Colourful holi decoration ideas for your home

Holi is one of the best festivals to bring home the charm of colours. The festival is all about the onset of warmer weather, sweets and of course, colours.

Yasaile garda Holi ko lagi tapai ko ghar sajawat garda thik rang haru chunna mahattvapurna ho.

Here are a few ideas to get your house Holi-ready:

  1. Colourful furnishings in every room: The best way to spruce up your bedroom and living room is to place colourful cushions, curtains, and bedspreads. Bright and multi-coloured cushions can add colourful charm to any room. In your bathroom, you can replace drab towels with delightfully colourful towels. Place a bunch of flowers in the vase or crystal bowls filled with flower petals as decorative accents on the centre table or side tables.

  2. Don’t ignore the flooring: Holi is the best time to bring home bright and vibrant rugs. To bring home a festive vibe, place one in the living room, one in your bedroom and one at the entrance foyer to give your guests an inviting feel. You can make a floral rangoli at the entrance of your house to enhance its beauty. Door entrance and patio are ideal places for rangoli.

  3. Let the walls do the talking: To give your walls the spark of festivity, decorate them with colourful hangings. If you are hosting a rooftop Holi party and you want to save the walls from getting dirty, then tapestries are the best option. They give the wall a colourful look and save the walls from getting dirty.

  4. Lighting: Though Holi is the festival of colours and not lights, you can still use colourful lanterns to give your house an offbeat look. During the day, you can just hang them around or place them on the floor. In the evening, place tealights candles in them so that radiate glow and reflect the happiness that the festival brings along with it. You can also decorate the lanterns with marigolds.

  5. Taking care of your walls: Removing Holi colours and stains from your walls can be quite tricky. It is, therefore, important that you take care of the walls before and after the festivity. If you are getting your house painted before Holi then opt for stain-resistant paints that are easily washable. If you haven’t done that and your walls have gotten dirty, then avoid scrubbing them too hard. Use a soft cloth to get the colours off the wall. If the stains are stubborn and too hard to remove, let Berger Paints’ express painting service give your house a fresh coat of paint without any hassles.

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8 inspiring ideas to fill your bedroom with soothing colours

Your bedroom is your quiet sanctuary where you relax after fighting your daily battles. It is therefore important that the walls of your bedroom promote calm and soothing vibes. You deserve a bedroom that will make you look forward to unwinding at the end of the day and waking up to in the morning.

Here are eight hues that will make your bedroom your sanctuary for serenity:

  1. Mother (6T2373): Lavender is the perfect colour for your bedroom as it has the regalness of purple without its edginess. A muted shade of lavender like Mother will keep things calm and composed in your bedroom. To bring the colour’s crispiness, introduce a darker shade of lavender in the form of a throw blanket or cushions.

  2. Aqua Flip (5P0128): Blue is perfect for any place of relaxation as it’s easy on eyes and is soul-soothing. The gracefulness and subtlety of Aqua Flip makes it ideal for the bedroom. To nail this look at home, keep one wall textured and another plain. Keep the floor and the ceiling white to bring out the best in Aqua Flip.

  3. Bella Mint (4P0096): To bring home the calmness of a forest, paint the walls Bella Mint. The best thing about Bella Mint is that it brings the feeling of serenity with its barely-there shade of green. For a sense of earthiness, decorate the room with light-coloured furniture and keep a plant in the room for that close-to-the-nature feel.

  4. Hazel Cream: (7P0178): Soft Hazel Cream provides a neutral canvas for different kinds of looks. The colour which has a tinge of gray has a very calming presence. To make it look elegant in a subtle way, stick to light-coloured furniture. Opt for furnishing in shades of white, gray and black. To keep the look minimalist, go for white accents.

  5. Wishing Pink (1P0008) and Spanish Rose (1T0532): The beauty of pink lies in its simplicity and perkiness. It ushers light in, exudes calmness and evokes a sense of playfulness. Instead of covering the entire wall in pink, use two shades to create a dramatic effect. Paint the top half Wishing Pink and the other half Spanish Rose.

