Berger Summer Paints for Interior and Exterior

Finally, the grey and grave fields are lush Green; even the tiniest weeds are in their fullest bloom. The naked trees are in their greenest apparel, the peach trees and Jacaranda forming a collage along pathways. You no longer have to go wearing layers of clothes and a long coat, and it no longer gets dark at 4 pm. The brighter, warmer, and longer days are here. Summer is here. What paint do colours say fresh air, flowers in bloom, cool breezes, and sunny afternoons? Considering that summer is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about refreshing your home. Whether you want to give your home a quick seasonal update or channel summertime all year long, these summer colours from Berger paints will do the trick.

The Green Forest Shade:

 Green is the most abundant colour found in nature. Green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy in a positive perspective and is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and a positive environment. Nothing denotes the vibrancy of summer like a fresh, vibrant shade of Green. But how do you use it to its best effect? Here is Berger’s guide to getting it right.

In the study of interior architecture/design, the colour Green is often used in certain areas to create a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. However, colour experts advise specific hard and fast rules to be considered while choosing the colour green in interior spaces.

Wooden desk, wall organizer and green walls in a living room interior with sofa and armchair
Wooden desk, wall organizer and green walls in a living room interior with sofa and armchair


Green creates a Protective atmosphere when used for roofs. However, it could result in a disturbing look when too bright or dark tones are used. So, the right way is to keep it in seminal vibrancy.


Mild Green tones and dark wood create a luxurious colour combination. It might be too dark for some people, but this beautifully works if you like the rich and solemn texture. Another suitable way to use the colour green is for floors. Softer tones of Green create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere on the floor.

Pesto tends toward brown/yellow. It can result in a beautiful interior design, especially with all the white. Likewise, pesto green can be an excellent option for anyone who likes earthy tones.


Peachy-Pink for your living and other room interiors

Peachy-Pink living room with pink sofa
Peachy-Pink living room with pink sofa

Remember seeing for the first in a year a Peachtree bloom? How do you feel, Welcomed? Peach is a neutral, happy and soothing colour. A peach colour theme can be used to create a calming and welcoming space when decorating your home interiors. Peach is a neutral colour. The best thing about this colour is that you can use it the way you like it. Whether as an accent or for completely covering a wall, this colour can be the perfect choice for creating a balanced, warm and welcoming space.

Peach Colour Combination for Interior and Exterior

If you are an artist or love artworks and want to showcase artworks in your living room or bedroom, peach colour is the best colour for creating a backdrop. You can also make a sophisticated statement by placing a grey sofa and an item of furniture against the fully peach coloured wall.

Peach colour for exteriorl
Peach colour for exteriorl

Furthermore, this serene, balanced and welcoming colour also serves best for the exterior walls of a house. Picking peach wall paint, matched with white hues, produces a classy and stunning effect and increases the aesthetic appeal of the overall structure.

Soft Blue

Summer also means immaculate blue sky. Nothing makes a space feel more relaxing than a soft blue. It creates calm and gives the room a serene feel that works great with that summer sunlight streaming in. This colour can be a great idea, especially for bedrooms, living, furniture, main entrance and doors. One of the exciting hacks to use this colour is if you have a less spacious room and want to dissolve the borders and create a cosy, chamber-like space. You can also use this method for offices and your study rooms. But, blue doesn’t necessarily have to be on the walls or as a statement piece of furniture; you can also apply this colour to paint doors, trim, or even your ceiling.

Modern living room interior with blue wall
Modern living room interior with blue wall

Note: Colour experts suggest being careful while using a rich blue colour in the interior. The experts suggest that it is best if your windows face south, southeast or southwest because blue tones love the sun and natural light. In shady rooms, not illuminated by direct sunlight and facing north, blue colour can make the room look cold and gloomy.

Berger Summer Paints for Exterior

Revive your house with one of these popular home exterior paint choices from Berger Nepal.

Blue-Gray What colours can be more suiting for your house than blue-grey when the summer is at its peak? Blue-grey has been a popular exterior paint colour for the last decade. Yes, the home’s exterior is one of the best places to use a blue-grey paint colour. It will give a calm and firm look to your house. And because the home’s exterior is outside and has square footage to cover, it can handle a darker shade.

