Berger Summer Paints for Interior and Exterior

Berger Summer Paints for Interior & Exterior

Finally, the grey and grave fields are lush Green; even the tiniest weeds are in their fullest bloom. The naked trees are in their greenest apparel, the peach trees and Jacaranda forming a collage along pathways. You no longer have to go wearing layers of clothes and a long coat, and it no longer gets dark at 4 pm. The brighter, warmer, and longer days are here. Summer is here. What paint do colours say fresh air, flowers in bloom, cool breezes, and sunny afternoons? Considering that summer is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about refreshing your home. Whether you want to give your home a quick seasonal update or channel summertime all year long, these summer colours from Berger paints will do the trick.

The Green Forest Shade:

 Green is the most abundant colour found in nature. Green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy in a positive perspective and is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and a positive environment. Nothing denotes the vibrancy of summer like a fresh, vibrant shade of Green. But how do you use it to its best effect? Here is Berger’s guide to getting it right.

In the study of interior architecture/design, the colour Green is often used in certain areas to create a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. However, colour experts advise specific hard and fast rules to be considered while choosing the colour green in interior spaces.

Wooden desk, wall organizer and green walls in a living room interior with sofa and armchair
Wooden desk, wall organizer and green walls in a living room interior with sofa and armchair


Green creates a Protective atmosphere when used for roofs. However, it could result in a disturbing look when too bright or dark tones are used. So, the right way is to keep it in seminal vibrancy.


Mild Green tones and dark wood create a luxurious colour combination. It might be too dark for some people, but this beautifully works if you like the rich and solemn texture. Another suitable way to use the colour green is for floors. Softer tones of Green create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere on the floor.

Pesto tends toward brown/yellow. It can result in a beautiful interior design, especially with all the white. Likewise, pesto green can be an excellent option for anyone who likes earthy tones.


Peachy-Pink for your living and other room interiors

Peachy-Pink living room with pink sofa
Peachy-Pink living room with pink sofa

Remember seeing for the first in a year a Peachtree bloom? How do you feel, Welcomed? Peach is a neutral, happy and soothing colour. A peach colour theme can be used to create a calming and welcoming space when decorating your home interiors. Peach is a neutral colour. The best thing about this colour is that you can use it the way you like it. Whether as an accent or for completely covering a wall, this colour can be the perfect choice for creating a balanced, warm and welcoming space.

Peach Colour Combination for Interior and Exterior

If you are an artist or love artworks and want to showcase artworks in your living room or bedroom, peach colour is the best colour for creating a backdrop. You can also make a sophisticated statement by placing a grey sofa and an item of furniture against the fully peach coloured wall.

Peach colour for exteriorl
Peach colour for exteriorl

Furthermore, this serene, balanced and welcoming colour also serves best for the exterior walls of a house. Picking peach wall paint, matched with white hues, produces a classy and stunning effect and increases the aesthetic appeal of the overall structure.

Soft Blue

Summer also means immaculate blue sky. Nothing makes a space feel more relaxing than a soft blue. It creates calm and gives the room a serene feel that works great with that summer sunlight streaming in. This colour can be a great idea, especially for bedrooms, living, furniture, main entrance and doors. One of the exciting hacks to use this colour is if you have a less spacious room and want to dissolve the borders and create a cosy, chamber-like space. You can also use this method for offices and your study rooms. But, blue doesn’t necessarily have to be on the walls or as a statement piece of furniture; you can also apply this colour to paint doors, trim, or even your ceiling.

Modern living room interior with blue wall
Modern living room interior with blue wall

Note: Colour experts suggest being careful while using a rich blue colour in the interior. The experts suggest that it is best if your windows face south, southeast or southwest because blue tones love the sun and natural light. In shady rooms, not illuminated by direct sunlight and facing north, blue colour can make the room look cold and gloomy.

Berger Summer Paints for Exterior

Revive your house with one of these popular home exterior paint choices from Berger Nepal.

Blue-Gray What colours can be more suiting for your house than blue-grey when the summer is at its peak? Blue-grey has been a popular exterior paint colour for the last decade. Yes, the home’s exterior is one of the best places to use a blue-grey paint colour. It will give a calm and firm look to your house. And because the home’s exterior is outside and has square footage to cover, it can handle a darker shade.

Modern living room with Blue Gray wall colour
Modern living room with Blue Gray wall colour

Classic White

Be it summer or autumn but classic white never runs out of style. The best thing about this colour is its simplicity and the ability, to sum up, the theme of your house alone. The versatile hue has the power to highlight certain features of your home without competing with others. Some of the benefits of using this colour for your exterior paint are that it can make small houses look bigger, and unlike darker colours, neutral shades don’t risk fading from years of sun exposure. Ready to give your home a bright makeover? Berger Nepal is at your service 24/7.

Colorful living room with Classic White wall colour
Colourful living room with Classic Whitewall colour

Bright/Pastel Red

Energetic, warm, and strong, red has the power to evoke a multitude of emotions. And when it comes to painting the exterior of your house, it surely must tell that it’s your house and you belong here. It is full of happiness, joy and love. Hence, making your home red is always a better decision.

Colorful living room with Pastel red wall colour
Colourful living room with Pastel red wall colour

In a nutshell, painting a house is a tedious job from manual labour and cost. Therefore, the right quality colours must be used. But while saying this, we would also like to say “worry not” because Berger Nepal is right at your reach, manufacturing the best decorative paints for the past 20+ years.

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