Colors That Can Help Your Home Look Neater

It goes without saying that wall colors play an important role in shaping the interior look of your home. And guess what? The right wall colors can also lend your rooms a neat and well-organized look. Here’s a list of wall colors that help your interiors shine, even when you don’t get time to regularly clean them.

1) White

White is an easy choice when it comes to creating a neat and organized look in your rooms. The color has an airy character and is ideal for your living room. What’s great about white is the color acts as a neutral backdrop to highlight other color accents of the room.

Paint your living room’s walls with our white shade Wanderer (1P1909). The shade’s balanced tone lends a neat and composed look to the overall decor of your home. To achieve the best finish with the shade, use our undercoat paint Seal-O-Primer. Introduce more colors in the room with a grey sofa set, beige curtains, wooden coffee table, and black cushioned seats.

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2) Light pink

Another neat-looking wall paint color that you cannot go wrong with is light pink (or muted pink). This color borrows the cheerful aesthetic of bright pink while its muted tones don’t make it overly feminine. It’s perfect for creating a clean and modern look in your bedroom.

Choose our light pink shade Sweet Treat (1P0506) and use it to paint the headboard wall of the bedroom. To complement the neat look of the color, paint the rest of the room’s walls with our light white shade White Sphere (8P2679).

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3) Beige

Ever wondered what makes posh hotel rooms look neat at all times? The secret is the wall color beige. Coming under the family of light neutrals, beige goes easy on the eyes and highlights every part of the room, visually eliminating clutter.

Our light beige shade Fossil Beige (7P0179) is a great living room wall color. Use it to up the sophistication quotient of your living room while making space look airy and organized. Use sleek-shaped furniture items to accessories the room in a neat way.

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4) Light green

Nothing beats light green when it comes to creating a relaxed and organized look in your rooms. The calming appeal of the color works wonders in making your bedroom a peaceful space to spend time in.

Paint your bedroom walls with our light green shade Absinthe Touch (4P0094) to make space look de-cluttered at all times. Natural wood finishes pair well with light green walls. Install wooden flooring and elevate the room’s comfort factor.

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5) Light blue kitchen

The kitchen is one of those rooms that often gets cluttered. But with the right decor, you can make space look neat without having to put much effort. Choose our light blue shade Frosted Ice (5P0123) to give your kitchen walls a tidy makeover.

Install open shelves as they don’t look cluttered as compared to closed storage cabinets. Keep minimal accessories on the island counter to create an organized look. Add finishing touches with indoor plants, natural lighting, and food-related artwork.

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Explore interior and exterior house paint colors from Berger Paints Nepal

Don’t limit your wall color options to only the shades we’ve mentioned here. Explore more options from our extensive Color Catalogue and achieve the dream look of your home.

Paint shades that have a calming effect

After a hectic day of meetings and chasing deadlines, you want to come back home to a quiet place that helps you to unwind. One of the essential ways to create a cozy vibe in the bedroom is through colour. There are several colours which help you sleep and unwind better. Here, we’ve picked five calming hues that you would love to sleep to and wake up to:

    1. Heavening Mist (5P0143): One colour that acts as a visual lullaby it is blue. Heavenly Mist reminds us of nature’s simple pleasures — blue ocean and blue sky. This shade of blue gives a room a tranquil appearance. It exudes the essence of calmness. A white bed amidst Heavenly Mist bedroom walls looks like a cloud floating in the blue sky. Heavenly Mist looks naturally soothing and at the time it has an energetic vibe.

2. Blue Bubble (5D0295): Blue Bubble is a moody shade of blue and isn’t the usually the first choice when it comes to soothing colours. Blue Bubble has a calm, cool and collected vibe but at the same time, it has a dramatic effect. To break the monotony of Blue Bubble inject plenty of white and natural elements. A white lamp, a wooden bed, a jute rug, and a jute floor cushion bring the dark wall to life!

3. Bella Mint (4P0096): When it comes to home decor green and its various hues remain underestimated. For an earthy and cozy feel, Bella Mint is the perfect colour. Off-white sofa set and white photo frames take the look to the next level. Bella Mist is an easy colour to work with. You can use darker shades of green as accent hues or you can let bold colours like rich blue to bring out the contrast.

4. White Sphere (8P2679): If you love the neutral colour, then the soothing look of white paint is something you cannot resist. However, if you don’t like the monotony of pure white, opt for White Sphere that has a cool hint of grey. The colour is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms as it ushers in natural light. White Sphere gives the house a classy and soothing look and lets bright accents bring a cheerful vibe to the house.

5. Allure violet (6P0168): To give your house a touch of romance and femininity, use allure violet to nail the look. The colour is so soothing that it is great for both bedrooms and living rooms. The best way to play up Allure Violet, use darker shades of violet for furniture. Add a touch of femininity to your home by introducing a dose of Allure Violet. Start with accent wall to let the colour grow on you.

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