Modern living room with Blue Gray wall colour
Modern living room with Blue Gray wall colour

Classic White

Be it summer or autumn but classic white never runs out of style. The best thing about this colour is its simplicity and the ability, to sum up, the theme of your house alone. The versatile hue has the power to highlight certain features of your home without competing with others. Some of the benefits of using this colour for your exterior paint are that it can make small houses look bigger, and unlike darker colours, neutral shades don’t risk fading from years of sun exposure. Ready to give your home a bright makeover? Berger Nepal is at your service 24/7.

Colorful living room with Classic White wall colour
Colourful living room with Classic Whitewall colour

Bright/Pastel Red

Energetic, warm, and strong, red has the power to evoke a multitude of emotions. And when it comes to painting the exterior of your house, it surely must tell that it’s your house and you belong here. It is full of happiness, joy and love. Hence, making your home red is always a better decision.

Colorful living room with Pastel red wall colour
Colourful living room with Pastel red wall colour

In a nutshell, painting a house is a tedious job from manual labour and cost. Therefore, the right quality colours must be used. But while saying this, we would also like to say “worry not” because Berger Nepal is right at your reach, manufacturing the best decorative paints for the past 20+ years.

Promoting and Preserving Art and Culture

Over the last few years, Nepal, especially Kathmandu, has undergone a significant morph in terms of art and culture. The public places that had previously remained empty or occupied by a political party’s logos, slogans and pamphlets have now been replaced by artistic and conceptual murals and frescos. Likewise, there has also been a commendable work in the resurgence, promotion and preservation of culture and its art form of expressions. Today, there are many art hubs, exhibitions, festivals, and collaborations with international artists in Kathmandu Valley. This is possible because artists are willing to invest their time and talent to beautify and claim the spaces through their social and political art commentary.

Kathmandu Triennale, Berger Paints entered into a partnership for Kathmandu Triennale 2077 International Art Exhibition to jointly promote art and culture across the globe. Kathmandu Triennale is organized every three years, where artists from all around the world gather and exhibit their artworks. The extensive event includes 300 artworks by 100 artists from over 40 countries exhibited across 5 different venues of cultural & historical significance in Kathmandu. The venues are Taragaon Museum, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Bahadur Shah Baithak, Patan Museum and Siddhartha Art Council.

In addition, to promote colours and art, Kathmandu Triennale and Berger Paints Nepal will jointly organize art competitions in this art festival where Berger Nepal will provide paint colours to artists.

In a nutshell, Berger Paints Nepal has always been an ardent supporter of art and culture. It has always initiated its share in promoting art, preserving and retaining the beauty of culture, and it will continue to do so.

3 things you need to know about waterproofing your home.

Unpredictable and extreme weather conditions damage exposed roofs, terraces, external and internal walls in the long run. To avoid this, waterproofing home or building roofs and Terraces, parapets, sunshades and exterior vertical walls are as crucial as applying wall paint. This will help to protect your home from dampness and seepage.

Waterproofing is an often-overlooked concern when it comes to the checklists that home buyers have. Homeowners should understand the criticality of waterproofing, if not in-depth knowledge of concreting technology to ensure that their dream home remains truly waterproof.

Berger Paints- one of the oldest and most trusted names in the paint industry has been a part of Nepali homes since the early 2000s. Berger Paints Nepal offers an extensive range of products in home colours in Interior, Exterior and Undercoats segments- all certified with “The Green Pro Certification” and has lately introduced the “Waterproofing” segment of products to meet the growing demands of Nepali homes. 

Here are 3 things to know about waterproofing your home:

  • Never choose the wrong waterproofing material!

Each one of the available waterproofing materials has a specific use case. For example; PU Coat that comes with 10 years of waterproofing warranty is a liquid waterproofing compound for UV protection, while Damp Shield Elasto that comes with 6 years of performance warranty is a PU modified elastomeric liquid applied as exterior barrier coat for extended durability of Wall Paint Colour. Likewise, some waterproofing chemicals like Cement Mix Plus is an additive for cement concrete/plaster/mortars that improves the integral waterproofing properties of cement concrete and plasters. Choosing the wrong chemical will result in failure sooner or later.

  • Incorrect Diagnosis of a Leakage

Every homeowner wants the best colour for their house, but that wall colour can be damaged if there is an incorrect diagnosis of leakage. If leakage is detected during waterproofing, it is critical to diagnose it correctly. The source of the leakage is not always located near the visual marks it. After entering the body mass, water flows in all possible directions. Diagnosing a leakage correctly is the first step to fixing it.

