Bedroom decor with different shades of purple

Purple is a very distinguishing colour. Whether you go all-out with purple, or merely use it as an accent colour, purple just brightens up every place that it touches. There’s a wide spectrum of purple shades that you can choose from to liven up your space. From minimal to sophisticated, here are a few bedroom decor ideas that show the power of purple:

  1. Satin Pouch (6D2375): If dark purple is too overwhelming a colour for you, then go for lighter shades like Satin Pouch. Walls painted in Satin Pouch look flattering and alive. To give the toned-down colour an elevated feel, use more than one shade of purple on the walls. To give soothing Satin Pouch a strong punch of people, paint the bottom portion of the wall in darker shades of purple like Elegant Eggplant (6A1384). To up the eclectic feel of the room, choose accessories in both the shades of purple and play around with the contrast.

  2. Woollen Sleeve (6D2366): Woollen Sleeve serves as a great accent colour and it accentuates the rug that includes the shade. A bold purple accent wall and matching furnishing give striking results. This hue of purple is so royal that it is bound to make a statement. The colour ties everything together in the room. The use of white and golden lamps is balancing out the edginess of Woollen Sleeve.

  3. Parisian Purple (6T1332): Parisian Purple is an eye-catchy colour with oh-so-dreamy feel. No matter what the weather is outside, the Parisian Purple bedroom will always make you feel relaxed and give you an at-home feeling. To nail this look at home, you can use pops of purple on the bed to mimic a fairytale castle. To break the monotony of the colour use a bed with a golden frame.

  4. Lilac Scarf (6D2304): If you are a minimalist and purple is too bold a colour for you then, Lilac Scarf is your saviour. The colour is not too purple, not too blue and not too gray. It has a hint of all the colours. Like a Lavender field, Lilac Scarf is soothing and a joy to look at. The colour is so subtle and sophisticated that you can paint all the walls Lilac Scarf without the need for an accent colour. To nail this look , keep accessories of similar shades of purple and limit the number and colour of accents. If you want to break up the colour, then do it naturally by adding either flowers or with wooden furniture that would give the room subtle hints of sophistication.

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