How To Achieve Bohemian Style for Your Home?

When it comes to Bohemian decor, many thoughts come to mind – free-spirited, messy, creative, unpredictable, eclectic, and impossibly cool. However, the main principle that lies behind the bohemian decor remains constant- and it’s the inevitable desire to create a space that fascinates the inner storyteller in you.

Here we discuss 7 easy ways to bring boho-chic to your home :

1) A comfortable hammock in living room

This reflects the true free-spirited style, the true essence of all things Bohemian! The rug provides a colour and pattern focal point. A vintage lamp on a pile of books, a quirky art on wall, a minimalistic wall shelf, and plants ( big as well as small) create a simple yet fascinating space.


2) Colourful and eccentric ceramics

Ceramic pieces have an amazing personality. When placed on wall they lend a quirky yet timeless effect to the space.
Another way to reflect the quintessential laid-back style that we so often associate with Bohemian is to place differently shaped ceramic coffee cups with sayings and motifs placed on a wooden open shelf.


3) Artwork that’s playful

When it comes to achieving a bohemian style in your rooms, quirky art pieces such as nesting dolls are great options.

Don’t just limit to artwork; you can even showcase posters of your favourite music artists. Love playing guitar? Hang it on the wall of your living room and boost the living room’s playful quotient.


4) Use clusters of small items to accessorise the boho way

The quickest and most free-spirited way to infuse a jolt of colour into a ho-hum space is to place a host of small items with artsy detailing such as colourful vintage bottles, ceramic vases, wooden kitchen spatula, and candle holders on open shelves.


5) Lighting
With the right lighting, you can bring out the true visual essence of boho-chic style in your rooms. Hanging lamps with vintage styling, mismatched candle clusters, and tasselled lampshades – all of these work for a bohemian-style decor.


6) Wall colours
Colour is the heart of an apartment. Funky wall colours such as electric blue, fiery orange, and saturated violet are unconventional yet not over-the-top.
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7) Bring nature indoors

There’s something very comforting about plants. Surround your bedroom with green elements like fresh blooms and meaningful art inspired by nature.
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