohemian look, accessorize the blank walls with different types of wall hangings.

Woven wall hangings and tapestries make a good choice for creating a visual intrigue on the walls. Plus, they work great for adding texture to the walls. To balance the texture of the wall hangings, choose curtains that have a smooth and soft blend.

4) A new-generation look with wooden panels

Many people associate wooden wall panels with a rustic look. However, they can add a contemporary look to your rooms as well. The trick is to use them in creative ways. Here’s a cool idea of creating a new generation look in your bedroom by styling up the walls with plywood laminates.

To avoid a conventional look, do not cover the entire walls with plywood laminates and instead leave some space on the edges. To highlight the plywood laminates, paint the walls neutral.

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