Joyful Yellow Shades for Your Living Room

If there’s one colour that can instantly brighten a dull living room, it is yellow. This warm colour has the freshness of sunflowers, lemons and, of course, sunshine. However, to decorate your house with shades of yellow can be quite tricky. Whether you like mustard colour or subtle shades of yellow, balancing the colour with textured colour or accessories is the key to get the colour scheme right. Here are some joyful shades of yellow that you can use to bring the energy of the sun into your house:

1. Aged ale (3A2080): For a totally gorgeous space, splash this shade of yellow across the room. Aged ale makes the living room look eclectic. The yellow walls with a splattering of white and a wooden flooring look elegant and not too overwhelming. The off-white sofa and the rug soften the space while the lampshade, the blue pendant lighting, and the TV unit add dimension to the room. (

2. Tulip Field (3D2078): This shade of yellow has a cool and contemporary feel to it. You can incorporate this colour into any room with ease. This colour is so versatile and easy on the eyes that you can use it both as an accent hue and as a neutral backdrop. The mustard sofa set and the white center table brings out the intensity of Tulip Field. To pull off the look, opt for one muted colour and one rich tone. It is necessary that the different shades of yellow are varying in concentration.


3. Corn Field (3D2054): Make Corn Field the dominant colour by using it only on one wall. To balance the edginess of Corn Field, keep other walls white. Let bed linen like in this case the yellow blanket bring the scheme together. Yellow rugs, decor additions, and throw pillows can make an instant impact. However, limit them to two or three items at the maximum.


4. Yellow zodiac (3A0388): If you are looking for yellow bedroom decorating ideas, pair Yellow Zodiac with gray. The two colours are contrasting and, thus, bring out extra zing in each other. To add a touch of cool freshness, introduce a splattering of white. White will make the living room look crisp and serve as a supporting colour. (

5. Ringing Bells (3D2076): Those of you who want a mellow shade of yellow then Ringing Bells is your savior. Though a bit neutral in shade, Ringing Bells makes space feel both cheery and sophisticated. As this colour has a little vintage feel to it, go for bold colours when choosing furniture and accessories.


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A Valentine’s Day Special: For A Romantic Decor In Different Shades Of Red

Traditionally, red has been associated with passion, romance, and love. As we are fast approaching Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of decor ideas using different shades of reds to add a dash of romance to your rooms.


If your living room is already painted in bright red shade such as our Full Bloom (1A1981) shade, you can evoke a feeling of romance in the space by introducing colourful flowers. Display a quirky combination of clay, plastic, and wicker flower pots to add a hint of playfulness in the space.

The black colour best accentuates red; use black-coloured shelves to contrast the red backdrop in a stylish way. Lastly, do not forget to create an eclectic conversation area in the room by using a combination of sofa seats and wicker chairs.    

Rato rang ko bhitta ra phul haro ko hariyali le ramro sanga le tapai ko ghar Valentine’s Day ko lagi sajawnu hos.  


Having a modern-looking living room with a dark red wall paint such as our Empress Rose (1D0324) shade comes as an advantage in decking up the space for Valentine’s Day. This is because the colour of love already sets the tone of romance in the space for spending the special day with your better half.

You can add visual interest to the space by choosing furniture upholstery fabric in bright, vivid colours such as orange and teal. Use indoor plants to add pops of green and further embellish the space.

Tapaiko premi lai sabai bhanda ramro Valentine’s Day ko upahar dinuhos tapai ko kotha haru sajawat garera.


Have accents of bright red shades like our Cherry Pie (1A0363) shade in your living room? Highlight the romantic character of the colour for Valentine’s Day by adding more hints of red with red-coloured curtains. Introduce a stylish break from the monotony of red by bringing in a couple of indoor plants to add a dash of green.

Yo Valentine’s Day ko tayari pura garnuhos tapai ko premi lai chune ko upahar haru pradarshan garera.


Making your rooms look luxurious for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to to invest in expensive decor items. A significant part of what makes any given room look luxurious is the right colour combinations used.

If your bathroom is painted with a dark red shade like our Cranberry Craze (1A0472) shade, add sophisticated-looking colours such as emerald green, gold, and sailor blue to the room’s colour palette for transforming the space into a luxurious-looking one. Complement the rich look of this shade with metal-framed mirrors, plush-upholstered seats, and velvet throws.  

Yo maathi deyako Valentine’s Day ko sajawat ko tarika haru le tapai ko suthne kotha lai shandar ruparang dinu hos.

