Tricks to Keep your Walls Cool in Summer

A cool ambience works wonders in beating the summer heat. Creating a cool ambience in your rooms in a natural way may seem a bit challenging but there are plenty of ways of how you can do it. Here are a few ways that will lend an air of coolness to your house:

1.Go for light colors: One no-fail way is to paint your rooms’ walls in light colors. Unlike darker colors, lighter shades do not absorb much heat and go easy on the eyes. Nothing beats light blue when it comes to creating a cool ambience in your rooms. Apart from helping you create a cool and an easy-going ambience, light blue can also lend an air of sophistication when paired with other light colors such as creamy white, beige, and faded pink. Our light blue shade, Frosted Ice (5P0123) has a balanced tone; its soothing aesthetic calms the visual senses and puts the beholders at ease. This light blue shade looks best when illuminated by sunlight. As such, living and bedroom walls that are directly exposed to natural light make the perfect canvas.

2. Reduce direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can increase the indoor temperature of the house. Try to keep direct sunlight away from the room. However, if you don’t want your room to look discolored, go for a color that mimics sunlight. Light yellow is the perfect pick for you. Unlike other lighter colors, light yellow has an intrinsic lively character which works great for imparting an element of fun in your rooms. A light yellow shade like our hue Soft Sarong (3P0068) makes a perfect pick for creating a cool ambience in your rooms while adding a flair of modernness to your favorite spaces. Use this shade to introduce an element of play into your bathroom walls.

3. Invest in quality curtains to keep the heat out: Utilizing shades, curtains and drapes can help you not only to keep the room cool, but they can also help reduce your power bills. You can also invest in a combination of thick blinds and sheer curtains. Whenever you want to experience the view, you can just draw the sheer curtain. Go for colors that are easy on eyes and give your room a classy feel.

4. Bring some plants in: One of the most effective and cheapest ways to keep your house cool in warm weather is to bring in some plants. Plants consume hot air and create a cool ambience. When you adorn your home with plants, they make space feel bright, lively, and gorgeous. You can either create a little lovely shrine in your balcony or place them in different corners of your house.

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Tips to Protect your Walls During Monsoon

Monsoon is one of the best seasons to look forward to. While you enjoy the local delicacies and snacks on a rainy day, the dampness and the moisture that accompany the monsoon can be the bearer of bad news for the exteriors of your house. Damp patches, peelings and blisters can ruin the look of your house. However, a few precautionary measures can help you save the exteriors of your house and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Here are a few measures to protect your exteriors walls this monsoon:

1. Choose the right exterior paint: Getting your house painted before the first sign of the clouds is the best way to shield your house from the adverse effects of weather. Invest in high-quality and premium paint that is designed to protect the exterior walls from heavy rains and other vagaries of weather. If you live in an area that gets plenty of rainfall, then investing in in premium exterior paints that prevent the growth of fungus can help you preserve the walls.

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2. Pre-monsoon check: Cracks and crevices in walls not just ruin the rich look of your house, they also allow water and moisture to seep in. Before you go for waterproofing, make sure the cracks and patches are properly filled. Allow the fillers to dry, sand away uneven areas and then go for waterproofing.

3. Waterproofing: Whether you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall or moderate rainfall, waterproofing can protect your house from the damaging effect of invading moisture. If your exterior walls are not waterproofed, then they tend to become a haven for mildew and mould. Mildew and mould not only make the exteriors look ugly, but they can also pose a threat to your health. Proper waterproofing can help you keep these problems at bay while you enjoy the rain from your balcony while sipping a hot cup of tea.

4. Invest in a good primer while painting: Using a good primer before painting the exterior of your house creates a non-porous surface. Besides ensuring a clean and smooth surface, high-quality primer provides additional protection to your walls from humidity and moisture. It also increases the durability of the paint and prevents the formation of patches on the exterior walls.

Now that you are ready to protect the exterior of your house this monsoon, welcome the season with open arms. If you need more information as to how to what kind of exterior paints you should go for depending upon the climate, visit or call at toll free no 1660-012-3433 to get in touch with us.

Simple Ways to Waterproof your Exterior Walls

The exterior of your home makes the first impression of your personality even before your guests step into your house. It’s important that the exterior walls are bright and shiny. However, unlike interior walls, exterior walls are exposed to sunlight, rainwater, and high humidity. Too much exposure to the water and humidity cannot just bring down the overall look of the exterior walls, it can also penetrate the walls through gaps and cracks. This can further lead to issues with the internal walls. But how would you prevent damp patches and moulds from affecting your walls? The best way to do this is damp proofing.