  • Faulty External Plastering

If the external plastering of the building is carelessly done, it could result as being the entry points for water. For example, the holes provided in the walls for scaffolding are sometimes not filled properly nor corrected after filling. To tackle this, scientific waterproofing solutions like moisture meters should be used to detect and measure the percentage of water in leaking walls.

15 Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Your dining room should be the most comfortable place for you to enjoy delicious meals and conversations with your family and guests. We have rounded up 15 of our favourite dining room wall décor ideas to beautify your dining space. Read on to know…

Large Mirror

A large mirror can never go out of style and is perfect for a smaller dining space that you are looking to give a larger feel. Large, round mirrors are trendy and you may want to consider it for your dining room.

  1. Graphic Wallpaper

Treat graphic wallpaper as a piece of art. We think that the dining room is the perfect spot for it. Just find a design or a print that you love and one which you can frame and hang together on one wall. It is recommended that you hang it low so that your guests can see it at eye level while seated at the dining table.

  1. Woven wall hanging

Since the past few years, wall hangings have become popular. You can get craftsy and have a DIY piece to fill up your wall as well.

  1. Chalkboard

    You can hang a chalkboard in your modern dining space where you can scribble your menus for dinner parties.

    1. Vintage signs

    Vintage signs are a great way to add an old-world charm to your dining room. You can choose one large sign, or opt for several smaller signs and hang them all together.

    1. Family Photography

    If you’re always going clickety-click with your camera, consider enlarging a couple of your favourite family photographs and using them as artwork in your dining room.

    1. Typography Artwork

    Create a wonderful piece of artwork using typography. Pick words or letters with powerful graphic elements either by using a simple black-and-white palette or a bold colour.

    1. Plate collection

    You can create a wonderful arrangement of plates and china in your dining room wall. You can display it by colour, pattern or mix it all up and simply hang all of your best and favourite ones on the wall.

    1. Wood accent wall

    Make a statement with wood accent wall by choosing an unusual material like reclaimed wood, or paint a bold, graphic pattern using wooden elements.

    1. Shelves

Painting Ideas to Make Your Balcony a Beautiful Haven

A balcony is the one space in your home where you can connect with the outdoors. Having a balcony is the biggest perk for people living in the city. If you have a balcony in your home, you owe it to yourself to make the most out of this private outdoor space.

आफ्नो घरको बाल्कोनीलाई आकर्षक बनाउनुहोस्, बाल्कोनी सुहाउँदो रंगले रंगाउनुहोस् ।

1. Tulip Field (3D2078): Give a friendly nod to the bright and lively days in your balcony by giving it a stylish makeover with a yellow wall color. A balanced yellow shade, like our Tulip Field (3D2078), makes a perfect pick for radiating the vibrancy of the effervescent outdoors. But painting your balcony new won’t just do it as accessorizing the space is crucial.

2. Moon Flower (8P0209): If you have a small-sized balcony, your focus may gravitate towards styling the outdoor space in a way that it doesn’t look crowded. In this pursuit, you cannot go wrong in painting the balcony white. Our off-white shade, Moon Flower (8P0209), works wonders in creating a sanctuary-like look in your balcony. As the shade reflects light, it can create the illusion of a much bigger space. If you use your balcony as the space to unwind, use a stylish hammock chair.

बाल्कोनीलाई रंगले मात्र हैन बिरुवाहरुले पनि सजाउनुहोस् ।

3. SPARKLING WINE (2P1874): If you love gardening but live in a city apartment, you can cherish your love for plants and greenery with a makeshift garden in your balcony. For a refreshing look, let the look of the plants shine through, paint your balcony walls with a neutral shade. Our faded yellow shade, Sparkling Wine (2P1874) serves as a great backdrop to highlight the intriguing look of your potted plants. Place the potted plants in wire flower racks to introduce a hint of urban design.

तपाईंको बाल्कोनीमा फुल्ने विभिन्न फूलका रंगहरुले पनि तपाईंको घरलाई आकर्षक बनाउँछ ।

4. RAW OXIDE (2D2033): Coming home to a stunning-looking balcony that greets you with an energizing ambience is something you’d definitely want. And guess what? It’s not wishful thinking as you can have a balcony that inspires you to be who you truly are and allows you to unwind to your heart’s content. The trick of transforming your balcony into a visually-appealing space is to paint the space with a bright color, like our sophisticated shade of orange, Raw Oxide (2D2033). If you don’t want to stick to the monotony of one color, pair the orange shade with white to create a striking color contrast.

