7 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Small spaces are cosy and even easy to organise. With a few clever decor tips, you can dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal as well as the functionality of small spaces.

Want to know how? Read below:

1) Make every furniture piece count
Furniture pieces that provide maximum functionality work the best in small spaces. For example, replace one big coffee table with two small round tables. By doing this, you can improve the traffic flow in small spaces.Use furniture pieces with ergonomic storages to save space for other items. For example, in kitchen, you can install storage hooks on the back of cabinet doors to conveniently store pots and pans.

2) Use built-in furniture
Built-in furniture pieces such as floor-to-ceiling bookshelves work best in small spaces.The same furniture piece can be used to store books and magazines as well as flaunt your display pieces.

3) Use transparent/minimalistic furniture
When considering furniture options for small spaces, opt for transparent pieces or the ones with minimalistic designs.The reason is very simple: the more you see through the furniture pieces, the bigger the space will look.
Glass coffee tables with thin metal stands, skinny-framed shelves, and sofa sets with raised-up legs – keep an eye out for these!

4) Use larger mirrors
By using larger mirrors, you can create the illusion of a spacious room. Mirrors add depth to rooms and amplify small spaces. Use antique mirrors with wooden frames as they add a timeless look to your decor.

5) Use multiple lighting
Multiple light sources, such as stand lamps, overhead bulbs, table lamps, etc, highlight different areas of a room and trick the eyes into thinking the space is bigger.

6) Leave the corners blank
Accessorised corners work well in spacious rooms but not in confined ones. Blank corners set a perception of openness.

7) Choose the right wall colours
With the choice of right wall colours, you can make a small room appear spacious. Neutral colours with undertones such as white, beige, and grey best suit small spaces. Also, neutral wall colours can act as a canvas to highlight your accessories.

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