8 Nature-Inspired Decor Ideas to Transform your Home Decor

Nothing is as comforting and relaxing as being closer to nature; once-in-a-week park walks, weekend family picnics, and occasional trips to naturistic destinations, these are just some of the things we enjoy doing to connect to nature and the outdoors.

However, there are ways more than one to bring naturistic vibes indoors. Over here, we show some:

1. Tropical living room fun

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get the feeling of getting sun-kissed in a tropical beach or exploring a tropical rainforest in your very own living room? Palm plants exude similar vibes; bring in a couple of potted palm plants and add a naturistic touch to your living room. Comforting elements such as plush area rugs and wooden furniture items can be the right additions.

To imitate the airy, cool aura of tropical places, create a light-coloured backdrop by choosing neutrals such as white and beige. Can’t decide upon the right wall colours? Our colour experts at Berger can help you. Get in touch at 16600123432 or email us at customercare@bergernepal.com.

2. Hang ‘em ferns

Rarely do we put efforts to add visual interest to our rooms’ ceiling. However, you can avoid leaving your rooms’ ceiling looking plain by hanging indoor fern plants. Choose hand-woven baskets for a sophisticated naturistic look.

3. Unmistakable wicker touches

The perfect way to complement the greenery you’ve added to your rooms is by choosing a couple of wicker furniture essentials such as chairs and a table. The natural look of wicker furniture items can balance the warmth factor. Keep wicker furniture items in clusters to make them a focal point.

4. Give way for freshness

Have a living room with a balcony view? Welcome the positive and refreshing vibes of bright summer days with greenery. Keep different types of potted plants such as areca palm, English ivy, and dracaena in your balcony space to create a garden-like aura.

5. Tasteful florals

Floral prints can work wonders when adding naturistic inspirations to your rooms. In your bedroom, you can’t go wrong in bedsheets and pillow covers that have colourful floral patterns. To create a themed look, choose bedsheets, pillow covers, and drapes having the same floral prints.

6. An inviting porch

Let the naturistic inspiration of your interiors reflect on your porch with a vintage-style bare wood double armchair. Choose a bare wood stool and a couple of potted plants to add more depth to the overall style of the space.

7. Elegant window treatment

Draw attention towards the windows in your rooms by getting the treatment right. Place small indoor plants in sophisticated ceramic pots and keep them in your rooms’ window sills. Choose various pot colours to add a bit of quirkiness.

8. Tea time by nature

There’s something special about enjoying freshly-brewed tea in your porch or balcony, while soaking in the sublime evening sun and the freshness of the outdoors. Make this experience more memorable by creating a small tea time space. In your balcony, bring a small set of table and chairs; it’s best if the furniture items have a natural finish.

6 Inspiring Ways to Decorate your Home with Colours

Colours are what catch interest; they add excitement and liveliness to any given space. By getting the mix and match of colours right, you can make your home look its best.

Don’t know how to get started on decorating your home with different colours? We are here to help you out:

1. Add pops of colours with coloured throw pillows

Throw pillows are a great addition to your bedroom and living room for improving the comfort quotient; they can work wonders for adding pops of colours to your rooms as well. When shopping for new throw pillows, make sure to choose from various bright colours such as yellow, orange, blue, pink, and green. Or if you already have enough already, buying pillow covers of different colours can be the right option.

2. Red for boldness

Whether you are hosting family gatherings or house parties or just meeting your friends in the evening; your living room is probably the most happening space in your house. Why not add some drama with a bold colour and liven up your space?

Take two corresponding walls of the room and paint it with a bright, dramatic colour such as Empress Rose (1D0324), Turquoise Sea (5D0283), or Moody Blue (5D1102). You can choose bright and sophisticated hues from Berger Paints.

3. Colourful artwork display

Have a budding genius or two at home? Children are the happiest when it comes to all-things colourful. When working on the decor of their personal space, avoid sticking to just one or two colours. Instead, choose variations in furniture items such as drawer, bed, and study table.

