4 Go-to Colors for Kitchen Walls

How well you are able to enjoy your culinary experience? This has got a lot to do with the way your kitchen looks. For instance, a cheery look will energize you to be productive when cooking while sophisticated decor can inspire creativity and evoke a feeling of contentment.

Styling the walls, the right way is an important aspect of your kitchen’s decor. The right wall colors can transform your kitchen’s look and shape your culinary experience. Here are a few colors that make your kitchen walls look lively:

1. Golden Sunshine (3T0724)

A kitchen with cheery decor doesn’t fail to make your everyday chores enjoyable. To stir up feelings of excitement and energy, paint your kitchen walls with light yellow. The distinct character of the color unfailingly complements the overall look of kitchen furniture items and appliances.

Our light yellow shade, Golden Sunshine (3T0724) reflects ambient light and adds a lively look to your cooking space. If you don’t prefer all the walls to look yellow, paint an accent wall against a white background.

2. Frosted Ice (5P0123)

At times, the monotony of everyday kitchen chores can bore you and lower your culinary experience. To break away from the ho-hum routine, transform the look of your kitchen into a cool and refreshing looking one

Paint your kitchen walls with our light blue shade, Frosted Ice (5P0123) to create a sanctuary-like look. If you have limited space in your kitchen, use the color to paint the ceilings and trims.

3. Antique Almond (7P1578)

If you want a bright and an easy-going look in your kitchen but wouldn’t prefer to paint the walls white, cream color is the right pick for you. Cream entails the relaxing and balancing the character of white yet doesn’t look plain and uninteresting.

Our balanced cream shade, Antique Almond (7P1578) balances liveliness and warmth, making it possible for you to embrace the best of both characters. Pair this cream shade with white to spruce up the walls with a neutral color palette.

4. Light Murals (7P0191)

Grey is one of the less-chosen options for decorating kitchen walls. When styled the right way, grey can help you achieve a sophisticated look in your kitchen. If you prefer an ultra-modern look in your cooking space, choose our light grey shade, Light Murals (7P0191).

Highlight the contemporary look of the shade by installing metal cabinet handles, bare metal taps, and silver-colored appliances. Accessorizing the countertops with small potted plants will help you add a chic pop of green to space.

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4 Neutral Colors that Will Never Go Out of Style

If you are someone who prefers your rooms’ walls to be a backdrop and not a focal point, neutral colors are the right pick for you. Unlike bright and bold colors, neutral hues do not demand attention and can serve as a canvas of expression.

The best part is that there are a number of neutral shades available. But why go through the hassle of choosing them when we have handpicked the most popular shades for you?

1. Sunwashed (8P0194): White is one of the popular choices in the neutral color category. The color works wonders in making your rooms look airy and breathable. So, if you have small rooms, white is the right pick for you. One of our off-white shade, Sunwashed (8P0194) has more depth than brighter whites. Therefore, it makes a great choice for creating a sophisticated look in your rooms.


2. Soft Wings (8P2564): There’s something irresistible about beige that makes it one of the top neutral color choices. The ratio of lightness and vividness in beige is just right, no wonder it imparts a balanced and composed look in any room.

Our light beige shade, Soft Wings (8P2564) imparts just the right amount of visual intrigue and doesn’t make the walls look too attention-demanding. When paired with white and light brown, Soft Wings can fascinate even the pickiest color connoisseurs.

3. Topsail (8P0204): When it comes a giving a designer look to your rooms, you cannot go wrong with light grey. Having a mildly-saturated hue, light grey makes a great choice for warming up the rooms while ensuring a contemporary look. When paired with warmer neutrals, such as charcoal grey, cream, and taupe, light grey creates a lived-in look.

Our light grey shade, Topsail (8P0204) adds vibrancy to your rooms in a subtle and sophisticated way. Put colorful showpieces on display to add a cheery note to the rooms.

4. Winsome (190007): Defy the convention of decorating with neutrals by painting your walls with light pink. When styled the right way, pink walls can evoke feelings of confidence and positivity. Many homeowners now choose light pink as the color has a sophisticated modern look. Our pale pink shade, Winsome (190007) has an in-season look. Create a chic and adorable look in your rooms by pairing Winsome with lighter neutrals such as faded white and light green. Showpieces and furniture items of contrasting colors make great choices for introducing an element of fun.

