Colourful holi decoration ideas for your home

Holi is one of the best festivals to bring home the charm of colours. The festival is all about the onset of warmer weather, sweets and of course, colours.

Yasaile garda Holi ko lagi tapai ko ghar sajawat garda thik rang haru chunna mahattvapurna ho.

Here are a few ideas to get your house Holi-ready:

  1. Colourful furnishings in every room: The best way to spruce up your bedroom and living room is to place colourful cushions, curtains, and bedspreads. Bright and multi-coloured cushions can add colourful charm to any room. In your bathroom, you can replace drab towels with delightfully colourful towels. Place a bunch of flowers in the vase or crystal bowls filled with flower petals as decorative accents on the centre table or side tables.

  2. Don’t ignore the flooring: Holi is the best time to bring home bright and vibrant rugs. To bring home a festive vibe, place one in the living room, one in your bedroom and one at the entrance foyer to give your guests an inviting feel. You can make a floral rangoli at the entrance of your house to enhance its beauty. Door entrance and patio are ideal places for rangoli.

  3. Let the walls do the talking: To give your walls the spark of festivity, decorate them with colourful hangings. If you are hosting a rooftop Holi party and you want to save the walls from getting dirty, then tapestries are the best option. They give the wall a colourful look and save the walls from getting dirty.

  4. Lighting: Though Holi is the festival of colours and not lights, you can still use colourful lanterns to give your house an offbeat look. During the day, you can just hang them around or place them on the floor. In the evening, place tealights candles in them so that radiate glow and reflect the happiness that the festival brings along with it. You can also decorate the lanterns with marigolds.

  5. Taking care of your walls: Removing Holi colours and stains from your walls can be quite tricky. It is, therefore, important that you take care of the walls before and after the festivity. If you are getting your house painted before Holi then opt for stain-resistant paints that are easily washable. If you haven’t done that and your walls have gotten dirty, then avoid scrubbing them too hard. Use a soft cloth to get the colours off the wall. If the stains are stubborn and too hard to remove, let Berger Paints’ express painting service give your house a fresh coat of paint without any hassles.

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