Inspiring Ideas to Use Grey to Glam Up your Decor

Grey is one of the few colours that are versatile and can work wonders with any design or colour schemes. Whether your rooms to look laid-back or you want them to look modern and sophisticated, grey is a colour you can easily trust.

We’ve got some amazing ideas which you can use to add hues of grey to your rooms:

1. A striking focal point

Grey has a contrasting effect over shades of white. In other words, the colour can create visual interest in rooms painted in light colours. Use Dusty Grey (8P0206) to create a sophisticated focal point in your living room. Choose a wall, or a portion of a wall, and then paint it Hill Grey (8P0211) with a faux finish. Also, you can place a light-coloured sofa to add a bit of visual drama.

2. Shades of grey

Go playful with Gray Felt (8P0349) by showcasing different shades of the hue. This idea works great when accessorising your rooms. Buy sophisticated vases and pots of different shapes and the ones that have various shades of grey. Choose an uncluttered surface in your living room and place the vases and pots in a cluster to leave an artistic impression.

3. Area rug and drapes: match ‘em right

Repeating a colour in different areas of a room works great in creating a themed look. In your living room, create a grey-themed decor by choosing drapes and area rugs that have similar shades of grey. You can also add a furniture piece or two to let the greyish aesthetic flow through the room.

4. Modernness in the kitchen

Grey has a contemporary character, no wonder the colour is a go-to choice for modern home decor. Let the chic and snazzy appeal of grey work its magic into your kitchen and elevate the overall look of the space.

Paint the cabinetry with Dusty Gray (8P0206) and replace the current pull handles with metal ones to up the sophistication factor. Also, paint the rest of the kitchen space with shades of white to let the two colours blend seamlessly.

5. A chic reading corner

Your love for reading can grow stronger in a space that’s visually uplifting. Grey is naturally calming and sophisticated; use these characteristics of the hue to make your reading space look its best. Choose a plush sofa that has a greyish hue. Accessorise the space with a small bare wood table and a collection of your books. Make sure that the backdrop of the space is light-coloured so that the sofa visually stand out.

6. Accessorise with a grey lamp

A lamp is one accessory that gets neglected the most when it comes to using it as an essential decor element. When shopping for a new lamp, make sure to choose a grey one to keep it in sync with the overall grey-themed decor of your rooms. Or already have one? Replace the current lampshade with a new grey one. You can even paint the stand of the lamp black to add more style to it.