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Best Colors to Make Your Kitchen Look Lively

The colors in your kitchen fulfill many roles: they make the room look attractive, evoke a certain feeling with their visual characteristics, establish a welcoming quality, and most importantly, they reflect your personality.

Think of kitchen wall colors as ingredients for a specific recipe. The finer ingredients you choose, the better the outcome will be.

1. Cherry Pie (1A0363)

When it comes to making a bold style statement in your kitchen, you cannot go wrong with red. The color has a strong presence and demands attention. Red also evokes other emotions such as positivity, liveliness, passion, strength, and pride.

Painting the cabinets with our bright red shade, Cherry Pie (1A0363) is a great way to command attention in your cooking space. Pair the red shade with matte black to create a striking color scheme.


2. Derby’s Den (5T2260), From A Distance (5T2274)

Blue has a calming character and works wonders in creating a relaxed ambience in your kitchen. The color gets its innate tranquility from its association with nature’s color palette.

Get rid of the unforgiving ambience in your kitchen by painting the cabinets with our light navy blue shade, Derby’s Den (5T2260). The shade evokes a feeling of calmness; draw more attention to it by pairing your kitchen walls with a lighter hue like our mist shade.


3. Orange Spice (2A0664)

Decking up your kitchen with orange paint is a no-fail way to liven up space. The color has a chic look and therefore lends an air of modernness to your cooking space.

Our rich orange shade, Orange Spice (2A0664) has a contemporary appeal; it makes your kitchen look exciting and organized. Pair this shade with matte silver color to transform the look of your kitchen into a modern one.


4. Camellia Leaf (4D0935)

Green is one of the top colors that is taking centre stage in many kitchens. The color has become favourite of many homeowners as it creates a refreshing ambience. As green is the color of nature, it works wonders in calming the senses.

A deep green shade, like our Camellia Leaf (4D0935) creates a sanctuary-like vibe in your kitchen, making your culinary experience enjoyable. To inspire a love for nature, combine green with other naturistic colors such as brown, white, and graphite.

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Colors you Should Use to Increase the Value of Your Home

The outer appearance of your home is the no. 1 factor that makes the buyers want to pay more. If you are planning to sell your home, it’s a no-brainer to paint the exterior new in order to get a higher resale value. However, we are here to help you to get the most of the new painting job by helping you choose exterior colors.

1. Airy Lemon (3P0079): One of the best ways to attract buyers and intrigue them to paying more is to stand out from the crowd. You can do this by painting the exterior of your home with not-so-common colors. Our limey yellow shade, Airy Lemon (3P0079) is a unique exterior color. The subtle tinge of yellow makes this shade appealing in a sophisticated way.

2. Melbourne Rain (8T2784): Another exterior color that can help you break away from the ordinary is grey. The color is an uncommon choice when it comes to giving the exterior a stylish makeover. When paired with the right colors, grey can help you make a sophisticated style statement. Our silver-ish grey shade, Melbourne Rain (8T2784) works wonders in making your house look chic and inviting. Pair this shade with lighter colors such as white and cream to complement its composed appeal.

3. Fabulous White (7P0185): Want to make your home look striking while creating an elegant impression? Choose white as the exterior color. A rich white shade, like our Fabulous White (7P0185) lends an air of modernness to your home. Deep orange creates a striking color scheme with white. Use our deep orange shade, Bright Idea (3T0235) to paint the fascia, drip edges, and roof.

4. Afternoon Delight (2T0684): Make your home a visual treat for buyers by painting the exterior with golden color. This color has a luxurious appeal and works great for making your house look classy. The balanced golden hue of our shade, Afternoon Delight (2T0684) doesn’t fail to add a mesmerising charm to the overall exterior look of your house. Muted brown, pearl white, emerald green, and matte black are the right choices for a creating a luxurious color scheme with this golden shade.

5. Sunny At Heart (3T0773): Bestow your house with a catchy facade by painting the exterior bright yellow. The striking radiance of our bright yellow shade, Sunny At Heart (3T0773) sends out a positive message to buyers and helps you make your offer an irresistible one. To create a striking color scheme with this shade, pair it with bright and bold colors such as red, white, black, and blue.