7 Ways to Use Blue in Your Bathroom

Blue has been a traditional colour choice for bathrooms, however, there are endless ideas that can inspire you to decorate with cool blue. Here we discuss some unique ideas to introduce blue into your bathroom without being boring.

  1. Big Blue Sky (5T1085): This minimalist bathroom that has Big Blue Sky walls and white accessories is chic and elegant. The beauty of this bathroom lies in its simplicity. The white bathtub amidst blue walls will make you feel like as if you are sitting on a boat sailing on the sea.

2. Whirlpool (5T1043): A delicate shade of blue gives a bathroom an understated look of luxury and elegance. This Whirlpool colour bathroom gives the impression that you are in a five-star hotel. If you wish to nail this look at your home, you can stick to one sink made of marble or granite. To give it a more sophisticated look, go for stone bathroom accessories set that match with the colour of your sink.

3. Blue Gin (5T2224): There’s nothing more classic than a blue-and-white bathroom. Blue Gin walls lend a harmonic feel to the bathroom while the white accessories create a look of luxury. The hanging pendant lamps add a bit of sparkle to this little oasis. Blue Gin is the perfect colour for small bathrooms as it will bring in more light.

4. Derby (5T2260): A darker shade of blue gives a bathroom an unexpected touch. The overall blue bathroom with a splattering of white elements here and there offers a quiet place to relax. This bathroom is a great example of the harmonious use of different hues of blue. Derby is the perfect colour for big bathrooms. If you are using this colour in small bathrooms, use large mirrors to give an illusion of more space.

5. Wonder Lake (5T0287): Gorgeous Wonder Lake walls and a lighter hue of blue give this bathroom a beach-like vibe. The blue runner and the blue bath towel carries the beauty of blue throughout the space. The white bathtub brightens up what could be an overwhelmingly blue bathroom. The plant in the corner adds life to the bathroom.

6. Velvet Blue (5A0421): Velvet Blue is an unusual choice of colour when it comes to decorating bathrooms. A dark shade of blue can make the bathroom look small but the white cabinet and the white hanging lamps not just brighten up space but also expand space visually. Installing a wall mirror ensures that the space doesn’t feel too dark.

7. Cascade Twilight (5D1143): To give your bathroom a nautical feel, splash it with Cascade Twilight and to add interest use blue and white striped shower curtain. Instead of painting the whole bathroom in the shades of blue, let the top half be blue and the bottom half white. Let shiny blue tiles on the sink add a subtle gleam to the mix.

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Paint shades that have a calming effect

After a hectic day of meetings and chasing deadlines, you want to come back home to a quiet place that helps you to unwind. One of the essential ways to create a cozy vibe in the bedroom is through colour. There are several colours which help you sleep and unwind better. Here, we’ve picked five calming hues that you would love to sleep to and wake up to:

    1. Heavening Mist (5P0143): One colour that acts as a visual lullaby it is blue. Heavenly Mist reminds us of nature’s simple pleasures — blue ocean and blue sky. This shade of blue gives a room a tranquil appearance. It exudes the essence of calmness. A white bed amidst Heavenly Mist bedroom walls looks like a cloud floating in the blue sky. Heavenly Mist looks naturally soothing and at the time it has an energetic vibe.

2. Blue Bubble (5D0295): Blue Bubble is a moody shade of blue and isn’t the usually the first choice when it comes to soothing colours. Blue Bubble has a calm, cool and collected vibe but at the same time, it has a dramatic effect. To break the monotony of Blue Bubble inject plenty of white and natural elements. A white lamp, a wooden bed, a jute rug, and a jute floor cushion bring the dark wall to life!

3. Bella Mint (4P0096): When it comes to home decor green and its various hues remain underestimated. For an earthy and cozy feel, Bella Mint is the perfect colour. Off-white sofa set and white photo frames take the look to the next level. Bella Mist is an easy colour to work with. You can use darker shades of green as accent hues or you can let bold colours like rich blue to bring out the contrast.

4. White Sphere (8P2679): If you love the neutral colour, then the soothing look of white paint is something you cannot resist. However, if you don’t like the monotony of pure white, opt for White Sphere that has a cool hint of grey. The colour is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms as it ushers in natural light. White Sphere gives the house a classy and soothing look and lets bright accents bring a cheerful vibe to the house.

