6 Minimalist Home Decor Tips (Simplify Your Style at Home)

Simplicity works every time; it is the key to successful designs. Similarly, when it comes to the decor of your home, the simpler the style and arrangements of your rooms, the better.

Minimalism is all about simplicity. To incorporate the minimalist approach in your home arrangement, follow the ‘one in, one out’ rule, i.e., eliminating unnecessary items that serve you the least purpose. As for the decor part, we’ve got you covered:

Neutrals on the walls

Neutral colours complement simplicity. This is a key aspect of the minimalist approach. Neutrals work great for minimalist wall decor as well. Choose neutrals such as Touchstone (7P0192), Organic Ivory (7P0189) and Fabulous White (7P0185) to create visually soothing backdrops in your rooms. Neutral-coloured walls also serve the purpose of highlighting furniture and showpieces in contrasting ways.

Let chaos live inside storage

You have chosen the ‘one in, one out’ minimalist way forward. But there are some knick-knacks which you’d prefer to keep. As these can present chaos, it’s better to keep them hidden in a storage furniture or two.

Minimal furniture

While it may seem that having more number of furniture items increases any given space’s functionality, it doesn’t. Instead, a large number of furniture items can make the space look too crammed.

Take the minimalist approach; choose and keep only the furniture items that you and your family members regularly use. Doing this can help you open up more space and make the rooms look uncluttered and airy.

Nifty, repurposed showpieces

Why spend your hard-earned money on nifty showpieces when you can create them on your own? Take a couple of old bottles of different colours, wash them clean, put new wooden corks, and use them as abstract showpieces.

If you are someone who loves keeping showpieces in small clusters, choose an open shelf and accessorise it with DIY, repurposed showpieces.

Uncluttered surfaces

Clean, uncluttered surfaces instantly elevate the simplicity, minimalist factor in your rooms. Accessorise table tops, cabinet tops, drawer tops, and countertops to the least as possible. A minimum number of items on surfaces can keep the overall minimalist decor of your rooms in harmony.

Low-key bedroom

Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time being yourself. A minimalist decor can work wonders in simplifying your personal space.

Start off by choosing a low-rise bed frame over a standard one. Accessorise the bed frame with a relatively small headboard that has a simplistic design. Work on the comfort factor by choosing a not-so-plush area rug that has a neutral-ish colour. Complete the decor with a couple of abstract artwork.

We hope you found these minimalist decor ideas helpful. Stay tuned to this space for more informative and interesting write-ups.

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