4 Go-To Colors For Small Rooms

The joy of living in small rooms is something that cannot be spelled out in words, the coziness and snugly feeling that you experience in small rooms is matched by none. But considering the limited space in small rooms, it can be a bit of a challenge to pull off the right styles without making them look crowded.

The right wall colors are your best friend when it comes to styling your small rooms. What are those colors you may ask? Check them out below:

1) Fabulous White (7P0185) and Resilient Grey (8D2696)

Living room decoration - Berger Nepal Paints

Who said you have to limit your options when it comes to making a lasting style statement in your small living room? As your living room sets an impression to your guests right from the get-go, presenting an interesting play of colors is a no-fail way to intrigue them.

As shown here in the example, the striking contrast of two distinct colors works wonders in creating a modern look. Combine our deep white shade, Fabulous White (7P0185), one of the best white paint for interior walls, and off grey shade, Resilient Grey (8D2696), to recreate this look. Choose abstract artwork, metal wall hangings, and sleek corner stands to complement the contemporary look of the color combo.

2) Yellow Breeze (3P0076)

A small and cozy bedroom with a calming decor is the most comforting one. A soft wall color such as our light yellow shade Yellow Breeze (3P0076) goes easy on the eyes and promotes tranquility. The best part about this light yellow shade is that, it has balanced overtones and works well through every season.

Also, if you love flaunting your bedroom furniture and other decor accessories, this shade provides the perfect opportunity by creating a neutral backdrop. Paint the architectural details of your bedroom such as ceiling trims, doors and window trims with white to complement the light look of this shade.

3) China Doll (1P0001)

China Doll - Berger Paints

If you have a small study room or a home office, it doesn’t have to look strictly formal. Break away from convention by styling the room with our light pink shade – China Doll (1P0001). The soothing aesthetic of this shade promotes concentration and relaxation.

Also, the trendy look of this color allows for creating a contemporary style. Accessorize the room with quirky decor elements such as a sleek bookcase, studio stand lights, music player, and potted plants.

4) Beige Wool (7P2425)

Beige Wool - Berger Paints

The way you decorate your kitchen plays an important role in shaping your culinary experience. In a kitchen with limited space, it’s important to pay attention to the colors to avoid the space from looking cramped. Our light beige shade, Beige Wool (7P2425) makes a great option for creating a spacious look.

Paint your kitchen cabinets with this light beige shade to make them positively pop against a darker backdrop. Also, make sure to keep the clutter in check to avoid a crowded look.

Choose from a wide selection of paint colors from Berger Paints Nepal

Do not limit paint color options for your small rooms to just the ones that we’ve presented here. Check out our Color Catalogue to explore best interior  paints at https://www.bergernepal.com/colorcatalogue/index.

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