Damp proofing prevents unwanted moisture from seeping into your walls, keeping your walls dry and mould-free. If you are looking forward to getting your exterior walls dampproofed, here are a few tips that will help you get started:

1. Clean the surface: The first step before starting to dampproof is to get rid of cracks, moulds, and leaks in your wall. Not fixing cracks, moulds, and leaks can leave your walls vulnerable to humidity and water. Fill the cracks with sealants to avoid problems in the near future. Make sure to sand flaky surfaces. Doing this step will prevent bubbling during the painting stage. Also allow the fillers to dry completely. Once it dries, sand away uneven areas and remove the dust so that the end result is smooth and even.

2. Check all the gutter spaces: Clogged gutters causes water stagnation and then eventually get absorbed by the wall. This is true for roofs and fascia boards. Just by removing water from these gutter spaces, you can avoid long-term problems. Cleaning gutters at least twice or thrice in a year can help.

3. Select a high quality waterproofer: A good quality waterproofer can help protect your exterior walls from external moisture. Go for a waterproofing solution that provides a thick coating which protects your external walls for a long time. Depending upon your need, apply one or two coats of the waterproofer. Before applying the second, wait for the first one to dry. To create a strong barrier against water infiltration, make sure that you use enough material.

4. Choose the exterior wall coating carefully: It’s important that after waterproofing you choose a decorative exterior coating which is formulated to repel the rainwater and create a protective barrier. Cheap exterior paints cannot create an impermeable envelope around the building and thus it’s important that you invest in decorative exterior paints wisely. The ideal weather to get waterproofing done is summer. Winter is not the right weather to do this as low temperatures and high moisture concentrations render waterproofing less efficient.

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4 Go-to Colors for Kitchen Walls

How well you are able to enjoy your culinary experience? This has got a lot to do with the way your kitchen looks. For instance, a cheery look will energize you to be productive when cooking while sophisticated decor can inspire creativity and evoke a feeling of contentment.

Styling the walls, the right way is an important aspect of your kitchen’s decor. The right wall colors can transform your kitchen’s look and shape your culinary experience. Here are a few colors that make your kitchen walls look lively:

1. Golden Sunshine (3T0724)

A kitchen with cheery decor doesn’t fail to make your everyday chores enjoyable. To stir up feelings of excitement and energy, paint your kitchen walls with light yellow. The distinct character of the color unfailingly complements the overall look of kitchen furniture items and appliances.

Our light yellow shade, Golden Sunshine (3T0724) reflects ambient light and adds a lively look to your cooking space. If you don’t prefer all the walls to look yellow, paint an accent wall against a white background.

2. Frosted Ice (5P0123)

At times, the monotony of everyday kitchen chores can bore you and lower your culinary experience. To break away from the ho-hum routine, transform the look of your kitchen into a cool and refreshing looking one

Paint your kitchen walls with our light blue shade, Frosted Ice (5P0123) to create a sanctuary-like look. If you have limited space in your kitchen, use the color to paint the ceilings and trims.

3. Antique Almond (7P1578)

If you want a bright and an easy-going look in your kitchen but wouldn’t prefer to paint the walls white, cream color is the right pick for you. Cream entails the relaxing and balancing the character of white yet doesn’t look plain and uninteresting.

Our balanced cream shade, Antique Almond (7P1578) balances liveliness and warmth, making it possible for you to embrace the best of both characters. Pair this cream shade with white to spruce up the walls with a neutral color palette.

4. Light Murals (7P0191)

Grey is one of the less-chosen options for decorating kitchen walls. When styled the right way, grey can help you achieve a sophisticated look in your kitchen. If you prefer an ultra-modern look in your cooking space, choose our light grey shade, Light Murals (7P0191).

Highlight the contemporary look of the shade by installing metal cabinet handles, bare metal taps, and silver-colored appliances. Accessorizing the countertops with small potted plants will help you add a chic pop of green to space.

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The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors you Need to Know

Painting the exterior of your home is an entirely different ball game than coloring the interior. Unlike in the latter case where you choose paint colors to suit your personal tastes, you have to consider durability apart from style when working on the exterior. After all, you’d want to take the best steps to protect your highest prized possession, your home.

To ensure the best look and protection for the exterior of your home, choose our Weathercoat All Guard. The Unique Silicon Technology of the luxury emulsion protects your home’s exterior walls from the adverse effects of water and dust.