5. Allure violet (6P0168): To give your house a touch of romance and femininity, use allure violet to nail the look. The colour is so soothing that it is great for both bedrooms and living rooms. The best way to play up Allure Violet, use darker shades of violet for furniture. Add a touch of femininity to your home by introducing a dose of Allure Violet. Start with accent wall to let the colour grow on you.

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What Colour Should You Paint Your Kid’s Nursery?

Struggling to choose a colour for your child’s nursery? As more and more parents are opting for gender-neutral colours, there are a plethora of colours to choose from. For a super cosy and comfortable nursery, you can either go for your favourite colour or pay heed to several research that suggest how different colours affect a child’s mood.

Here are some of the interesting colors which you can use to paint your children’s nursery:

1. White Sphere (8P2679):

Simplicity works best when decorating your children’s space. White Sphere is one of those few colours that is not overwhelming in terms of style but at the same time has a sophisticated and upbeat character. Unlike white, White Sphere has a hint of grey. Light-coloured curtains best blend with White Sphere backdrops. Choose furniture pieces of bright colours such as red, blue, pink, green, and orange to balance.

2. Striking a contrast with Tuxe White (8P2698) and black:

Why stick to just one colour when you can use more to create striking contrasts and elevate the aesthetics of the space? The contrast white and black creates is undeniably one of the catchiest. You can evenly divide the nursery walls using black and white. Choose unmistakable style additions such as wall art and posters of animals, letters, and numbers.

3. Cuteness overloaded with Wishing Pink (1P0008):

Kids love all-things cute. Painting their room walls Wishing Pink is a great way to uplift their mood and make their rooms their favourite spaces in the house. White creates an intriguing match with pink. To create a contrasting effect, use a blue chair and blue cushions.

4. Summer sun (3A0386):

Children are the most content when spending time in upbeat-looking spaces. Summer sun makes the perfect colour choice for livening their spaces. The colour exudes a sunny day-like vibe and can create a cheerful ambience. The walls in your children’s rooms that house windows are the best areas for painting yellow. Paint the adjacent walls white to create an appealing contrast. Colourful table and chairs, storage cabinets, horse rocker, and a teepee make up for great decor and functionality additions.

5. Aqua ice (5P0125):

Aqua ice is as equally calming as white, and can be a great choice for your kids’ nursery walls. The colour has an element of neatness and, therefore, creates an organised look in any given space. Adding pops of bright colours such as orange, yellow, and green in storage cabinets is a great way to elevate the visual interest of the space.

6. Anastasia (4P0095)

Anastasia is easy on the eyes. Give your kids’ developing eyes a much-needed rest by painting their rooms Anastasia. Also, fantasy elements such as wall arts depicting wonderland, cloudy skies, or starry nights can encourage your budding loved ones to dream and wind down. Complete their spaces with teepees, plush soft toys, and other learning toys.

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The Ideal Winter Colour Scheme For Your Living Space

As the fall approaches and there’s a nip in the air, you look for different ways to make your living space cosy or it may be so that you are someone who loves giving your living space a seasonal makeover. In both scenarios, you can choose ideal colour schemes to make your living space cosy and stylish throughout winter, till spring.

Here are a few wintry colour schemes that can work wonders in your living room:

1. Turquoise sea (5D0283) and barewoods for a sophisticated wintry look:

Create a sophisticated wintry look in your living room by using turquoise sea as a wall colour. Turquoise sea perfectly complements the respite winter brings and adds a depth of style to any given space. Barewoods work great with turquoise sea. Add more visual interest to your living space by choosing wooden furniture essentials such as barewood sofa and coffee table. Wall art frames and abstract showpieces made from barewood are excellent style additions.

2. Blue Bubble (5D0295) and white

Beat the winter blues by using Blue Bubble and white to create an eclectic contrast on your living room walls. Blue Bubble, with its rich tones, complements the peacefulness winter brings. On the other hand, white has an airy and calming character which can help you avoid the gloomy ambience.

Use Blue Bubble in wall moulds and fireplace separations, and paint the rest of the walls and ceilings white. Use neutral-coloured furniture pieces such as grey sofa and chairs, and earthy-coloured tables and shelves as style additions.

3. Sunflower Petal (3D0782) and white:

The dark winter days can make your living room look plain and dull. Avoid the gloomy days from lowering the style of your living room by using bright and rich colours such as Sunflower Petal and white as wall paints.