  6. Sunflower Petal (3D0782): Yellow reminds us of everything bright in life like sunflower and marigold. To create a tranquil look that’s soothing for the soul, go for Sunflower Petal that has the vibrant feel of yellow but isn’t too bright. Pair it with soft furnishings and white accents to make the room feel more intimate.

  7. Derby (5T2260): To bring home the feeling of sleeping in the lap of the sky, paint your bedroom Derby. For cosy vibes, introduce different colours, textures and patterns in the form of a throw blanket, flower vase, pendant lighting and wall art. For that extra punch, go for glossy cushions.

  8. Butter In A Cup (7T2432): A soft hue of beige like Butter In A Cup is an ideal colour if you want to choose a timeless colour. Earthy and laidback, beige is contemporary and yet a classic choice of colour. If you have furniture in dark wood, then Butter In A Cup is a great choice as the beige backdrop will let the furniture stand out.

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Modern colour schemes for your living room

The real beauty of a house lies in its walls. The right colour schemes dictate how well the furniture and furnishing look. With right colour schemes, you can let your walls do the talking while keeping decor to the minimum. Instead of shying away from colours, it’s time to unleash your creativity and use different colour schemes to give your house a unique personality.

Here are a few modern colour schemes that are contemporary and yet timeless:

  1. Blue Balance (5D1063) and Fabulous White (7P0185): The Blue and white combination is truly a classic but at the same it is chic. Blue Balance and Fabulous White bring out the best in each other. Blue Balance wall brings out the crispness of the adjoining wall that is painted Fabulous White. The two colours together ooze relaxation making it an ideal colour of your bedroom. Blue Balance wall provides a perfect background for light-coloured furnishing and furniture. To nail this look, scatter some pink cushions or a pink throw blanket to create a sugary-sweet aesthetics.

  2. Park Party (8T2653) and Castel Ford (8D1695): Sophisticated and classy, gray and black are one of the underestimated colour schemes. When used rightly, the two colours can make your house look modern and futuristic. Here the Castel Ford accent wall features contrast with the Park Party wall, creating a complete look. The Castel Ford wall creates a dramatic setting for wall art, furniture and accent items. The light-coloured furniture and patterned rug make the room intriguing to look at.

  3. Peach Smoothie (1T0539) and Gleaming Shells (1T0531): One thing that millennials have taught the world is that you should never underestimate the power of pink. That’s why in this beautiful room, we see not one shade of pink but two. For a minimalist look, pastel touches of Peach Smoothie and Gleaming Shells add a sombre and pretty touch to the room. To bring out the crispness of the two shades of pink, introduce a darker shade of pink in the form of a chair or sofa. To break the monotony, bring into the scene plants and a rose gold standing lamp shade. To introduce pink into your home, paint all the walls in shades of pink, keep the flooring and ceiling light-coloured. To prevent an over-the-top look, keep the wall trimmings and windows white.

  4. Summer Sun (3A0386): There’s no other colour which is as uplifting as yellow. However, not many warm up to the idea of painting their walls yellow. To introduce the cherry vibe, paint the part of the walls Summer Sun and let rest of it remain white. To create a dramatic effect, choose a couple of furniture pieces in yellow. Ensure there’s enough natural daylight to bring a breezy, airy feel to the room. Break the dominance of yellow with a white coffee table, gray cushions, and plants.

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Hot colours for a spacious bedroom

If you have a spacious bedroom, then you have a rainbow of colours to choose from. When it comes to walls, people often stick to neutral colours, fearing that hot colours will make the room look cramped. But when you are blessed with a spacious bedroom, you don’t have to fear anything. All you need to do is pick your favourite hot colour, let it add a deep, moody, and dramatic feel to the room.