1. Silky scarf (3P0055) and Southwest Sand (2T0605): Orange is one of the most common exterior color options. The reason homeowners often choose orange as one of the exterior wall colors for their home is the balanced undertone of the hue. Like other primary colors, orange has a rich saturation and looks fulfilling to the eyes. If you want to use orange as one of the exterior colors and make your home stand out in terms of looks, we say pair it with muted yellow. Our light yellow shade, Silky Scarf (3P0055) best complements the vibrant aesthetic of our rich orange shade, Southwest Sand (2T0605). To highlight the architectural design of your house, paint the exterior walls with Silky Scarf while coloring the roof hip, window trims, and roof rakes with Southwest Sand.

2.Rosemare(1T0453) and Tender Love Note (1T0555): Pink often falls under the category of ‘less-opted colors’ when it comes to painting the exterior walls. Although uncommon, pink can add an unmatched vibrancy to the exterior of your home. The trick is to pair the color with the right shade. Our off beige shade, Tender Love Note (1T0555) creates a striking color combination with our deep pink shade Rosemare (1T0453). Paint the fascia and window trims with Tender Love Note and color the rest of the walls with Rosemare.

3. YELLOW CHINTZ 3P0072: If you want to opt for one no-fail way to make your home look the best in the neighborhood, you cannot go wrong in painting the exterior walls yellow. Yellow doesn’t fail to grab attention with its alluring look. Our light yellow shade, Yellow Chintz (3P0072) radiates the effervescence of the bright outdoors and makes your home look stunning. Also, if your home is surrounded by greenery, yellow can stand out from the green backdrop. Cream, red, and grey are the perfect pick for creating an intriguing color scheme for the exterior of your home.

Paint Shades that Really go Well with Each Other

When giving a stylish makeover to your rooms with a new paint, the no-fail way to achieve great results is to get the right color combination. Many homeowners overlook the importance of creating attractive colors.

The right color schemes can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your rooms and leave a lasting impression.

आफूले चाहे जसरी कोठा रंगाउँन आफ्नो कोठा अनुसार रंगको सम्मिश्रण गर्नु पर्छ । अब तपाईंले पनि तल दिइएका रंगको सम्मिश्रण गरी आफ्नो कोठालाई आकर्षक बनाउन सक्नुहुन्छ ।

1) LIVE JAZZ (6D1198) and SIERRA SNOW (8P1698): If you are someone who loves to keep things low-key, a darkish color scheme will be the right pick for you. Dark colors create an air of mystique which, in turn, works wonders in intriguing the beholders. Our two dark colors, Live Jazz (6D1198) and Sierra Snow (8P1698) create a sophisticated amalgamation. Use this color scheme in your living room to take your guests by fascination. Sophisticated decor elements such as wooden furniture, wooden flooring, and metal showpieces further elevate the classy look of this color combination.

2) LIBBY’S LAVENDER (8T1788) and WHITE SPHERE (8P2679): The bedroom is where you unwind and spend most of your ‘me time.’ Most importantly, it’s where you sleep and re-energize yourself for staying productive the next day. A bedroom that looks unfailingly soothing becomes a cosy space to rejuvenate in. And what better way to up the comfort quotient of your bedroom than by painting the space with lighter colors? Our light blue shade, Libby’s Lavender (8T1788) beautifully matches with White Sphere (8P2679) and creates a relaxed ambience. Complement the cosy look of this color scheme by accessorizing your bedroom with a plush area rug, a couple of feather pillows, soft-to-touch curtains, and wooden furniture essentials.

3) COTTON CANDY (1P0458) and FABULOUS WHITE (7P0185): If you like all-things pretty and chic, you’d certainly want your rooms to look attractive. To cherish your love for stunning-looking decor, elevate the visual intrigue of your rooms by painting them with the combination of Light bubblegum pink shade, Cotton Candy (1P0458) and Fabulous White (7P0185). The pastel-like hue of the shade Cotton Candy goes easy on the eyes and calms the senses of the beholders. Allow in more sunlight to highlight the easy-going character of the amalgamation of these two light colors.

4) THE GOLD COAST (2D0710) and COUNCIL BLUFFS (2D0591): Did you know that bright wall colors work great in uplifting mood and inspiring positivity? The thought-out combination of our two orange shades, The Gold Coast (2D0710) and Council Bluffs (2D0591) creates a striking look. Use this color scheme to impart a cheerful look in your rooms. To radiate the alluring charm of these wall colors, welcome more sunlight with large-sized windows. Natural light accentuates the bright and balanced tone of these two colors.

Quick DIY Tips That You Can Follow for Shiny Bedroom Walls

The paint colours you choose for your bedroom can be more than just a backdrop. It can be the most important highlight of the room. One no-fail way to draw attention to your bedroom walls is to elevate it’s look with a shiny finish.