Paint the walls adjacent to the windows white to allow sunlight to liven up space. You can paint the walls facing the windows golden to create a focal point and improve the overall aesthetics of space.

4. Accent corner with Apricot Serenade (2D0227)

One of the best ways to make any focal point in your living room look appealing is to play with colour contrasts. By taking this idea, paint the entire walls in your living room white or with shades of white, leaving just one or two corners.
Use bright and lively colours such as Apricot Serenade and Merigold on wall corners to create contrasting focal points. To balance the bright colours, choose a sofa set that has a light-coloured upholstery.

5. Different shades of Beige wool (7P2425)

Beige has earthy tones and can up the warmth factor in your living room. Choose a couple of shades of beige like Beige Wool (7P2425) and Biscuit Beige (7P0183) and dedicate each wall for one specific hue to create a themed look. Choose plush area rugs, a bright table lamp, neutral-coloured cushions, and black showpieces to avoid monotony in the space.

Give your house a cozy feel with Berger Paints

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Inspiring Ideas to Use Grey to Glam Up your Decor

Grey is one of the few colours that are versatile and can work wonders with any design or colour schemes. Whether your rooms to look laid-back or you want them to look modern and sophisticated, grey is a colour you can easily trust.

We’ve got some amazing ideas which you can use to add hues of grey to your rooms:

1. A striking focal point

Grey has a contrasting effect over shades of white. In other words, the colour can create visual interest in rooms painted in light colours. Use Dusty Grey (8P0206) to create a sophisticated focal point in your living room. Choose a wall, or a portion of a wall, and then paint it Hill Grey (8P0211) with a faux finish. Also, you can place a light-coloured sofa to add a bit of visual drama.

2. Shades of grey

Go playful with Gray Felt (8P0349) by showcasing different shades of the hue. This idea works great when accessorising your rooms. Buy sophisticated vases and pots of different shapes and the ones that have various shades of grey. Choose an uncluttered surface in your living room and place the vases and pots in a cluster to leave an artistic impression.

3. Area rug and drapes: match ‘em right

Repeating a colour in different areas of a room works great in creating a themed look. In your living room, create a grey-themed decor by choosing drapes and area rugs that have similar shades of grey. You can also add a furniture piece or two to let the greyish aesthetic flow through the room.

4. Modernness in the kitchen

Grey has a contemporary character, no wonder the colour is a go-to choice for modern home decor. Let the chic and snazzy appeal of grey work its magic into your kitchen and elevate the overall look of the space.

Paint the cabinetry with Dusty Gray (8P0206) and replace the current pull handles with metal ones to up the sophistication factor. Also, paint the rest of the kitchen space with shades of white to let the two colours blend seamlessly.

5. A chic reading corner

Your love for reading can grow stronger in a space that’s visually uplifting. Grey is naturally calming and sophisticated; use these characteristics of the hue to make your reading space look its best. Choose a plush sofa that has a greyish hue. Accessorise the space with a small bare wood table and a collection of your books. Make sure that the backdrop of the space is light-coloured so that the sofa visually stand out.

6. Accessorise with a grey lamp

A lamp is one accessory that gets neglected the most when it comes to using it as an essential decor element. When shopping for a new lamp, make sure to choose a grey one to keep it in sync with the overall grey-themed decor of your rooms. Or already have one? Replace the current lampshade with a new grey one. You can even paint the stand of the lamp black to add more style to it.

6 Inspiring Ways to Decorate your Home with Colours

Colours are what catch interest; they add excitement and liveliness to any given space. By getting the mix and match of colours right, you can make your home look its best.

Don’t know how to get started on decorating your home with different colours? We are here to help you out:

1. Add pops of colours with coloured throw pillows

Throw pillows are a great addition to your bedroom and living room for improving the comfort quotient; they can work wonders for adding pops of colours to your rooms as well. When shopping for new throw pillows, make sure to choose from various bright colours such as yellow, orange, blue, pink, and green. Or if you already have enough already, buying pillow covers of different colours can be the right option.

2. Red for boldness

Whether you are hosting family gatherings or house parties or just meeting your friends in the evening; your living room is probably the most happening space in your house. Why not add some drama with a bold colour and liven up your space?

Take two corresponding walls of the room and paint it with a bright, dramatic colour such as Empress Rose (1D0324), Turquoise Sea (5D0283), or Moody Blue (5D1102). You can choose bright and sophisticated hues from Berger Paints.

