What Colour Should You Paint Your Kid’s Nursery?

Struggling to choose a colour for your child’s nursery? As more and more parents are opting for gender-neutral colours, there are a plethora of colours to choose from. For a super cosy and comfortable nursery, you can either go for your favourite colour or pay heed to several research that suggest how different colours affect a child’s mood.

Here are some of the interesting colors which you can use to paint your children’s nursery:

1. White Sphere (8P2679):

Simplicity works best when decorating your children’s space. White Sphere is one of those few colours that is not overwhelming in terms of style but at the same time has a sophisticated and upbeat character. Unlike white, White Sphere has a hint of grey. Light-coloured curtains best blend with White Sphere backdrops. Choose furniture pieces of bright colours such as red, blue, pink, green, and orange to balance.

2. Striking a contrast with Tuxe White (8P2698) and black:

Why stick to just one colour when you can use more to create striking contrasts and elevate the aesthetics of the space? The contrast white and black creates is undeniably one of the catchiest. You can evenly divide the nursery walls using black and white. Choose unmistakable style additions such as wall art and posters of animals, letters, and numbers.

3. Cuteness overloaded with Wishing Pink (1P0008):

Kids love all-things cute. Painting their room walls Wishing Pink is a great way to uplift their mood and make their rooms their favourite spaces in the house. White creates an intriguing match with pink. To create a contrasting effect, use a blue chair and blue cushions.

4. Summer sun (3A0386):

Children are the most content when spending time in upbeat-looking spaces. Summer sun makes the perfect colour choice for livening their spaces. The colour exudes a sunny day-like vibe and can create a cheerful ambience. The walls in your children’s rooms that house windows are the best areas for painting yellow. Paint the adjacent walls white to create an appealing contrast. Colourful table and chairs, storage cabinets, horse rocker, and a teepee make up for great decor and functionality additions.

5. Aqua ice (5P0125):

Aqua ice is as equally calming as white, and can be a great choice for your kids’ nursery walls. The colour has an element of neatness and, therefore, creates an organised look in any given space. Adding pops of bright colours such as orange, yellow, and green in storage cabinets is a great way to elevate the visual interest of the space.

6. Anastasia (4P0095)

Anastasia is easy on the eyes. Give your kids’ developing eyes a much-needed rest by painting their rooms Anastasia. Also, fantasy elements such as wall arts depicting wonderland, cloudy skies, or starry nights can encourage your budding loved ones to dream and wind down. Complete their spaces with teepees, plush soft toys, and other learning toys.

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The Ideal Winter Colour Scheme For Your Living Space

As the fall approaches and there’s a nip in the air, you look for different ways to make your living space cosy or it may be so that you are someone who loves giving your living space a seasonal makeover. In both scenarios, you can choose ideal colour schemes to make your living space cosy and stylish throughout winter, till spring.

Here are a few wintry colour schemes that can work wonders in your living room:

1. Turquoise sea (5D0283) and barewoods for a sophisticated wintry look:

Create a sophisticated wintry look in your living room by using turquoise sea as a wall colour. Turquoise sea perfectly complements the respite winter brings and adds a depth of style to any given space. Barewoods work great with turquoise sea. Add more visual interest to your living space by choosing wooden furniture essentials such as barewood sofa and coffee table. Wall art frames and abstract showpieces made from barewood are excellent style additions.

2. Blue Bubble (5D0295) and white

Beat the winter blues by using Blue Bubble and white to create an eclectic contrast on your living room walls. Blue Bubble, with its rich tones, complements the peacefulness winter brings. On the other hand, white has an airy and calming character which can help you avoid the gloomy ambience.

Use Blue Bubble in wall moulds and fireplace separations, and paint the rest of the walls and ceilings white. Use neutral-coloured furniture pieces such as grey sofa and chairs, and earthy-coloured tables and shelves as style additions.

3. Sunflower Petal (3D0782) and white:

The dark winter days can make your living room look plain and dull. Avoid the gloomy days from lowering the style of your living room by using bright and rich colours such as Sunflower Petal and white as wall paints.

Paint the walls adjacent to the windows white to allow sunlight to liven up space. You can paint the walls facing the windows golden to create a focal point and improve the overall aesthetics of space.

4. Accent corner with Apricot Serenade (2D0227)

One of the best ways to make any focal point in your living room look appealing is to play with colour contrasts. By taking this idea, paint the entire walls in your living room white or with shades of white, leaving just one or two corners.
Use bright and lively colours such as Apricot Serenade and Merigold on wall corners to create contrasting focal points. To balance the bright colours, choose a sofa set that has a light-coloured upholstery.

5. Different shades of Beige wool (7P2425)

Beige has earthy tones and can up the warmth factor in your living room. Choose a couple of shades of beige like Beige Wool (7P2425) and Biscuit Beige (7P0183) and dedicate each wall for one specific hue to create a themed look. Choose plush area rugs, a bright table lamp, neutral-coloured cushions, and black showpieces to avoid monotony in the space.

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