आफ्नो घरको भित्तालाई चम्किलो बनाउने ५ उपयोगी तरिकाः

1) Choose a wall paint that allows easy cleaning

It’s surprising to know how airborne dust can dampen your bedroom’s walls and make it look dull over time. To steer clear of this issue, choose a wall paint that allows easy cleaning.

Our luxury emulsion, Easy Clean, is the right option to keep your bedroom walls spotless. The Cross-Linking Polymers of the emulsion makse it easy for you to clean even the most stubborn stains. Learn more about our Easy Clean emulsion at

2) Choose the right wall colours

Did you know prolonged exposure to sunlight causes your wall colours to fade and look dull? However, not all colours react to sunlight the same way. It’s the darker colours that do not go well with sunlight exposure. Why? Darker shades absorb more sunlight and fade due to photo degradation, the process in which sunlight breaks down the chemical bonds of the paint. On the other hand, lighter colours last longer. It’s advisable to paint your bedroom walls opposite to windows with lighter colours.

3) Add glossy look to a flat paint finish

If you used flat paint colours on your bedroom’s walls, they can look dull and form bruises over time. Give a glossy punch to your otherwise plain-looking bedroom walls the budget-friendly way by painting them with a glossy varnish. Choose a polyacrylic varnish as they ensure a long-lasting glossy finish.

4) Use wallpaper varnish

Wallpaper varnish is a softer and safer alternative or polyacrylic varnish. Compared to the latter, wallpaper varnishes are much thinner and are water-soluble. Although wallpaper varnishes come in satin and flat finishes, your best bet is to choose a glossy finish so that your bedroom wall paint gets a smooth finish.

5) Mix varnish or glazing compound

If you are yet to paint your bedroom walls or are planning to repaint them, mix a varnish or a glazing compound with the paint that you’ll apply. 10% of the overall volume of the wall paint is a good amount to start with when mixing varnish or glazing compound. Test the paint in a small wall area; if you don’t get the desired result, add more binder and test as you go until you achieve the glossy finish you want.

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4 Tips that you need to consider when painting your house

When giving your home a makeover with new paint, you can be either of the two personalities: one who’s a perfectionist and, therefore, would like to get the rooms painted professionally or a creative one who’s interested in DIY and prefers to paint himself/herself.

Whoever you are, it’s important to consider a few of these factors to make sure your home painting journey is a smooth-sailing one.

घर रगाँउदा तल दिएको सुझावहरु धेरै सहयोगि हुन्छः

    1. Prepping up: often ignored but an important step
      Painting becomes convenient and less time-taking affair when you prep up the rooms in a proper way. When crafting the rooms, move the larger furniture pieces, including beds, wardrobes, sofa, dressing table, and TV cabinet to the centre. Cover them entirely with large-sized plastic to avoid buildup of dust and debris.If you have plans to just get the walls painted and not the windows, make sure to tape the adjacent windows. Also, tape light switches and other wall outlet covers.

    1. New paint doesn’t go first
      If you are planning to get your rooms painted, then you will get a hint that the walls aren’t painted straightaway. If the walls have a bare finish, a minimum of two coats of primer is applied before the paint. The primer acts as a base for the paint; think of it as using a white canvas for painting art.However, if the condition of the walls is bad and old paint has flaked, the damaged area needs to be sanded before the primer is applied. To apply two coats of primer, it requires a minimum of 2 days. Therefore, make sure to include an extra 2 or 3 days in your wall painting plan.
    2. Choose a soft neutral for a small room
      When painting small rooms in your home, softer neutrals make the right pick. A neutral colour, such as our shade, Soft Sonata (7P1954) has a softer tone which improves the breathability of the space. As such, it can make your small room feel bigger than it is.However, make sure to use other neutrals such as light grey, beige, pebble, olive, and tan to create a well-thought-out colour scheme. Mirrors reflect light; use them as decor accessories to create an illusion of a spacious look.

    1. Brush or roller?
      Should I use a brush or a roller? It’s common to come across this confusion when getting your rooms painted or painting the rooms yourself, especially for the first time. Paint experts recommend using both brush and roller; using the combination of these two can speed up the painting time.Rollers are suitable for painting the middle portion of walls while brushes come handy in applying paint on narrow edges, corners, and other small-diameter areas. Make sure that the brushes and rollers used are new and clean in order to achieve a smooth paint finish.

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Here’s a List of 5 Painting Hacks that You Need to Know

Painting your home is a challenging task, especially if it’s your first time. Right from prepping up the rooms to using the right tools and techniques, there’s a lot that goes into ensuring the best results.