3. Colourful artwork display

Have a budding genius or two at home? Children are the happiest when it comes to all-things colourful. When working on the decor of their personal space, avoid sticking to just one or two colours. Instead, choose variations in furniture items such as drawer, bed, and study table.

Also, you can dedicate one of the bedroom walls as a gallery to showcase their art. Paint the wall with a bright colour such as
Bright Turquoise (5D1087), Cascade Twilight (5D1143), or Ultra Violet (5A0423) to make it a focal point of the room.

4. A dash of uniqueness

Sure monochrome kitchen spaces are sophisticated, but they can come as uninspiring, especially when you spend the better half of your time in the room. Adding a dash of uniqueness can make the space more lively and fun to work in.

Choose a specific part of your kitchen, such as the cabinetry, the ceiling, or the working bay, and paint it with rich brights such as Parisian Purple (6T1332), Coral Sea (1T0223), Aqua Flip (5P0128), or Bella Mint (4P0096).

5. Go creative with showpieces

When choosing a colourful decor, do not forget about the showpieces as they add intricacy to your rooms’ overall look. Shop for cool accessories/showpieces in thrift stores to get your hands on unique ones.

Also, you can go the quirky way and make your own colourful showpieces. Take a see-through milk bottle you no longer use and clean it thoroughly. Buy a packet of colourful marbles and place them inside the bottle. You can then use the bottle as a vase for colourful flowers.

6. Radiate positivity with yellow

The colour yellow has a positive character as we relate it to the warmth and life-giving essence of the sun. Use the colour yellow in an unmistakable way in your bedroom or living room by choosing long drapes of the same colour. You can pair these with secondary lace curtains of white colour to create an airy vibe in the space.

6 Minimalist Home Decor Tips (Simplify Your Style at Home)

Simplicity works every time; it is the key to successful designs. Similarly, when it comes to the decor of your home, the simpler the style and arrangements of your rooms, the better.

Minimalism is all about simplicity. To incorporate the minimalist approach in your home arrangement, follow the ‘one in, one out’ rule, i.e., eliminating unnecessary items that serve you the least purpose. As for the decor part, we’ve got you covered:

Neutrals on the walls

Neutral colours complement simplicity. This is a key aspect of the minimalist approach. Neutrals work great for minimalist wall decor as well. Choose neutrals such as Touchstone (7P0192), Organic Ivory (7P0189) and Fabulous White (7P0185) to create visually soothing backdrops in your rooms. Neutral-coloured walls also serve the purpose of highlighting furniture and showpieces in contrasting ways.

Let chaos live inside storage

You have chosen the ‘one in, one out’ minimalist way forward. But there are some knick-knacks which you’d prefer to keep. As these can present chaos, it’s better to keep them hidden in a storage furniture or two.

Minimal furniture

While it may seem that having more number of furniture items increases any given space’s functionality, it doesn’t. Instead, a large number of furniture items can make the space look too crammed.

Take the minimalist approach; choose and keep only the furniture items that you and your family members regularly use. Doing this can help you open up more space and make the rooms look uncluttered and airy.

Nifty, repurposed showpieces

Why spend your hard-earned money on nifty showpieces when you can create them on your own? Take a couple of old bottles of different colours, wash them clean, put new wooden corks, and use them as abstract showpieces.

If you are someone who loves keeping showpieces in small clusters, choose an open shelf and accessorise it with DIY, repurposed showpieces.

Uncluttered surfaces

Clean, uncluttered surfaces instantly elevate the simplicity, minimalist factor in your rooms. Accessorise table tops, cabinet tops, drawer tops, and countertops to the least as possible. A minimum number of items on surfaces can keep the overall minimalist decor of your rooms in harmony.

Low-key bedroom

Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time being yourself. A minimalist decor can work wonders in simplifying your personal space.

Start off by choosing a low-rise bed frame over a standard one. Accessorise the bed frame with a relatively small headboard that has a simplistic design. Work on the comfort factor by choosing a not-so-plush area rug that has a neutral-ish colour. Complete the decor with a couple of abstract artwork.

We hope you found these minimalist decor ideas helpful. Stay tuned to this space for more informative and interesting write-ups.

Last Minute Tihar Decorations to Add a Magical Touch to Your Living Space

You’re quite done with decorating your home for Tihar with lights, diyas and rangoli. However, you may feel there’s more you can do to make your home ready to embrace the festivity. Continue reading “Last Minute Tihar Decorations to Add a Magical Touch to Your Living Space”