Decor ideas for a girl’s bedroom to add a dose of magic to her space

When designing a girl’s bedroom, there’s a lot one can do when it comes to colour schemes, patterns, textures, and layouts. Whether you want to experiment with millennial pink or you just want a bit of feminine touch to your bedroom, if you need a little inspiration we have got you covered. Here are some bedroom decorating ideas for girls of all ages:

  1. Paint the town pink: The best way to add a feminine touch and glamorous interest to your room is to introduce shades of pink into the room. For a grown-up and chic look, paint only one wall Wishing Pink (1P0008) and let the rest remain in shades of white like Soft Whispers (7P1942). To accentuate the pink wall, use pink furnishings like curtains, throw blankets and cushions in the same shade. For a mature design, you can go for accents that feature neutral colours like white and gray.

  2. Swing like a girl: Nothing reminds of childlike abandon like a swing. Having a swing in your bedroom not just reminds you of the blissful childhood but it also adds a feminine touch to the room. Paint the wall Fossil Beige (7P0179) so that it serves as a perfect backdrop for your rustic swing, artwork and other accents. Fossil Beige is one colour that will never go out of style as it is open, airy and bounces light. Moreover, Fossil Beige is a flexible colour. You can change your furniture and furnishing without changing the colour of the wall.

  3. Bright patterns: If you are bored with the idea of pink being associated with girls’ room, then use purple to give your or your daughter’s room a sweet and feminine feel. Why restrict yourself to using one colour when you can use two shades of purple? For the accent wall go for a darker shade of like Lollipop (6D0307) and for other walls opt for Dusty Mauve (6T1380). To further accentuate these colours, opt for a bed that has a carved headboard, making you feel like a queen. To maintain the sophisticated look, keep all the furniture and furnishings white and let the purple walls do the magic.

  4. Blue isn’t just for boys: Blue becomes even more charming and feminine when it is given the right artistic treatment. A washed out Southern skies (5T1036) accent wall is a great way to play with the colour. Dark blue accents like candles, pots, and rug mix seamlessly with the decor. For cohesiveness, match the colour of throw blanket with that of the wall. Incorporate accessories in such a way that the room looks sweet but at the same time sophisticated.

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