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5 Exterior Paint Color Mistakes to Avoid

Painting the exterior of your home involves more than just buying a couple of buckets of paint colors. The exterior of your house when done perfectly can make your house stand out in the neighbourhood. However, when planning to give a stylish makeover to your home’s exterior, make sure to avoid these mistakes that many homeowners make:

1. Not choosing a color scheme: Whether you are too excited to paint your home’s exterior or too late for refreshing your home’s exterior for a special occasion/festival, you may forget to consider the importance of a color scheme. As such, you may start the painting work and choose paint colors as and when required.

This is a bad practice as doing so will not impart a tasteful look in the exterior. You can change the feel of the exteriors by choosing the right color scheme. A good combination of warm and cool colors can give your house a classy look. Moreover, when it comes to exteriors, it is important that you keep durability in mind when choosing the color palette.

If you want a bright color scheme, include our bright shades, Coralyn 1 (T0321), Autumn Bloom (2D0687), The Gold Coast (2D0710), Aqua Chill (5P0136), Blue Daydream (5T0294), and Green Paradise (4T0925) in your color palette. On the other hand, if you prefer a lighter and composed exterior, choose our sophisticated neutral shades, Starting Spring (3P0082), Grand Facade (1P1922), Fresh Outlook (5T1155), Glacier Wall (4P0102), and Dark Hills (4A2804).

2. Not sampling the paint colors before using them: Trial and error method is the best way to get the color scheme of your home’s exterior right. Many homeowners neglect the importance of sampling the paint colors they choose prior to buying them in bulk and using them. Doing this often turns out to be an expensive painting mistake.

Depending on the exterior materials of your home, the undertones of the paint colors you’ve chosen may change to some extent. By sampling the paint colors, you will be able to determine whether to go for a lighter or stronger hue.

3. Not choosing the right paint for different materials: Not all paints work the same way when applied to different types of materials. One of the common mistakes homeowners make is randomly choosing paint type for different types of materials.

When working on a bare wooden surface, choose a high-quality oil-based or latex paint. On the other hand, high-quality acrylic latex paint works wonders over concrete surfaces. Choose semi-gloss acrylic interior paint for ceramic tile and porcelain. Lastly, a high-quality latex paint goes well over a brick surface.

4. Not taking appropriate measures to protect the paint: Many homeowners heavily focus on the aesthetic front when choosing paint and color for a new painting project. However, it’s equally important to consider longevity so as to make sure that your newly-painted exterior lasts for a long time.

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Hacks to Color Wash a Wall

If you are someone who likes escaping the ordinary when working on the look of your home, color washed walls are your tickets to defying the convention. With color-washed walls, your room will stand out from the crowd with their artistic and free-spirited look.

To create a color washed effect on your walls, follow these steps:

1. Pick the right color combination: The secret to creating a visually-intriguing color washed effect lies in choosing the right color combination. The general rule of thumb is to pick two colors, one as base and other as top; make sure that the colors you choose are just two shades lighter or darker from each other.

Here are a few of our color shades that you can combine to create an aesthetically pleasing palette:

For a neutral color scheme: Combine our light beige shade Touchstone (7P0192) with a stronger shade of Fabulous White (7P0185).


For a brighter color scheme

Combine our light peach shade Buff Apricot (1P0222) and Maxi Pink (1P0013).


For a darker color scheme


Combine our gray shade Touchstone (7P0192) with a hint of a lighter shade of Fabulous White (7P0185).


Want more visually-intriguing color schemes? Explore our color catalogue at http://www.bergernepal.com/colorcatelogue/.

2. The two no-fail color washing techniques

If you are new to color washing, you may get confused as to what approach to take. To simplify things and achieve the best results, you can take these two paint connoisseur-approved approaches:

Dark over light: If you want a natural vintage charm in your rooms’ walls, choose this approach. This color washing technique involves painting the base with the lighter shade and accenting it with the darker shade.

Light over dark: If you prefer creating a striking color contrast with subtle hints of modernness, paint the darker shade first and then top it with the lighter shade.