Modern colour schemes for your living room

The real beauty of a house lies in its walls. The right colour schemes dictate how well the furniture and furnishing look. With right colour schemes, you can let your walls do the talking while keeping decor to the minimum. Instead of shying away from colours, it’s time to unleash your creativity and use different colour schemes to give your house a unique personality.

Here are a few modern colour schemes that are contemporary and yet timeless:

  1. Blue Balance (5D1063) and Fabulous White (7P0185): The Blue and white combination is truly a classic but at the same it is chic. Blue Balance and Fabulous White bring out the best in each other. Blue Balance wall brings out the crispness of the adjoining wall that is painted Fabulous White. The two colours together ooze relaxation making it an ideal colour of your bedroom. Blue Balance wall provides a perfect background for light-coloured furnishing and furniture. To nail this look, scatter some pink cushions or a pink throw blanket to create a sugary-sweet aesthetics.

  2. Park Party (8T2653) and Castel Ford (8D1695): Sophisticated and classy, gray and black are one of the underestimated colour schemes. When used rightly, the two colours can make your house look modern and futuristic. Here the Castel Ford accent wall features contrast with the Park Party wall, creating a complete look. The Castel Ford wall creates a dramatic setting for wall art, furniture and accent items. The light-coloured furniture and patterned rug make the room intriguing to look at.

  3. Peach Smoothie (1T0539) and Gleaming Shells (1T0531): One thing that millennials have taught the world is that you should never underestimate the power of pink. That’s why in this beautiful room, we see not one shade of pink but two. For a minimalist look, pastel touches of Peach Smoothie and Gleaming Shells add a sombre and pretty touch to the room. To bring out the crispness of the two shades of pink, introduce a darker shade of pink in the form of a chair or sofa. To break the monotony, bring into the scene plants and a rose gold standing lamp shade. To introduce pink into your home, paint all the walls in shades of pink, keep the flooring and ceiling light-coloured. To prevent an over-the-top look, keep the wall trimmings and windows white.

  4. Summer Sun (3A0386): There’s no other colour which is as uplifting as yellow. However, not many warm up to the idea of painting their walls yellow. To introduce the cherry vibe, paint the part of the walls Summer Sun and let rest of it remain white. To create a dramatic effect, choose a couple of furniture pieces in yellow. Ensure there’s enough natural daylight to bring a breezy, airy feel to the room. Break the dominance of yellow with a white coffee table, gray cushions, and plants.

  5. Are you looking for modern colour schemes to give your living room a contemporary vibe? Let out Colour Consultants help you make a choice. Visit to explore our wide range of decorative paints and an array of services that we offer.

8 Nature-Inspired Decor Ideas to Transform your Home Decor

Nothing is as comforting and relaxing as being closer to nature; once-in-a-week park walks, weekend family picnics, and occasional trips to naturistic destinations, these are just some of the things we enjoy doing to connect to nature and the outdoors.

However, there are ways more than one to bring naturistic vibes indoors. Over here, we show some:

1. Tropical living room fun

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get the feeling of getting sun-kissed in a tropical beach or exploring a tropical rainforest in your very own living room? Palm plants exude similar vibes; bring in a couple of potted palm plants and add a naturistic touch to your living room. Comforting elements such as plush area rugs and wooden furniture items can be the right additions.

To imitate the airy, cool aura of tropical places, create a light-coloured backdrop by choosing neutrals such as white and beige. Can’t decide upon the right wall colours? Our colour experts at Berger can help you. Get in touch at 16600123432 or email us at

2. Hang ‘em ferns

Rarely do we put efforts to add visual interest to our rooms’ ceiling. However, you can avoid leaving your rooms’ ceiling looking plain by hanging indoor fern plants. Choose hand-woven baskets for a sophisticated naturistic look.

3. Unmistakable wicker touches

The perfect way to complement the greenery you’ve added to your rooms is by choosing a couple of wicker furniture essentials such as chairs and a table. The natural look of wicker furniture items can balance the warmth factor. Keep wicker furniture items in clusters to make them a focal point.

