4 Tips that you need to consider when painting your house

When giving your home a makeover with new paint, you can be either of the two personalities: one who’s a perfectionist and, therefore, would like to get the rooms painted professionally or a creative one who’s interested in DIY and prefers to paint himself/herself.

Whoever you are, it’s important to consider a few of these factors to make sure your home painting journey is a smooth-sailing one.

घर रगाँउदा तल दिएको सुझावहरु धेरै सहयोगि हुन्छः

    1. Prepping up: often ignored but an important step
      Painting becomes convenient and less time-taking affair when you prep up the rooms in a proper way. When crafting the rooms, move the larger furniture pieces, including beds, wardrobes, sofa, dressing table, and TV cabinet to the centre. Cover them entirely with large-sized plastic to avoid buildup of dust and debris.If you have plans to just get the walls painted and not the windows, make sure to tape the adjacent windows. Also, tape light switches and other wall outlet covers.

    1. New paint doesn’t go first
      If you are planning to get your rooms painted, then you will get a hint that the walls aren’t painted straightaway. If the walls have a bare finish, a minimum of two coats of primer is applied before the paint. The primer acts as a base for the paint; think of it as using a white canvas for painting art.However, if the condition of the walls is bad and old paint has flaked, the damaged area needs to be sanded before the primer is applied. To apply two coats of primer, it requires a minimum of 2 days. Therefore, make sure to include an extra 2 or 3 days in your wall painting plan.
    2. Choose a soft neutral for a small room
      When painting small rooms in your home, softer neutrals make the right pick. A neutral colour, such as our shade, Soft Sonata (7P1954) has a softer tone which improves the breathability of the space. As such, it can make your small room feel bigger than it is.However, make sure to use other neutrals such as light grey, beige, pebble, olive, and tan to create a well-thought-out colour scheme. Mirrors reflect light; use them as decor accessories to create an illusion of a spacious look.

    1. Brush or roller?
      Should I use a brush or a roller? It’s common to come across this confusion when getting your rooms painted or painting the rooms yourself, especially for the first time. Paint experts recommend using both brush and roller; using the combination of these two can speed up the painting time.Rollers are suitable for painting the middle portion of walls while brushes come handy in applying paint on narrow edges, corners, and other small-diameter areas. Make sure that the brushes and rollers used are new and clean in order to achieve a smooth paint finish.

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