3. Important tips to consider

Color washing is a different ball game as compared to painting your rooms’ wall the conventional way. Consider some of these important factors to make sure you do not make any mistake:

Apply two base coats: Regardless of whether you choose to paint dark over light or light over dark, make sure to apply the base coat two times. Allow a minimum of 6 hours of time for the first coat to dry. Give the second coat 24 hours to dry.

Cool environment is the best: Unlike standard wall painting techniques, color washing takes time. Color washing walls in a cool environment is the best way to go. This is because the paints take longer time to dry and develop a naturally-washed look.

Moisten the base coat: Prior to applying the top coat, make sure to moisten the base coat in order to achieve better results. Dip a piece of soft cloth in water and rub it gently over the base coat; follow the process by applying the top coat.

Practice your technique: Unless it’s a beginner’s luck, the odds of perfecting the color washed effect on the first go are very low. Make sure to practice your technique on a piece of drywall or wood before you start painting your walls.

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Paint Colors to Make a Small Room Appear Spacious

If you have small rooms in your home, your focus naturally gravitates towards decorating the spaces in such a way that they do not look crowded. And doing this can be tricky as you have to carefully choose the furniture and other respective decor elements.

One approach that definitely works is painting the walls with light colors. Unlike dark colors, light shades reflect light and create an illusion of more space.

1. White Sphere (8P2679)

White is one light color that doesn’t fail to make your small rooms look spacious. White recedes the walls by reflecting light and bestows a spacious look to any given room. The white color lends an airy character and serves as a good wall color option for small rooms.

Choose our pure white shade, White Sphere (8P2679) to let your small rooms breathe space. Apart from walls, use this white shade on trims and doors to create uniformity in design and set the impression of more space.

2. Fossil Beige (7P0179)

If pure white is too plain & boring for you, light beige is the right pick. Belonging to the family of neutrals, beige has a breezy look and creates the illusion of more space in rooms that bathe in natural light.

Our light beige shade, Fossil Beige (7P0179) works wonders in creating an open look in your rooms. Complement the airy look of this shade by welcoming more natural light into the room.


3. Sky Lift (5P0135)

Light blue evokes the feeling of tranquility that we get when looking at clear blue skies. As such, the color works great in lending an air of openness to your small rooms. The best part about this color is it never goes out of style. A balanced light blue shade like our Sky Lift (5P0135) helps you create a relaxed look in your rooms. To make the most out of the spacious look of this shade, keep the tabletops clutter-free. Use accents like yellow potted plants to introduce a pop of color.

4. Apricot Blush (2P0634)

Light pink walls paired with bright lights is the perfect recipe to brighten up any room and create a cheery look. This combo also works for adding a spacious look to your rooms. Our light pink shade, Apricot Blush (2P0634) has a subtle whitish undertone. The color creates a softly stylish ambience, making a statement but in a subtle way. Use decorative vases to jazz up the decor. Go for an artwork that’s bold in color so that it gently stands out against the pink wall.

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Tips to Use Metallic Wall Finishes that Add Sparkle to your Home

A touch of glimmering of gold, brass and copper can make your house look dramatic and glamorous instantly. The light-reflecting touches of metallic wall paints are a great way to add shimmer whether you want to make a bold statement or add a hint of glamour to your house. Nowadays, the best part is you can go beyond gold, silver and copper as there are several metallic designer paints available in every shade you can imagine. If you are looking to add a sparkly finish to your home interior, here are a few ideas to start with:

1. A show-shopper look: For truly show-stopping interiors, there’s nothing better than metallic paint. The allure of rich gold is perfect for a living room that gives the impression of grandeur. From ornate mirror to a chair with golden trims, metallic accents on metallic walls give a room a more layered look. If you want to show off more golden hues, bring into your home light fixtures like chandeliers, wall sconces and pendant lights and let them add a dramatic flair to your interiors.

2. Be subtle yet striking: If you want to add metallic touch to your house, without being too blingy, then molding and trim are the areas you should paint. Moldings and trims painted in golden hues add an intriguing visual interest to your house. They highlight small detailing and give the house a classy look. To highlight the look of the moldings and trims, go for a deep color like purple. The silver metallic hue and the deep rich purple bring out the best in each other.