4. Give way for freshness

Have a living room with a balcony view? Welcome the positive and refreshing vibes of bright summer days with greenery. Keep different types of potted plants such as areca palm, English ivy, and dracaena in your balcony space to create a garden-like aura.

5. Tasteful florals

Floral prints can work wonders when adding naturistic inspirations to your rooms. In your bedroom, you can’t go wrong in bedsheets and pillow covers that have colourful floral patterns. To create a themed look, choose bedsheets, pillow covers, and drapes having the same floral prints.

6. An inviting porch

Let the naturistic inspiration of your interiors reflect on your porch with a vintage-style bare wood double armchair. Choose a bare wood stool and a couple of potted plants to add more depth to the overall style of the space.

7. Elegant window treatment

Draw attention towards the windows in your rooms by getting the treatment right. Place small indoor plants in sophisticated ceramic pots and keep them in your rooms’ window sills. Choose various pot colours to add a bit of quirkiness.

8. Tea time by nature

There’s something special about enjoying freshly-brewed tea in your porch or balcony, while soaking in the sublime evening sun and the freshness of the outdoors. Make this experience more memorable by creating a small tea time space. In your balcony, bring a small set of table and chairs; it’s best if the furniture items have a natural finish.

तपाईंको घरको लागि ठिक रङ चयन गर्नुहोस

भित्ताहरुको लागि सही रंगको चयनले घरको वातावरण नै उत्कृष्ट बनाउँछ । यहाँ यस्ता रंगहरु उल्लेखगरिएका छन् जसले तपाईंको घरमा सकारात्मकताभित्र्याउँछ ।

निलो रंग

प्रकृतिको प्रतिकनिलो रंगले शान्त बनाउँछ । यो रंग बाथरुम, बेडरुम र लिभिङ्ग रुमको लागिउत्कृष्ट हुन्छ । हल्कानिलो रंगले विलासिता देखाउँछ र कोठाहरुमा आरामदायीवातावरण बनाउँछ ।

पहेंलो रंग

पहेंलो सूर्यको रंग हो जसले खुसीकाअनुभवहरु छर्दछ । यसको सुक्ष्म चमकदार गुणले न्यानो सूर्यका किरणहरु बुझाउँछ । पहेंलो रंग हरेक कोठाको लागिउत्कृष्ट हुन्छ तर बेडरुम र लिभिङ्ग रुमको लागिझनै उत्कृष्ट ।

सेतो रंग

सेतो रंगले शुद्धता र आनन्दपनादर्शाउँछ । बिजर स्यान जस्ता रंगहरुमामिलाउँदा यो उत्कृष्ट देखिन्छ । यो रंग लिभिङ्ग रुम, बाथरुम र बेडरुम लगायत हरेक रुमको लागिउत्कृष्ट हुन्छ ।

हरियो रंग

हरियो रंगले कोठाहरुलाई प्राकृतिकअनुभव दिन्छ । शान्तपूर्ण सोच र ताजापनको आभास गराउँछ र सकारात्मकउर्जा प्रदान गर्छ यसले । यो भान्छा र लिभिङ्ग रुम सजाउनउत्कृष्ट हुन्छ ।

बैजनी रंग

बैजनी रंगले आनन्दपना र रचनात्मकता झल्काउँछ । तपाईंले यो रंगलाई आफ्नो सोच अनुरुपप्रयोग गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ । यस रंगको हल्का शेडहरु जस्तै लिल्याक र लाभेण्डरले सकारात्मक सोच प्रदानगर्दछ ।

गुलाबी रंग

गुलाबी रंग संवेदना र आशाको रंग हो । यसलाई ओलम्पिक व्हइटसँग मिलाउँदालिभिङ्ग रुममाआकर्षकताप्रदान गर्छ ।

बर्जर पेन्ट्सबाट आफ्नो घरको लागिउत्कृष्ट रंग चयन गर्नुहोस् । हाम्रो टोलफ्रीनम्बर ज्ञटटण् (1660-01-23434(NTC)/180-157-1001(Ncell) माकलवा ( मा इमेल गनुहोस् ।

हाम्रो रंग परामर्शदाताहरुले तपाईंको घरमा सकारात्मकवातावरण बनाउनकालागि सही रंग रोज्न सहयोग गर्नेछन् ।