If you want to achieve a professional look in your home, leave it to us by opting for our Express Painting service. Using advanced products and mechanized tools, our Express Painting team ensures that you get the best paint finish in your rooms without you having to worry. Learn more about the service at

Here are a few painting hacks that can come handy during your home painting journey:

    1. Clean your rooms’ walls the easy way
      Cleaning the walls is one of the important stages when preparing your rooms for painting them new. Considering the fact that walls cover a larger portion of every room, cleaning them using a brush or a cloth piece can be time-consuming.One simple hack to clean the walls in lesser time is to use a floor cleaning brush. By using a floor brush, you can cover more wall area at one go and easily reach the upper wall corners.

    1. Remove paint tapes the safe way
      When removing the pain tapes, you’d certainly not want the current paint to chip off. To safely remove paint tapes, gently heat them using a hair dryer prior to removing them. Doing this will loosen the adhesive and make the paint tapes easy to peel off.


    1. No more paint drips
      Drips of paints are what make your rooms messy. One way to avoid paint drips on the floor is to tie a rubber band on the paint can vertically. You can use the rubber band to wipe off excess paint. Another way to avoid paint drips is to spread a plastic sheet on the floor.

    1. Reuse paint brushes that have hardened
      Paint brushes become a hard mess after first use and, therefore, become unusable for a second use. However, there is a way how you can reuse hardened paint brushes, and that is to soak them overnight in a mixture of fabric softener and warm water. The next morning, scrub the paint brushes to further remove hardened paint and they will work as good as new.


    1. Avoid paint streaks the easy way
      Many people rush the drying time after applying the first paint coat. As such, the second coat re-wets the first coat and causes streaks to form. To avoid this, one easy way is to allow more drying time for the second coat. Allow a day or two to make sure the first paint coat dries completely and that the second coat sets in properly.


    1. Don’t clean the paint trays ever again
      Cleaning paint trays is undoubtedly one of the biggest post-painting hassles you come across. To avoid this hassle, use a plastic tray liner. Take plastic dustbin bags and line the paint trays with it. When you’re done painting, simply remove the liners and discard them.


4 colours that are perfect for your home this summer

What’s a perfect way to shake off the winter blues than by sprucing up your home with energizing wall colours? Here, we have listed a few of the wall colours that best work for summers months.

Whether you’re planning to spend more time with your family or invite more guests during the season, you cannot go wrong in giving a stylish summer makeover to your home with these wall colours:

तल दिएको रङ्गहरु गर्मि मौसममा प्रयोग गरेमा, घर उज्यालो र सफा देखिन्छः

  1. Blue Cabana (5D2268): Blue is the common colour choice for summer decor. Although the colour best inspires the season’s feeling, we say try something unique! To do this, try a different shade of blue so that your abode doesn’t look like others.

    Our muted blue shade, Blue Cabana (5D2268), has a rich tone and a vivid hue. To bring out the crispiness of Blue Cabana, pair it up with ivory white as it creates a striking contrast. Replicate this decor style in your summer home by choosing flooring, curtains, and wall hangings in ivory white colour.

  2. Crystal Blade (8P2767): Want to cool off things in summers in your bedroom the sophisticated way? Try our off shade of white, Crystal Blade (8P2767). It makes a perfect pick for calming down senses in your bedroom as it offsets the summer sunlight’s gleam.

    Pair this Crystal Blade white shade with deeper hues of the same shade family, light grey, beige, and mocha for creating a sophisticated colour scheme.

  3. Fluorescent Green (4A0404): Make your rooms look and feel like a Caribbean oasis by decking up the walls with a tangy shade of green. Our energetic green shade, Fluorescent Green (4A0404) works wonders in complementing the lively radiance of bright summer days.

    Complete the oasis-like look by bringing in a couple of potted plants of different sizes; small plants are perfect for accessorizing table/countertops while tall plants bring out the best of unused corners. Beach-inspired decor accessories such as a surfboard and floral artwork and curtains are the right pick.

  4. Coralyn (1T0321): Any summer decor is incomplete without a hint of playfulness. And what better way to add a fun summer look to your rooms than by giving a stylish transformation to the walls with coral colour?

    Our coral shade, Coralyn (1T0321) has an intrinsic amalgamation of vibrancy and mellowness in its character. This decor idea of using coral to paint an accent wall best works in your living room. Paint the adjacent walls white to draw focus on the accent walls. Accessorize the rest of the space with dark-coloured furniture pieces to introduce a dash of drama.

We have more for you

We hope you found these summer decor tips useful. We’d suggest that you don’t just limit your options with the colours listed here as we have an extensive range of a number of tasteful shades. Check out our colour catalogue at To get in touch with us, call on toll-free number: 1660123434