Bedroom Decor Ideas Your Kids Will Love

If there’s one room where kids love spending time, then it’s their bedroom. Kids’ bedrooms when rightly decorated create a fantasy world and also play a key role in shaping their thought process and personality.

Bachcha haru le khelnu ani maaja garnu maanparawcha. Uniharuko suthne kotha ramro sanga le sajauda uniharuko sansara ramro bhayera jaancha.

Here are 5 bedroom décor ideas that your kids will love:

1) Themed décor

A décor based on your kid’s favourite cartoon character or superhero can work really well. To do this, choose wall colour combinations similar to the cartoon character or superhero’s dress/theme.

Bachcha haru lai cartoon herna dherai maanparcha. Cartoon ko design le uniharu ko suthne kotha sajai dinuhos.

2) Use a starry projector lamp

Increase the fun quotient of your kid’s bedroom décor with a starry projector lamp. When turned on, the projector lamp recreates a starry night on the ceiling. If you are lucky, you may even get your hands on a themed projector lamp.

Esto lamp le jhilimili taraharu ko ujyalo rata ko nakal garcha ani suthne kotha lai ati ramro tarika le sajhaucha.

3) Use bunk beds

Have one or more kid sharing the bedroom? Use a bunk bed; they love it.

Bachcha haru lai bunk bed dherai maanparcha. Uniharu ko suthne kotha ma ewta bunk bed lyayi uniharu lai khushi raakhnuhos.

4) Personalise

Use a wall in your kid’s bedroom as a gallery where you kid can display his/her artwork, collections, journals, and even school achievements. The headboard area is one of the perfect places to do this.

Ewta ramari sanga bachcha haru ko suthne kotha sajaune tarika chai uniharule maanparawne chij dekhai dine ho. Ewta bhithtah chaanera yo bichar prayog garnu hos.

5) Choose bright wall colours

Kids are playful and fun-lovers; they are naturally attracted to bright colours. Choose bright wall colours such as orange, pink, yellow, green, seafoam green, or white to add the fun element to the bedroom.

Bhithtah ma lawne raang haru chakilo cha vane baachcha haruko suthne kotha ekdamai ramro dekhcha. 

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