Colours that are dominating millennial home decor

When it comes to home decor, millennials are the risk takers. For them, no colour is too risky to try. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or the living room, the millennials want to brighten up every corner of the house. From offbeat hues to bold shades, millennials know how to make a statement.

Here are a few colours that you will find in almost every millennial home:

  1. Buff Apricot (1P0222): If you think millennial pink is yesterday, think again. The colour is still the rage as it is fun, flattering, and glamorous. This Buff Apricot wall offers a bright background for artwork and your furniture. Without being overwhelming, Buff Apricot lends an extra note of sophistication to the living room. To nail this look, use Buff Apricot and dark-coloured fabric and furniture to create a classy mix and match.

  2. Lockness (4T0885): When you think of green, the first thing that comes to your mind is nature. Wellness-minded millennials just love every soft reminder of nature and wilderness. A soft shade of green like Lockness gives the living room untamed sophistication of forest and a natural feel. To bring out the effervescence and earthiness of green, then go for light-coloured wooden furniture. If you have a big living room, then paint half the wall Lockness and half white.

  3. Blue Bubble (5D0295): There’s no colour other than blue that can bring the calmness of the sea and the sky into the house of ever-busy millennials. Blue Bubble walls lend a touch of drama to the room. The white and grey accents give it a nautical feel. The juxtaposition of the white wall with Blue Bubble one is just effortlessly glamorous.

  4. Park Party (8T2653): Whosoever said that black makes a room dingy, millennials are proving them wrong. The star of the living room is Park Party wall that lends a feeling of a chalkboard. The overwhelming splash of the Fabulous White (7P0185) wall makes the Park Party wall stand out. The use of white furniture and yellow accents are taking the edginess of the dark colour. If you incorporate dark colours into your house, balance with light colours. For instance, if your ceiling is dark coloured, go for light-coloured flooring.

  5. Summer Sun (3A0386): There’s nothing mellow about yellow and that’s why the millennials are loving it. These Summer Sun walls bring this dining room to life. The white trimmings on the wall gives the room a romantic glow. The Summer Sun walls make the wooden furniture look ravishingly beautiful.

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