8 Secrets For a Comfortable Living Room

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home after a long day and settling down in a comfortable living room. Fortunately, making your living room comfortable isn’t challenging; all you need is these 8 secret tips:

Baithak kotha aaramdayak banayera afnu atithi haru lai pravbhaw parnuhos.

1) Use a plush sofa set

Plush sofa sets exude a comfy vibe. Plus, sofas are versatile furniture items; you can use them to lounge around and even sleep.

Nyano sofa set le tapai ko baithak kotha aaramdayak banaunuhos.

2) A light rug

A light rug can be another great addition to creating a comfy decor in your living room. Choose a fluffy rug of neutral colours such as grey, beige, ivory, etc. to add comfort as well as sophistication to your living room.

3) Choose comforting wall colours

Wall colours play an important role in shaping the comfort in your living room. Choose wall colours that exude comfort and add a relaxed ambience to your living room. Examples of such colours include white, cyan, beige olive, mocha, light grey, etc.
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4) Mix and match cushions

Mix and match cushions of different styles and sizes to amp up the comfort level in your living room.

Baalist harule tapaiko baithak kotha ma nyanopan lewcha.

5) Use knitted materials

Knitted materials have a way of making you feel comfortable and cosy. Embellish your sofa with a soft and small knitted blanket. You can use knitted upholstery on other furniture items as well.

Bunneko kapda haru prayog gari tapaiko atithi haru lai aaramdayak baithak kotha ma swagat garnu hos.

6) Maximise seating

Don’t just limit seating to sofas and club chairs. Instead, utilise ottomans and benches.

Kursi haru dherai matra ma huda tapai ko baithak kotha aaramdayak bancha.

7) Use drapes

Use drapes to amp up the comfort quotient of your living room. Choose drapes of colours that match with sofas and other furniture pieces.

Lhamo parda haru le tapai ko baithak kotha lai nyano roop dincha.

8) Invest in antiques

Antique furniture and showpieces best complement the relaxed, cosy ambience in your living room. Use them to accessorise your living room.

Prachin chij haru le tapai ko baithak kotha sajawnuhos ani aaramdayak banauhos.

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