Colours for a baby nursery

Your baby’s nursery can be more than just a traditional pastel-coloured affair. With a creative perspective and the right decor elements, you can transform the room into a stylish and comfortable space. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the room with your baby. So, why not make it fun?

Here’s a handpicked list of decor tips to help you give your baby’s nursery a stylish makeover:

  1. White for an effervescent ambience: White is easily a good colour choice for styling your baby’s nursery as it is soothing to the eyes. The balanced tones of white make it a perfect colour to create a neutral, comforting backdrop in the space. And guess what? Neutral backdrops work wonders in highlighting the style of furniture and other decor items in the room.

    Also, white is versatile; it can work well with traditional as well as modern decor style. Our faded white shade, Rock Salt (7P0186) isn’t overly bright and is the right choice for creating comforting visual in the space.

  2. Dreamy days with pink: If you want your baby’s nursery to look cute, pink is the right colour to go for as it has a tender and warming character. Our classy pink shade, Beauty And The Beach (7P1626) has a rosy appeal and is a fine fit for your baby’s room. Balance this shade with neutral-coloured baby crib, curtains, and area rugs.

  3. Create a tropical paradise with green: Green replicates the colour of mother nature and evokes a feeling of serenity. The anxiety-reducing character of green makes it a perfect colour choice for your baby’s nursery. The colour is also a good choice for creating a learning environment in the room as it improves concentration due to its intrinsic relaxing character.

    Our light green shade, Leafy Splendour (4T0893) has a muted tinge and doesn’t contain the edginess of bright green. Draw more naturistic inspiration to the room by combining this shade with other natural colours such as blue, white, and brown.

  4. Light blue for peacefulness: The light blue colour has a soothing effect on the eyes and calms the mind and body. A breathable light blue backdrop can be beneficial for babies who have trouble sleeping. Also, if the summer months are hot in your area, a blue-painted nursery can keep the heat away.

    Use blue in your baby’s nursery the sophisticated way by choosing our light blue shade, Aqua Ice (5P0125). Make sure to use soft rugs, plenty of throw pillows, and soft toys to up the comfort quotient of the room.

  5. Summer fun with yellow: Yellow is a great colour to create a lively and cheery ambience in your baby’s nursery. However, make sure to use this colour mindfully as a bright shade can seem harsh on the eyes and can agitate babies.

    Our lime yellow shade, Ringing Bells (3D2076) comes as a perfect solution to avoid this issue. The shade has a balanced saturation and offsets the uneasiness associated with harshness in brightly-illuminated rooms. Use this shade in combination with other comforting colours such as cream and light blue.

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