Joyful Yellow Shades for Your Living Room

If there’s one colour that can instantly brighten a dull living room, it is yellow. This warm colour has the freshness of sunflowers, lemons and, of course, sunshine. However, to decorate your house with shades of yellow can be quite tricky. Whether you like mustard colour or subtle shades of yellow, balancing the colour with textured colour or accessories is the key to get the colour scheme right. Here are some joyful shades of yellow that you can use to bring the energy of the sun into your house:

1. Aged ale (3A2080): For a totally gorgeous space, splash this shade of yellow across the room. Aged ale makes the living room look eclectic. The yellow walls with a splattering of white and a wooden flooring look elegant and not too overwhelming. The off-white sofa and the rug soften the space while the lampshade, the blue pendant lighting, and the TV unit add dimension to the room. (

2. Tulip Field (3D2078): This shade of yellow has a cool and contemporary feel to it. You can incorporate this colour into any room with ease. This colour is so versatile and easy on the eyes that you can use it both as an accent hue and as a neutral backdrop. The mustard sofa set and the white center table brings out the intensity of Tulip Field. To pull off the look, opt for one muted colour and one rich tone. It is necessary that the different shades of yellow are varying in concentration.


3. Corn Field (3D2054): Make Corn Field the dominant colour by using it only on one wall. To balance the edginess of Corn Field, keep other walls white. Let bed linen like in this case the yellow blanket bring the scheme together. Yellow rugs, decor additions, and throw pillows can make an instant impact. However, limit them to two or three items at the maximum.


4. Yellow zodiac (3A0388): If you are looking for yellow bedroom decorating ideas, pair Yellow Zodiac with gray. The two colours are contrasting and, thus, bring out extra zing in each other. To add a touch of cool freshness, introduce a splattering of white. White will make the living room look crisp and serve as a supporting colour. (

5. Ringing Bells (3D2076): Those of you who want a mellow shade of yellow then Ringing Bells is your savior. Though a bit neutral in shade, Ringing Bells makes space feel both cheery and sophisticated. As this colour has a little vintage feel to it, go for bold colours when choosing furniture and accessories.


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