5 Ways To Give Your Home a Vintage Look

If you like all things old and love to add vintage pieces such as lace-edged handkerchiefs, dish ware with floral motif, neon fixtures, vinyl records, brass vases, and antique telephone to your collections, then here’s a read that you don’t want to miss out.

Yaha, hamile kehi purano prakriya le ghar ko sajawat garne vidhi haru diyeka chau:

1) Vintage armchair and sofa
The best way to add old-world charm to your decor is using wooden antique furniture pieces such as armchairs and sofa set with retro-inspired upholstery. It induces the right amount of character and warmth to the decor. To add a unique symmetry to the decor, place a floor-length vintage lamp with the lamp shade matching the fabric of the furniture pieces.

2. Chandeliers
A beautifully-crafted vintage chandelier over a painted rustic dining table gives your room the look and feel of the old days. At night when the candles are lit they reflect the texture of the wall and create a mesmerising ambience that’s romantic and cosy.


Lighting can be dramatic with a huge chandelier; however, If your style is not over the top and you prefer a simple touch of warmth, then go for an intricate chandelier.

Ewta chandelier tapaiko kothama lagaunuhos ani purano samaya haru ko nakal garnuhos.

3. Record player
A vintage record player is one of the must-have accessories to add a classical touch to your decor. It defines the space when showcased the right way. Here the record player is placed on an old cabinet painted in a blue scheme; and an orange retro chair complements it perfectly, thus creating an inviting and cosy space. To add more vintage charm to the space, place vinyl records and fresh blooms.

Ewta purano saile ko record player le purano samaya ko anubhaw raakhnuhos tapai ko kotha ma.

4. Antique mirrors
Mirrors are a great way of letting more light into a space, particularly hallways and dark spaces where more light is needed. A dress mirror in retro frame speaks of sophistication wherever you place it.

Purano samaya ko saile bhako aina haru liyera tapaile dherai ramari sanga tapai ko kotha haru sajhawnu saakhnu huncha.

5. Rustic wall paint
Neutral wall colours of darker hues such as Old Blue, Walnut Satin, Moss, Vintage Yellow, and Tinted Green create a traditional statement in a modern home. When going the vintage way, remember to distribute the color throughout your home. Don’t disrupt the flow; to do so think about the colours to pair, the furniture pieces and their arrangement in each room, the lighting and most importantly think about the in-between spaces.

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There’s a magical charm about vintage decor. It’s more than warmth and comfort; it lets you show your design eccentricities in a cosy way. Stay tuned to this space as every month we will cover useful insights into how you can transform your home in simple and easy ways.

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