4 colours that are perfect for your home this summer

What’s a perfect way to shake off the winter blues than by sprucing up your home with energizing wall colours? Here, we have listed a few of the wall colours that best work for summers months.

Whether you’re planning to spend more time with your family or invite more guests during the season, you cannot go wrong in giving a stylish summer makeover to your home with these wall colours:

तल दिएको रङ्गहरु गर्मि मौसममा प्रयोग गरेमा, घर उज्यालो र सफा देखिन्छः

  1. Blue Cabana (5D2268): Blue is the common colour choice for summer decor. Although the colour best inspires the season’s feeling, we say try something unique! To do this, try a different shade of blue so that your abode doesn’t look like others.

    Our muted blue shade, Blue Cabana (5D2268), has a rich tone and a vivid hue. To bring out the crispiness of Blue Cabana, pair it up with ivory white as it creates a striking contrast. Replicate this decor style in your summer home by choosing flooring, curtains, and wall hangings in ivory white colour.

  2. Crystal Blade (8P2767): Want to cool off things in summers in your bedroom the sophisticated way? Try our off shade of white, Crystal Blade (8P2767). It makes a perfect pick for calming down senses in your bedroom as it offsets the summer sunlight’s gleam.

    Pair this Crystal Blade white shade with deeper hues of the same shade family, light grey, beige, and mocha for creating a sophisticated colour scheme.

  3. Fluorescent Green (4A0404): Make your rooms look and feel like a Caribbean oasis by decking up the walls with a tangy shade of green. Our energetic green shade, Fluorescent Green (4A0404) works wonders in complementing the lively radiance of bright summer days.

    Complete the oasis-like look by bringing in a couple of potted plants of different sizes; small plants are perfect for accessorizing table/countertops while tall plants bring out the best of unused corners. Beach-inspired decor accessories such as a surfboard and floral artwork and curtains are the right pick.

  4. Coralyn (1T0321): Any summer decor is incomplete without a hint of playfulness. And what better way to add a fun summer look to your rooms than by giving a stylish transformation to the walls with coral colour?

    Our coral shade, Coralyn (1T0321) has an intrinsic amalgamation of vibrancy and mellowness in its character. This decor idea of using coral to paint an accent wall best works in your living room. Paint the adjacent walls white to draw focus on the accent walls. Accessorize the rest of the space with dark-coloured furniture pieces to introduce a dash of drama.

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