3. Go soft with striped walls: One of the best ways to add some interior pizazz is by way of striped walls. The unique of dose stripes in metallic shades add drama without the chaos. It gives the room a contemporary feel. Moreover, horizontal stripes make a small room appear bigger. Horizontal stripes are a great way to add some fun into a small dining area. The stripes add a sense of whimsy without totally taking way the formal look of a dining area.

4. Add texture with colorwash: If you want to add texture and depth to your house, then color wash your walls with a neutral color that has a metallic finish. It will make your room look artistic and dynamic. There are a wide variety of colors that you can choose from to colorwash with a silver hue. Grey, blue and off white are some of the color that will enhance the glow of silver. Yellow, orange and purple will give an antique effect with gold. For maximum visual impact, choose tones that are opposite.

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Tips to Prepare Your House for a Painting Job

There’s more to do than just choosing the colours when planning to paint your home. Whether you want to hire a professional or are planning to paint on your own, it’s important to do some pre-painting prep work in order make the painting journey a smooth-sailing one and achieve the best results.

Here are a few steps that are essential to preparing your home for a style upgrade with a new paint job.

1. Get all the painting tools ready: The painting tools you use largely determines the quality of paint finish you’ll achieve and how good will be the longevity of the new paint. High-quality painting tools ensure a professional paint finish that lasts long. The only hiccup is they aren’t cheap.

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2. Eliminate obstructions: The last thing you want when your house is being painted is obstructions in the rooms. Eliminating obstructions such as carpets, flower pots/stands, floor cables, furniture items, and wall installations will make it easier for the painting team you’ve hired to get the job done without any hassle.

Also, getting rid of obstructions will help you get the painting job done in a shorter time. When prepping the rooms in your home for the painting job, make sure to empty them and open up a spacious walking room for ensuring unhindered traffic flow.

3) Move heavy furniture in the middle and cover them: If it isn’t feasible for you to take out heavy furniture and appliances from the rooms, move them to the middle of the room so as to clear the wall spaces. Cover them with plastic sheets so to make sure paint doesn’t get on them. After the painting job is done, you can remove the wrappers and place the furniture and appliances the way they were before.

4) Clean the room: Lastly, it is a good idea to clean your room prior starting the painting job. Doing this will help you make sure that dust and dirt don’t settle on the new paint when you clean your rooms later. This, in turn, will help you achieve a flawless finish with the new paint.

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Applying Primer Before Painting Your House is Important

While there are many who swear by the need to prime, there are many who say that bypassing priming is not a big deal. Why should you bother about priming while painting your house? Well, the answer is quite straight forward. Primer and paints are two different products that are designed for different jobs Too many priming come across as a waste of effort. However, priming provides a stable surface with a paint. Ditching primer may not have immediate consequences but eventually, they will show up.

If you are planning to paint your house and skip priming, here are a few reasons you may not want to do that:

1. Provides a stable base: When it comes to priming, you can never go wrong by opting for it. As walls are porous in nature, it’s important to have a base that doesn’t soak too much paint. Skipping primer will require you to use extra paints and this will increase the cost of your painting job. Primers are also designed to hide stains, joints and seams, giving you a smooth surface to work on. Use of primer in the initial stages ensures that moulds, stains and seams don’t show through after the final coats of paint.

2. Increases durability and longevity: The topcoat of the paint on the wall is often exposed to sunlight, moisture and abrasion. The absence of a protective layer of a primer can adversely affect the lifespan of the topcoat. Besides reducing the need for additional top coats, a good primer increases the life of the topcoat with its adhesive qualities. A high-quality primer will prevent the wall paint from peeling off.

3. Gives a consistent look: The use of a high-quality primer lends consistency and sheen to the paint. A white primer provides a neutral surface, ensuring that the paint colors look exactly the way you want. You will save time and money as you will get the true color in fewer coats. Using a primer also ensures that the overall look of the wall is uniform and there’s no streaking. Primer reduces surface imperfections. As there’s no need for multiple coats, the thickness of the topcoat is reduced, giving a smooth look.

4. Makes changing colors easier: Priming is essential when you are changing the colors of the walls, especially when you are opting for light colors over dark colors. Treating the surface with a primer will give you a neutral surface, ensuring you don’t apply too many coats of paint.

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