8 Painting Mistakes to Avoid

The very idea of giving your house a fresh coat of paint can get you really excited. From picking the right colors to choosing the appropriate tools, there are a lot decisions to make. Not paying attention to small details can end up giving you a paint job which is not as perfect as you want. To make sure that you don’t learn the hard way, we have rounded common painting mistakes that you can avoid:

1. Lack of Preparation: If you don’t want your paint jobs to leave behind paint drops on your furniture and floors, and missed spots on the walls, it’s important that you prepare like a pro. Instead of shoving all furniture and furnishings in one corner where they can brush against each other and get damaged, put them in another room, preferably the one, you will paint the last. This will you will avoid bumping into tables or dragging sofa from one corner to another. Plus, you will avoid splattering paint on them.

2. Not protecting the floors: A few newspapers under your roller are not enough to save your floors. Though plastic sheets are cheap, they are bot durable. Moreover, there’s danger of slipping on the plastic sheets. Invest in professional-style drop cloths as they soak the spilt paints.

3. Not using painter’s tape: When you are going shopping for paints, brushes and rollers, also make sure that you also buy a painter’s tape. For a clean paint job, a painter’s tape is important. Painter’s tape is great to mask-off baseboards and other areas you don’t either wish to paint or paint in a different color. It ensures that you have clean edges around the wooden trims of the doors and windows. It also prevents splattering on baseboards. Go for a high-quality painter’s tape that doesn’t allow the paint to seep under the tape.

4. Not sanding the wall: For a perfect finish, it’s important that you sand the wall and get rid of dust particles, rough spots and ridges. Sanding helps flatten areas around baseboards and nail holes. Sanding gives you a perfectly smooth surface to start your painting job with.

5. Not using the right tool: Brushes and rollers are meant for specific kinds of finishes and specific areas. Using them interchangeably can give you a shoddy job. While a roller is perfect for walls and ceilings, they are not ideal for curved surfaces. A brush is a must when it comes to painting window frames, baseboards and pipes.

6. Skipping the primer: To get a consistent look with your final coat, don’t skip the primer. A quality primer can help you get a finish that is durable. They also seal joints and seams on the walls.

7. Not waiting for the first coat to dry: You are eager to get done with the painting job at the earliest and enjoy your newly-painted house. However, painting your walls before the first coat could dry will ruin all the hard work you have done. It is advisable to at least wait for 24 hours for the first coat to dry.

8. Not keeping weather in mind: High humidity can make it difficult for the paint to dry quickly. There are many paints that come with temperature guidelines. Painting during the right season can help you get a lasting result.

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