Also, you can dedicate one of the bedroom walls as a gallery to showcase their art. Paint the wall with a bright colour such as
Bright Turquoise (5D1087), Cascade Twilight (5D1143), or Ultra Violet (5A0423) to make it a focal point of the room.

4. A dash of uniqueness

Sure monochrome kitchen spaces are sophisticated, but they can come as uninspiring, especially when you spend the better half of your time in the room. Adding a dash of uniqueness can make the space more lively and fun to work in.

Choose a specific part of your kitchen, such as the cabinetry, the ceiling, or the working bay, and paint it with rich brights such as Parisian Purple (6T1332), Coral Sea (1T0223), Aqua Flip (5P0128), or Bella Mint (4P0096).

5. Go creative with showpieces

When choosing a colourful decor, do not forget about the showpieces as they add intricacy to your rooms’ overall look. Shop for cool accessories/showpieces in thrift stores to get your hands on unique ones.

Also, you can go the quirky way and make your own colourful showpieces. Take a see-through milk bottle you no longer use and clean it thoroughly. Buy a packet of colourful marbles and place them inside the bottle. You can then use the bottle as a vase for colourful flowers.

6. Radiate positivity with yellow

The colour yellow has a positive character as we relate it to the warmth and life-giving essence of the sun. Use the colour yellow in an unmistakable way in your bedroom or living room by choosing long drapes of the same colour. You can pair these with secondary lace curtains of white colour to create an airy vibe in the space.

6 Minimalist Home Decor Tips (Simplify Your Style at Home)

Simplicity works every time; it is the key to successful designs. Similarly, when it comes to the decor of your home, the simpler the style and arrangements of your rooms, the better.

Minimalism is all about simplicity. To incorporate the minimalist approach in your home arrangement, follow the ‘one in, one out’ rule, i.e., eliminating unnecessary items that serve you the least purpose. As for the decor part, we’ve got you covered:

Neutrals on the walls

Neutral colours complement simplicity. This is a key aspect of the minimalist approach. Neutrals work great for minimalist wall decor as well. Choose neutrals such as Touchstone (7P0192), Organic Ivory (7P0189) and Fabulous White (7P0185) to create visually soothing backdrops in your rooms. Neutral-coloured walls also serve the purpose of highlighting furniture and showpieces in contrasting ways.

Let chaos live inside storage

You have chosen the ‘one in, one out’ minimalist way forward. But there are some knick-knacks which you’d prefer to keep. As these can present chaos, it’s better to keep them hidden in a storage furniture or two.

Minimal furniture

While it may seem that having more number of furniture items increases any given space’s functionality, it doesn’t. Instead, a large number of furniture items can make the space look too crammed.

Take the minimalist approach; choose and keep only the furniture items that you and your family members regularly use. Doing this can help you open up more space and make the rooms look uncluttered and airy.

Nifty, repurposed showpieces

Why spend your hard-earned money on nifty showpieces when you can create them on your own? Take a couple of old bottles of different colours, wash them clean, put new wooden corks, and use them as abstract showpieces.

If you are someone who loves keeping showpieces in small clusters, choose an open shelf and accessorise it with DIY, repurposed showpieces.

Uncluttered surfaces

Clean, uncluttered surfaces instantly elevate the simplicity, minimalist factor in your rooms. Accessorise table tops, cabinet tops, drawer tops, and countertops to the least as possible. A minimum number of items on surfaces can keep the overall minimalist decor of your rooms in harmony.

Low-key bedroom

Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time being yourself. A minimalist decor can work wonders in simplifying your personal space.

Start off by choosing a low-rise bed frame over a standard one. Accessorise the bed frame with a relatively small headboard that has a simplistic design. Work on the comfort factor by choosing a not-so-plush area rug that has a neutral-ish colour. Complete the decor with a couple of abstract artwork.

We hope you found these minimalist decor ideas helpful. Stay tuned to this space for more informative and interesting write-ups.

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