Here are a few hot colours that you can use to give your bedroom a sophisticated and luxurious feel:

  1. Empress Rose (1D0324): There’s no better colour than Empress Rose to give your bedroom a romantic glow and dramatic effect. The colour of passion gives a lively feel to this bedroom. The golden side table and the golden decor accents look all the more elegant and eye-catching in the backdrop of the Empress Rose wall. To not go too overboard, you can restrict the use of the colour to the accent wall. To let the wall do all the talking, keep furnishing not too bright.

  2. Summer Sun (3A0386): Yellow is one colour that is contemporary yet timeless, it heightens senses and brings a cheery feel to the room. Summer Sun walls present a strong base for brighter coloured accessories, light furniture, and metallic accents. Use Summer Sun as the main colour and scatter light-coloured accents around the room to balance out the colour.

  3. Field of Flowers (2A0378): Traditional Field of Flowers on the walls add warmth and vibrancy to this bedroom. Field of Flowers is an unconventional colour that gives the room a bold and beautiful look. The white accessories and white furnishings deliver a certain elegance to the room and give the room a causal vibe.

  4. Out At Sea (4D2174): Green is a neutral colour neither too cool nor too hot. But with its different hues you can achieve different goals. For a vintage feel, go for a lighter shade of green. However, to create a dramatic effect, go for a darker shade of green like Out At Sea. The dark green wall makes the room feel more welcoming and draws attention to light-coloured furniture, white furnishings, and accents. The colour lends the room a feel of a lush green island. To nail this look at your home, keep the floor and the ceiling light-coloured.

  5. Golden Tower (3A0244): After a hectic day at work, you would want to come back to a warm bedroom and Golden Tower exactly does that. It makes your bedroom inviting. This happy hue lends depth to the room without overpowering the space. To play up the snug dimensions of the bedroom, go for wooden furniture and furnishing that will stand out. The lamps on both the sides of the bed add softness and privacy to the space.

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Colours that are dominating millennial home decor

When it comes to home decor, millennials are the risk takers. For them, no colour is too risky to try. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or the living room, the millennials want to brighten up every corner of the house. From offbeat hues to bold shades, millennials know how to make a statement.

Here are a few colours that you will find in almost every millennial home:

  1. Buff Apricot (1P0222): If you think millennial pink is yesterday, think again. The colour is still the rage as it is fun, flattering, and glamorous. This Buff Apricot wall offers a bright background for artwork and your furniture. Without being overwhelming, Buff Apricot lends an extra note of sophistication to the living room. To nail this look, use Buff Apricot and dark-coloured fabric and furniture to create a classy mix and match.

  2. Lockness (4T0885): When you think of green, the first thing that comes to your mind is nature. Wellness-minded millennials just love every soft reminder of nature and wilderness. A soft shade of green like Lockness gives the living room untamed sophistication of forest and a natural feel. To bring out the effervescence and earthiness of green, then go for light-coloured wooden furniture. If you have a big living room, then paint half the wall Lockness and half white.

  3. Blue Bubble (5D0295): There’s no colour other than blue that can bring the calmness of the sea and the sky into the house of ever-busy millennials. Blue Bubble walls lend a touch of drama to the room. The white and grey accents give it a nautical feel. The juxtaposition of the white wall with Blue Bubble one is just effortlessly glamorous.

  4. Park Party (8T2653): Whosoever said that black makes a room dingy, millennials are proving them wrong. The star of the living room is Park Party wall that lends a feeling of a chalkboard. The overwhelming splash of the Fabulous White (7P0185) wall makes the Park Party wall stand out. The use of white furniture and yellow accents are taking the edginess of the dark colour. If you incorporate dark colours into your house, balance with light colours. For instance, if your ceiling is dark coloured, go for light-coloured flooring.

  5. Summer Sun (3A0386): There’s nothing mellow about yellow and that’s why the millennials are loving it. These Summer Sun walls bring this dining room to life. The white trimmings on the wall gives the room a romantic glow. The Summer Sun walls make the wooden furniture look ravishingly beautiful.