Colors That You Should Use For Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing colors for your kitchen is a different ball game altogether. The colors you choose for your kitchen have to energize you throughout the day. Make a tasteful style statement to impress your guests, inspire good hygiene, and most importantly, last long.

आफ्नो किचनको रंग यस्तो रोज्नुस्, जसले तपाईंको खाना खाने, पकाउने हरेक समयलाई उत्कृष्ट बनाओस् ।

Here are a few kitchen cabinet colors that can transform your culinary experience into an enjoyable one:

1) SHEER RED (1A1976)

The monotony of everyday kitchen chores can dull your spark and make you less enthusiastic. However, with the right decor, you can make your culinary experience enjoyable every day.

Transform your kitchen into a fun-to-work cooking space by painting the cabinets with our rich red shade, Sheer Red (1A1976). The bright accent of this shade works wonders in inspiring energy and positivity. You cannot go wrong in making a dramatic style statement in your kitchen with this red shade. Light-wood cabinets create a striking color contrast with deep red.

2) MEMORY LANE (1P1918)

If there’s one color that makes your kitchen look clean and hygienic, it’s white. White has an uncontaminated and balanced character. Your cooking space will reciprocate these life-enhancing qualities when you paint your kitchen cabinets white.

Choose our muted white shade, Memory Lane (1P1918) to introduce a pristine look in a sophisticated way. Pair the color with glossy black and bare metal to make the decor of the space a visual treat.

3) OUT AT SEA (4D2174)

The kitchen in your home is one of the rooms that works the hardest. It is also the space where you spend a significant amount of time. To make sure your cooking experience doesn’t turn into a stressful one, improve the breathability of the space by painting the cabinets green.

Our dark green shade, Out At Sea (4D2174) is a great pick for adding a pine forest-like look to your kitchen. One no-fail way to complement this color is to bring in a couple of low-maintenance indoor plants. Use the potted plants as wall hangings, countertop decor pieces, and corner embellishments.


If you are someone who likes all-things sophisticated, we’re sure you want your kitchen to look like one that’s featured in reality shows and home improvement magazines. The trick lies in using a composed color, like our classy grey shade, Silver Throne (8T1724).

This shade best pairs with silver and metallic accents. Install recessed lighting in your kitchen to highlight the tasteful color and make an uber-chic style statement.

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